View from the Crow’s Nest – Year Three!

As today is the official three-year anniversary of this blog, I couldn’t really let this go unmarked. It honestly doesn’t feel like I’ve been unleashing my unique vision of what the hobby is for me for three whole years…

So, having looked at the statistics provided by WordPress, I know that I have (including this post) published 155 posts over the last three years, which roughly works out at one every week. Not too bad.

I’ve had a total of 29,029 visitors and a total of 49,351 views, which means that people come back for a second (or possibly third) look. I also have a total of 41 followers over various platforms.

Whilst these stats may not really compare to more well-established or more popular blogs, I’m pretty happy with them. For me, it was never about the stats, but more that this blog encouraged me to actually do something hobby-related, rather than just storing my figures in a box somewhere.

So, as per usual, I will offer a retrospective on what has occurred over the last twelve months and offer an insight on what’s to come.

Year Three saw a few changes in the content here on the Buffet, with longer term projects replacing themed months.

From February to July 2017 the focus was on Doctor Who, with brief excursions into the realms of Judge Dredd in March with a guest article from Stevie, Hils and Tarot of The Games Cupboard. This period also saw my second post-Salute report in April and the second successful Forgotten Heroes ‘community art project’ occurring in June.

After a break at the end of July, the Doctor Who project was put on hold and my Gothic Victoriana project, now known as Tales from the Black Museum, was launched. This began in August of last year and has been running ever since – and has proved quite popular.

November of last year also saw me taking part in a competition run by Dave Stone and Stevie Gilbert of The Games Cupboard to create a character or race for the Wargames Terrain Workshop Death Match universe, the winner of which would have their creation turned into a model. I won the people’ vote (much to my surprise) and my Nisari were transformed from my rudimentary sketch into three-dimensional figures! Which was pretty damn cool…

The last twelve months also saw a few changes in my immediate blogging circle, with Roger Webb – my longest supporter and good friend – of Rantings from Under the Wargames Table – sadly having to curtail his online activities. It has also seen the reduction of posts from other blogs I follow, as Real Life has prevented the owners from posting as often as they’d like.

One of the major changes was that my staunchest followers – Steve and Hilary Gilbert and Tarot Hunt of The Games Cupboard – have handed the reins of this blog over to Dave Stone, as changes in circumstances have meant that they cannot be as active as they previously were. Whilst the blog is in good hands, their articles, comments and presence are sadly missed.

Looking back at the plans I made this time last year, I feel that some of what I said I was going to do was a little…unrealistic. So rather than promise and never deliver, I thought I’d keep any proposed plans to a more sensible level.

There WILL be more ‘Tales of the Black Museum’, as certain outstanding threads need resolutions. There WILL be a return to Doctor Who gaming, as I took advantage of the sale after Christmas to bolster my collection. And there WILL be the ‘publication’ on here of simple mass combat wargame rules, currently going by the name of Feast of Crows, the first draft of which has been written.

I will also be attending Salute again this year, but on the other side of the fence, as I will be assisting Dave Stone on the Wargames Terrain Workshop stand. As I will be there the preceding evening, anyone who fancies having a beer with me on Friday night is most welcome.

As for what else is in store over the next year, you’ll just have to pay the Buffet a visit and find out.

But there definitely WILL be pigeons…

Here’s to the next twelve months – let them be filled with the clatter of dice, the scent of paint and the creative madness you’ve come to expect here at the Buffet.

I ain’t going nowhere…



12 thoughts on “View from the Crow’s Nest – Year Three!

  1. Great article, and congrats on the three year anniversary 🙂 Plenty clearly to look forward to, especially “Salute” where I’m planning to stop by Dave’s marvellous store as I did last year. Here’s to another fun-filled twelve months on your blog 🙂


    • Thank you, Simon. The next twelve months should see certain storylines resolved and they might not be as some would expect…

      And Salute should be a lot of fun and it will be interesting to see it from an insider’s point of view.


  2. Wow what a year you’ve had Jez, looking forward to seeing more of the Black Museum and also Dr Who. There has been some major changes in the community this year, and we miss the input of these wonderful people and multiple blogs. Very much looking forward to having you as part of the team at Salute and looking forward to your visit at WTW, here’s to a great year


    • Thanks Dave. Plenty to look forward to, both on and off the blog. I will drop you an email regarding my impending visit shortly. I’m really looking forward to both the visit and Salute. Should be fun!


  3. Congratulations on your anniversary, good sir. And those are some mighty respectable website stats, to boot!

    I must confess to being one of those who has reduced his blogging, at least recently. I was never as prolific as you, but I took January off to play Mass Effect: Andromeda. Well, I didn’t plan on it, but it just kinda happened that way…


    • Thank you very much, Keith. As mine is a somewhat niche site, I don’t expect a lot of traffic, so I’m pleased that at least some people are reading it.

      And ‘others distractions’ are part and parcel of life – having discovered that all five series of ‘Taskmaster’ are available on demand, I MAY have been watching that instead of gaming…lol


  4. Many congratulations on the milestone Jez, the Buffet is one of my favourite places and rest assured that I am still lurking in the shadows. Looking forward to more of the same and hopefully will swing by and say hello at Salute. All the very best, Michael.


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