The Ladies and Gentlemen of Blackwell

Over the last week and a bit, the majority of my ‘free’ time has been eaten up by social occasions, necessary jobs about the home and the usual preparations for the upcoming festive period. Combine this with issues with one of my teeth, which resulted in its removal after a week of pain, and you can see why I may not have been as active as I usually am.

However, I did manage to get a little bit of painting done. Now, I don’t usually post half-painted figures, because this shows that my painting style is a little slapdash. But, as I haven’t got anything else to show for the last week and a bit, this is what you’re getting.

It actually gives me an opportunity to show some of these figures in colour, as previously they’ve only been shown in black and white, plus as I’m using The Red Lion as a backdrop, I can show off the ‘warm glow’ I achieved on the lower windows, which I am quite pleased with.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the first group, our brave boys in blue – the Blackwell branch of the London Metropolitan Police, also known as the Black Museum;

So, from left to right, we have Sergeant Doyle with his basket of Wysps, Inspector Neame and Speckled Jim, Constable Moore, Sergeant Webb, Constable Rowan and Constable Nash.

Next the nefarious forces of criminality;

Left to right, we have Captain Haggard, Mitchell, Sir Byron Carpenter, Jessop and Collins.

Next, the ladies…

As before, left to right, we have Miss Tabitha Hunt, Miss Verity Smith, Miss Victoria Timms and Jenny Greenteeth, who is the only figure fully painted. I can see that her base needs a bit of touching up, but I was particularly pleased with how I managed to get a lovely mottled effect on her garments, suggesting algae floating on stagnant water.

So, that’s a few denizens of Blackwell and a few interlopers, both mundane and mythical, but I haven’t finished quite yet…

After a recent discussion with Stevie of The Game Cupboard, I remembered a particular online retailer that could possibly provide him with some rather nice 20mm scaled laser-cut MDF buildings for his upcoming Alterni-War campaign. And this company also does 1/48th scale buildings, which are pretty much the right scale for 28mm. And this company is Petite Properties.

Now, this company specialises in laser-cut MDF doll houses, but the advantage they have over gaming specific structures is; 1 – they are a lot more detailed and, 2 – they are actually cheaper than the equivalent same size structure from a gaming company. Need proof? This is the Raven’s Perch, a three-storey Gothic mansion with playable interiors for £37.99!

Raven's Perch

Of course, I was looking for suitable structures with which to populate Blackwell, so could this be the Blackwell townhouse of Sir Alexander Crowe?

Havisham Hall 1/48th

And is this the famous L. Dodsgon & Sons of Milliner’s Court?

1/48th Buttons & Bunting Haberdashery kit - Part of Memory Lane

So the first is Havisham Hall from the Dolls House Collection at £39.99 and the second is the Buttons & Bunting Haberdashery from the Memory Lane Collection at £19.99.

I think they’re pretty good value and they give you an additional resource for a variety of periods. They have just released a range called Cobblestone Snicket, which would suit both Tudor London or Diagon Alley, depending on your particular needs.

Join me next time to find out what’s occurring in our favourite fictional London borough…






19 thoughts on “The Ladies and Gentlemen of Blackwell

  1. Good to see you’re still out there plugging away with your excellent project, Jez. Any progress, however small, is always good in my books, and these minis look great. I like the scenery too, very fitting for the wonderful world you’ve created in your previous posts.


    • Thanks Simon. They are coming along and getting some colour on my ‘thugs’ enabled me to define their characters and give them names.

      Petite Properties have rather a nice range of buildings and, being a dolls house company, a huge range of furniture too – including a lot of garden stuff.


  2. Great to see the cast starting to take shape and I love the way that the miniatures from different manufacturers are looking together. Now I actually have the Raven’s Perch already, but I am ashamed to say that it has yet to be assembled. I had hoped that mine would form the centrepiece in my weird ‘Survival Horror’ town, possible run by a Mr. Bates and his mother.


    • Thanks Michael. I think if you pick the right figures, no matter which range they’re from, they will compliment one anothet.

      And I knew you were aware of Petite Properties, as you featured one of their greenhouses on your blog.

