The Greatest Breakthrough in Travel..

…since Mr. Rodney Tricycle thought to himself “I’m bored with walking, I think I’ll invent a machine with three wheels and a bell, and name it after myself.

Behold, the time machine…

As I am now the proud owner of the surrogate figure I’m planning on using to represent Lord Edmund Blackadder (circa 1999), in order for him to visit the London borough of Blackwell, I decided that some additional work was needed to complete his time machine.

However, as I’m sadly lacking in my very own Baldrick to delegate this task to, I’ve had to do it myself…

When we first saw the machine, it looked like this;

The initial box was crafted from an Amazon cardboard ‘envelope’, with a circular hole cut in the front and the drawbridge-like door cut into the left side. A smaller disc of card was then covered in baking foil (dull side up) to create the clockface, then glued to a larger disc of card and fixed behind the hole, giving a bit of depth to the model.

All four sides and the top were then given a covering of textured wallpaper, to represent the canvass sides of the machine. A rubber washer, topped with a smaller plastic washer and then a plastic cap were glued together and added to the top of the device, to represent the viewing port of the original machine.

This made it look a bit like a washing machine with a hatbox on top of it, but as with most modelling projects, it’s all in the details…

The machine needed four decorative ‘spires’ on each corner of the roof, some feet, a cog or fly-wheel protruding from the right-hand side of the device and some rungs on inner surface of the door, so our intrepid time travellers had stable footing when alighting – so my bits box was raided and various beads, screws and washers were affixed in the relevant places, resulting in this;

And another shot showing the fly-wheel;

I also decided to add several cut down cotton-bud stems to represent the frame that the canvass is attached to.

It’s not exactly the same as the original design, but it’s a pretty good match and I’m happy with it.

Now, as it was fairly evident that it was cobbled together from a variety of disparate parts, I decided to give it an undercoat of Docrafts Linen, in order to blend them all together.

The bases and feet were given a coat of Docrafts Burnt Umber and the frame a coat of Docrafts Classic Gold. Referring to the Blackadder: Back and Forth, I then painted the roof spires, viewing port and clockface in GW Shining Gold, and the shallow trench around the clockface with Docrafts White. And this is the result;

The exerior requires dry-brushing with a dark pink, the ramp needs a coat of brown and I need to add the numerals, decorative marks and hands to the clockface, but it’s progressing well and should be finished…in good time.

I just need to base and paint Blackadder himself and he will then be meddling in the affairs of the residents of Blackwell.

Until next “time”…


11 thoughts on “The Greatest Breakthrough in Travel..

    • Thanks Dave. It’s certainly getting there and once complete, will allow Edmund to travel anywhen he pleases (subject to DNA tracing). As for Balders…not yet, but I AM getting closer.


    • Thanks Harry. Scratch-built items have two major advantages over commercially bought items – firstly, they tend to be a damn sight cheaper and secondly, they are unique. Even if someone decides to copy this idea (and I have no problem with that at all), unless they have the exact same components – which is unlikely – theirs will be slightly different. And given that I have searched the Internet thoroughly, mine will still be the first one ever made at this scale. Which is kind of cool, when you think about it.


    • Thanks Keith. I needed four identical ‘spires’, so the screws seemed an ideal solution and do look suitably decorative. As for electricity arcing between them, from my recollection, this particular time machine just appears and then drops to the ground. However, THAT’S the one from the show…no telling how THIS particular version will manifest… 😉


    • Thanks Simon. It’s progressing well and ahould be finished fairly soon…as long as I can find some suitable hands for the clockface.

      As for Edmund, I’ve yet to base him, but he is next in the queue. I probably would have got him done sooner, but a certain penny-farthing riding individual was clamouring for attention…


  1. Another cracking piece of Crow construction, I love this, only vaguely remember the one from the show but to my dim (I am very dim you know!) recollections this looks just about spot on! Your “Gomi” world is always a delight to see. Top work Jez!

    Looking forward to seeing Edmund as well.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. As there are very few detailed pictures online of the machine, I did have to rewatch bits of that particular special to get a clearer view of the device. Not exactly a chore and it IS available on YouTube, so quite easily accessible.


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