A Visit From…

‘Twas weeks before Christmas,
And in Jerome Square,
The casement was banging,
The sheets, they were bare.

But where were the children,
Who should be in bed?
Snatched in the small hours,
By a figure in red.

Or so said the footman,
(And claimed it the truth),
He’d seen the strange figure,
High up on the roof.

The police they were summoned,
With Rowan not alone,
For he had brought with him,
The renowned Doctor Stone.

They examined the chamber,
Of the children – no trace,
But a curious article,
Was found in their place.

A garland of figures,
Hand and hand in a row,
Snipped from newspaper,
Then left, as on show.

Doctor Stone was perturbed,
For all of his lore,
Was of no real use,
He’d not seen this before.

But Constable Rowan,
Noted a mark that was made,
On the catch on the casement,
As if by a blade.

He had his suspicions,
Of the cause of this crime,
And would find the children,
If given the time.

If his theory was right,
Then he’d better take care,
But first he needs speak to,
The unnerving Night Mayor…


16 thoughts on “A Visit From…

      • This is all amazing storytelling and all that,,,, but as a hobby/wargame blog I have to ask (LOL) WHERE IS THE ACTUAL GAMING? We all here are still waiting and yearning for it, but its not happening 😦


        • Someone’s grumpy today…lol

          So, my explanation is two-fold. Firstly, the nature of the tale (or tales) being told dictates when it is appropriate to include an AAR as part of the unfolding story. When I get to a point where the most effective way of telling the story is to do it as an AAR, I will. Secondly, they do take a lot of time to set up, play, take notes and put everything away again. I don’t have the luxury of being able to set up a game and leave it out until it is concluded, so I have to wait until I have a suitable window of opportunity.

          There WILL be AAR’s, you just have to be patient. And less stroppy. 😉


          • LOL no not stroppy Jez., touchy sod *wink* you always told me you like it when people don`t always say “that`s nice mate” (as you then don`t know if they even mean it if its all they ever say). No I love reading each new instalment very much indeed, yet each time wish it were an ARR is all :-)) If you like I can go back to telling you “That`s nice mate” *grins*


          • It was a fair comment, which is why I gave a proper answer…as well as poking fun. I’d love to be able to post an AAR every week, but time has been a little scarce of late.

            And I appreciate honest comments, so don’t you dare change. This is a sheep-free zone.


  1. Woooohoooo!!!! good man yerself mate.

    naaaaa, you know I am possibly your biggest Black Museum fan (maybe only slightly second to Tar`) but I do so love love LOVE my batreps and/or AAR`s, and I know you have so many cool new minis and I want to seeeeee them (great photography you always do as well, which only serves to double my hopes lol).

    But I do know time is against you. When my new solo wargaming book is released, I think you will find it amazingly useful and (dare I say it) helpful. It literally covers how to play, and goes right into playing with limited time, limited space and limited budget as well.


    • ‘Tis the season after all, Michael, so you do have a valid excuse. Hopefully accompanied by a tipple of something suitably seasonal too. And thank you very much for your unexpected Christmas card. I failed miserably on Christmas cards this year, so unfortunately none were sent.


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