      Raven’s Perch is lovely and WILL be mine. Have you got the base as well or just the house? I’m thinking along the lines of the Addams Family crossed with Scooby Doo for mine.


      • Raven’s Perch was a present so will need to add the base myself in due course. Addams Family crossed with Scooby Doo is definitely the way to go, certainly the way I was thinking. Then as you moved into town you might be faced with Jason at his family home and perhaps AudreyII in a greenhouse at the back of the property.


  3. Ooops only just spotted this.

    Jez, I have enjoyed our recent hotmail chats back and forth about your Black Museum and my own special brand of the Interwars (usually known by its uniquely secular title – A Very British Civil War). Jez`s oblique way of looking at things has been inspiring me of late, especially as my way of thinking and his have recently walked parallel paths (different routes to arrive at the same destination): i.e. D.I.Y. miniatures, use what we already own in our collections, and only buy more if absolutely necessary. More importantly, we both share a similar ethos of take something very ordinary and then turning it on its head to make it strange and altogether different, addictively interesting, and often quite macabre (or even whimsical).

    This Black Museum thing is masterly, and is.. no word of a lie… rather instrumental in me getting my own bum into gear to create my own personal brand of game experience. Most of the time lately I paint my way through a vast horde of Dave Stone`s models in prep for the skirmish game WTW is bringing out next year. But in my own time… my quality hobby time, I like to plan and execute my own kind of campaigns.. just like Jez does in his own trail blazing style.

    Wow Jez, you`ve left me speechless. I`m loving this simple little post: and especially seeing The red Lion in its all colour glory (actually just as nice in full colour as it is in stark Black and White). The constables are so well defined and make me yarn to dig my own Victorian ones out and start to play with them.
    Of your nefarious baddies, I think Sir Byron Carpenter is my favourite. He looks like a really sweaty dew flapped git, and reminds me of any number of villains in any Famous Five novel you care to mention.. the originals of course, not the new watered down pap cra* re-writes).

    Miss Tabitha Hunt, Miss Verity Smith, Miss Victoria Timms and Jenny Greenteeth, are simply to DIE for. and I am extremely jealous of your menagerie of magnificent femme fatales.

    As for the Petite Properties buildings I can only say – wow thank you for pointing me in their direction! I now have my eye on some of these for my HO/OO games, and I`m sure it wont be long before I own a few for my games table.

    Cool post Jez.


    • I did tell you I’d put a post up, but then distracted you with the Famous Five versus Cthulhu…lol

      I’m glad that both my oblique way of looking at things and my Black Museum posts have inspired you – that’s part of the reason I do this after all.

      And I’m glad you liked the post too. It was nice to assemble most of the current cast. Obviously, there are a few beasties waiting in the wings, but I didn’t want to spoil any surprises by showing them off too early.


  4. Oh, you didn`t let me know, you always let me know *sniff*

    So I come to this comment tardy and behind the times.

    The post is excellent, and full of all the things I have come to expect from this blog. The new miniatures are tantalizing and fine, and do not suffer in the least from being only half painted. The buildings themselves are more-ish and superb and I see a few of them are now sitting in Stevie` Christmas wish list *grins*


    • I did tell Stevie, but then distracted him with various other ideas, so that’s probably why he forgot to tell you…

      Glad you enjoyed seeing the cast in colour…which does reveal their half-painted nature. But they are progressing.

      As for Petite Properties, I’d forgotten about them and their ‘Railway’ range is quite new, so I’m happy that Stevie found their range useful.


  5. Just checked out the Petite properties. Oh my. Cobblestone Snicket will be mine. That is simply inspiring and wonderful and lovely and… wow. Your posts have stirred gaming ideas that are bringing new life to my hobby ways.
    Thank you brother for the wonderful work!


    • Thank you very much, Harry. Part of the reason I do this is to challenge the ‘habits’ of gamers who look no further than what is commercially available from the gaming companies, as with a bit of ‘think8ng outside the box’, you can find wonderful things with which to enhance your gaming experience. If just one person comes away from my blog thinking “now that’s a good idea”, then that’s a win in my book. So, it’s my absolute pleasure to be able to inspire others in this way.


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