The Thin Blue Line

Whilst this post shares its title with the ‘comedy’ starring Rowan Atkinson about the police department of the fictional town of Gasforth, I’m fairly certain that this post will be more entertaining…

However, the title does fit the content, in which I shall be showing you the full complement of the Blackwell police department, in their various stages of completed-ness.

Whilst every character has previously been introduced in the narrative, I now have models to represent each one and thought I’d show how far I’d got with each one.

First, the first quartet who were introduced;

So, from left to right, we have Constables Moore and Nash, Sergeant Webb and the newly promoted Sergeant Rowan. I just need to complete the detailing on each of these figures and they will be finished. All these figures are from GHL0003 – London Bobbies pack from  West Wind Productions, for a very reasonable £6.00.

Next, this trio;

Here, from left to right, are Sergeant Doyle, Inspector Neame and Dr. Davis Stone. The first two figures are from VBCW14 Telegram Rifles “communications team” from Ironclad Miniatures, for £3.00. The third figure is RSF-08 Chrononaut Grandfather from Miniature Figurines, for £2.75. Also progressing well and almost finished.

Next, a new trio of models:

Once again, from left to right, these are Sergeant Randall, Constable Murray and Constable Arkwright. All these figures are from Artizan Designs, with the two figures at either end being from the Thrilling Tales range, and are, strictly speaking, from the ‘interwar’ period. However, as the British police uniform did not really change all that much until fairly recently, I think that they can pass for Victorian peelers. The middle figure if from their Victorian Science Fiction range and the weapon is supposed to be a flamethrower. As soon as I saw it, I thought “Victorian ghostbuster”, so this is Constable Murray armed with the galvanic rifle. All these figures are £3.00 each.

Finally, we have Constable O’Lantern, who cost me nothing, because I made him myself!

The head, hands and feet came out a little darker than I expected, but as he’s not finished, I’m not overly concerned. However, he is progressing pretty well.

So, that’s the current roster of the Blackwell police department, who are almost finished. I could do with a Black Maria and the actual police station, but I’m pretty pleased with what I have so far.

Join me next time for more developments in the London borough of Blackwell.


8 thoughts on “The Thin Blue Line

    • Thanks Simon. The intention was to get some of the coppers finished, but drying time resulted in some of the other figures in my painting tray getting a few licks of paint as well, so whilst they’re almost done, it also means that my ‘baddies’ are at roughly the same stage too.


  1. What an elite group, particularly the sturdy and dashing Constable Nash….
    I’m very impressed with the penny farthing Jez, particularly the front wheel, maybe a little tutorial is in order?


    • Thanks Andy. As the forces of evil are gathering in Blackwell, I decided I needed a few more boots on the street.

      As for a tutorial…whilst I didn’t take very many WIP shots, I reckon I could knock something up, as once I’d worked out the best way to do it, it was reasonably simple. Watch this space… 😉


  2. Lovely WIP’s Jez, I do like those coppers (though I do have a favourite, but modesty prevents me saying which it is!), I don’t think I could carry off a moustache as impressive as that though myself.

    Smashing work too on the “Ghost peddler”, the only figure range I could come up with that had a penny farthing in was the “Pax-limpopo” range that GZG (used to do/does???).

    (Oh and I used to like “the thin blue line” myself especially Inspector Grim).

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. And welcome back online.

      Sergeant Webb has had many adventures since his introduction back in September of last year and has many more to come.

      For penny farthings, the ‘Pax Limpopo’ range from Eureka Miniatures (carried by Fighting 15’s in the UK) does do several, including a riderless one. Both Wargames Foundry and Westwind Productions also do them, with a variety of riders.

      As for ‘The Thin Blue Line’, as both Rowan Atkinson and Ben Elton were involved, I was expecting it to be better than it was.


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