A Plan So Cunning You Could Stick a Tail on it and Call it a Weasel

Regular visitors to the Buffet will know that I’m a big fan of the BBC comedy series Blackadder, which ran for four series between 1983 and 1989, with a couple of specials broadcast in 1988 and the final instalment of the saga – Blackadder: Back and Forthreleased in 1999.

During this time, we were introduced to NINE incarnations of the titular character, from Centurion Blaccadicus, way back in Roman occupied Britain, to the most recent Lord Edmund Blackadder, who through some unscrupulous tinkering with the time-stream, managed to end up as the King of England.

Now, you might be wondering what this possibly has to do with wargaming?

Well, it would appear that I’m not the only fan of the Blackadder series, as various companies have produced 28mm versions of Edmund and his chums.

Want Prince Edmund, the Duke of Edinburgh and his father, King Richard IV? Head on over to Rogue Miniatures, who have Eddy:


And Lord Loud:


at £3.75 each, from their “Sword” range.

Fancy something a little more Elizabethan? Then look no further than The Assault Group, who have amongst their Renaissance range REN438 – Cunning Courtier, Manservant & Percy:

At £7.20 for all three, that’s £2.40 a figure, which is pretty good value.

Finally, should you be more inclined to game amongst the trenches of the Great War, Scarab Miniatures have this collection of individuals for you:

Lieutenant George, Private “Bob” Parkhurst, Captain Darling, the drinks cabinet, General Melchett, Captain Blackadder and Private Baldrick, all for £8.20. Unfortunately, this is the best picture I could get from their website, but if you want to see them painted extremely well and in a suitable diorama, then pay Michael Awdry’s 28mm Victorian Warfare blog a visit, particularly this post, to see what they should look like.

Now, whilst we have three incarnations of Edmund, this still leaves us short of Centurion Blaccadicus; Sir Edmund Blackadder from the English Civil War; Mr E. Blackadder Esq., butler to the Prince Regent; Mr Ebenezer Blackadder, proprietor of the finest moustache shop in Victorian London, Lord Edmund Blackadder, time-travelling ne’er-do-well and Grand Admiral Blackadder of the Dark Segment. And believe me, I have trawled the Internet, looking at various ranges to try to find suitable proxies, so I could have the ‘full set’ without luck.

Now, I’d put the idea of ‘The Blackadder Project’ on hold back in 2014, but with my current focus on all things Victorian, I thought it would be quite amusing to add the Victorian incarnation of Blackadder to the narrative. After an exhaustive search of the Internet, I still haven’t located a suitable figure to represent Mr Ebenezer Blackadder.

Not giving up on this idea, I changed tack and started searching for a suitable figure for the modern version, as whilst I would have to build a time machine, this shouldn’t present a problem.

Which is a phrase I never thought I’d use…

Strangely, finding a suitable figure for an unarmed, bearded man in a suit in 28mm isn’t quite as easy as you’d think. I did consider Tony Stark from the Heroclix Avengers Movie subset, but the amount that this was going for online was silly for a single plastic figure.

Image result for heroclix tony stark

So, I went for a slightly different alternative and have decided to use the Crooked Dice Lionel figure:

United Radionics

It may not be exact, but I think with a suitable paint job, this will make a good proxy for the modern version of Lord Edmund Blackadder. And could that be a tranquiliser pistol? It would certainly suit his character…

As for the time machine…well, I’ve made a start…

Looks a bit like washing machine at present…

Just before I go, it seems that my regular posts on the Buffet have inspired a fellow gamer to take a crack at this blogging lark. His name is Harry and his blog is War Across the Ages. So far, he has provided a very interesting introduction into how he got into the hobby, which should ring a few bells with the majority of you out there. Why not pay him a visit and see what he has to say.

Next time…we shall be returning to Blackwell to see what’s been occurring.


10 thoughts on “A Plan So Cunning You Could Stick a Tail on it and Call it a Weasel

  1. More marvellous Google-Fu, Jez, and a thoroughly tempting post as a result. I own the “Scarab Miniatures” set thanks to Michael’s posting, but have yet to paint them. I have however managed to finished “Crooked Dice” Lionel. I do like your time machine too – marvellous stuff, so look forward to some “Blackadder” exploits in the future 🙂


    • Thanks Simon. I’ve known about the figures for a while, but thought that I’d highlight them for others who may want to adf them to their collections.

      And I think your post on Lionel may have influenced my decision. We’ll have to see how he comes out.

      And to get the language right when Blackadder comes calling, I may have to rewatch some of the episodes. It’s a terrible chore, but needs to be done. 😉


  2. Cool stuff. I really need to watch Blackadder. Continuous references to it that I miss all across my forum adventures, I think its time.

    Its too bad customs sculptors cost so much, else you could commission the models missing. I’ve been on a hunt for Saleh, Indiana Jones’ trusty Egyptian companion. I had an offer from a sculptor , but $100+ USD is
    too much.

    Also looking forward to these new characters interacting with the Blackwellians.


    • Thanks Harry. If I recall correctly, Blackadder was voted the second best comedy series after ‘Fawlty Towers’. I prefer Blackadder, as it still makes me laugh even now. The first series was a little uneven, but it improved as it went along.

      And custom sculpting would be an option, but the cost is currently prohibitive. I’ll keep suggesting ideas to various manufacturers and hopefully someone will have a Eureka moment and make them.


    • Thanks Andy. I think the second series was a firm favourite amongst mamy fans.

      Due to my current focus, I think we’ll just be seeing the modern version of Blackadder. I still need to find a suitable Baldrick, but have a few options for him.


  3. Great idea Jez, the time machine is looking great, hope you find suitable models to complete the set. Have you considered getting dolly’s and sculpting the detail onto them ?


    • Thanks Dave. It’s not something I plan on giving up on and I have found some ‘almost’ Blackadders, specificaly the Roman and Cavalier versions, so hope springs eternal.

      I think my sculpting skills need to improve massively before I attempt to create recognisable versions of Rowan Atkinson… 😉


  4. I love this post more than any pig! and that’s saying something.

    I too was a series two fan, though they were all good, love the time machine by the way. That got me thinking…Rowan also played the Doctor in a comic relief special, so you should really do him as well (ducks for cover), now that’s an idea that’s as hot as my pants! WOOF!!!

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. And not an amusing-shaped root vegetable in sight…so far.

      Should be entertaining to see how I can integrate Blackadder into rhe narrative, without losing the overall atmosphere I’ve built so far.


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