Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something…Orange

Initially, the title of this post was going to be a time-related quote, but as I’d already used “It’s About Time” which would have been perfect, I had to think of something a bit different, hence the above. All will become clear as you read on…

So, let us start with Something Old

When I first started my Gothic Victoriana project (which became Tales of the Black Museum) way back in August of last year, the first structure that was shown for the London borough of Blackwell was the Chapel of St. Gilbert, with accompanying churchyard and scenery. The build for this particular terrain piece can be found in the post For Whom the Bell Tolls, which is probably worth a look so you can do a comparison, as it was pointed out at the time that my church was a little too clean…

So, I decided to do a bit of work on it to see whether I could make it look a bit more soot-stained and grimy, and this is the result:

Certainly looks a bit more worn than before and the roof tiles are now the appropriate colour. To be frank, the picture makes it look brighter than it actually is. The same applies to the tree in the churchyard, which was originally undercoated black and has had various shades and washes applied to it, but now looks a bit ‘spectral’ – although it is darker to the natural eye.

I still need to finish off the remainder of the churchyard and add a few details to the church doors, but when you progress a large terrain piece from ‘half-done’ to ‘almost done’, you do have a sense of achievement, as large terrain pieces do take a fair while to paint compared to figures.

Next up – Something New. As my last post did state that the churchyard was where Lord Edmund Blackadder’s time machine had ended up, I thought I’d best show it in place – as I’ve finally got around to finishing the bloody thing!

Trying to create tiny clock hands out of very thin plastic that were the right shape AND symmetrical proved quite tricky. Also discovering that I really should have made the trench surrounding the dial slightly wider to allow me to write the numbers around the dial more clearly was an annoyance, but it IS finished now, so I’m quite pleased.

And yes, this close-up of the time machine revealed that I’d missed painting one of the chapel’s buttresses, which is why it still has the warm toffee colour of the original paint job.

Now, we’ve got Blackadder’s time machine complete, but where is the man himself? He is our Something Borrowed.

So, I finally managed to get the figure I’m using for my version of the 1999 incarnation of Lord Edmund Blackadder based, undercoated and some paint on him. Strangely, the bit that took the longest was mixing up the colour for his velvet jacket, as I did not have a suitable colour pre-mixed – Imperial Purple being too pink and Worm Purple being too purple. So, “Blackadder Plum” was tinkered with until it matched what I thought the colour should be.

Still a bit of work to go, but he’s coming along and at least he can now appear in physical form for his adventures in Blackwell.

So, something old (the church), something new (the time machine), something borrowed (Edmund Balckadder), which leaves…something blue. Or in my case, something orange…Zygons!

I took advantage of Black Tree’s post-Christmas sale to add some classic characters to my Doctor Who collection, including a couple of the classic Zygons from the 1975 Fourth Doctor serial Terror of the Zygons.

Now, I know that the modern re-design of this alien race has changed their colouration slightly, so that they look more crab-like in colour, but my recollection and online images from the original story, showed they were a greeny-orange colour, so that’s what I went with. Both figures were given an undercoat of white, followed by a coat of GW Bogey Green, and then a coat of my ‘Pumpkin Orange’ mix. And that’s it.

As the orange paint is quite ‘orangey’, but also quite thin, it kinds of acts like a glaze, pooling in the right places and allowing hints of the underlying green to show through. I think it works really well and am now tempted to buy some of the new Warlord Zygons and paint them exactly the same way. May not be exactly canon, but neither’s painting their hands black…

Hopefully, this post signifies a return to more regular posting. The next post will be my regular post-Salute report, as it’s now less than a week away, and will be from an ‘insider’s’ point of view, as I’m helping out on the Wargames Terrain Workshop stall and demonstration tables this year. So, please feel free to drop by and say hello.

Until next time…


22 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something…Orange

  1. The church is looking nicely weathered Jez, blackadder and his time machine are looking great, and I like your orange and green Zygons, they have a almost translucent feel to their skin.
    Looking forward to this coming weekend mate, I suppose we may have to actually run some demo games and not just sit and chat all day ! LOL


    • Thanks Dave. I was fortunate enough to get a bit of time for myself over the last week or so, so managed to get a fair bit done. I’m pretty pleased with the church, although it does look brighter in the photos than it does in real life. And finishing my time machine was quite satisfying. Looking forward to Saturday – should be an entertaining day.


  2. terrific posting, Jez, with plenty to see, read and enjoy. Obviously I was especially pleased to see some “Black Tree Design” Zygons on the site – I think these sculpts are rather under-rated personally, and whilst no match for “Warlord Games” modern versions, still hold a lot of charm and paint up well too. Great stuff, and see you at “Salute” on Saturday πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Simon. The Zygons had bern partially out of stock for a while at Black Tree, with only one sculpt available, so I was quite pleased that when the 30% off sale was on, they were both available. And they proved remarkably easy to paint. As they’re quite tall compared to a normal 28mm figure, I think that mixing and matching them with some of the Warlord ones won’t be too much of a problem. See you on Saturday.


  3. That Chapel of St. Gilbert, wants it I wants it, precious, gollum gollum.

    Seriously, that`s a seriously niiiicie bit of kit, and the graveyard round it makes it simply… golum gollum, gives it to us precious…. cos its my birthday, my love, and we wants it <– best Smeagol impersonations.

    Oh man, I love those Zygons. I much prefer them to other alternatives, they carry that lovely old school look I so adore.

    Nice post Jez πŸ™‚

    BEST of luck at Salute, you`ll have a blast :-)))


    • It certainly is a nice bit of kit and has been languishing in my cupboard for a while, so I felt it did need a bit of attention. Looks more in keeping with what I have intended for it…but ’tis mine and you shan’t have it.

      Although the plastic clapboard church from Renedhra might be more in keeping for your current project…


      • Yeah that Renedhra plastic sure is sweet,.and not a model company I`ve ever used before (I usually get Hils to scratch build me things like that, which she designs and then assembles/makes from card stock.. although buying the odd plastic model is a nice decadent treat I like to indulge in from time to time… which is what I`ve been doing with my OO scale train layout terrain of late).

        As for the current project, hmmmm, yes maybe that`s how the cult got to General Braddock and `turned` him as he lay preparing for his (supposed) eternal repose.


        • Renedhra do the tooling and casting of quite a bit of other companies plastics, including Perry Miniatures. The railings around my churchyard are from them and I believe they are resopnsible for the plastic ruin sprues for Frostgrave too. Their ‘Settler’s Cabin’ is Β£17.00, which compares favourably to other companies MDF kits, but is more detailed and comes with a sprue of fencing too, so it pretty good value.


          • Ah now that explains why their models look so good, I was just checking out their site. Β£17 for the Settler`s Cabin looks very reasonable, especially considering the amount of gaming you`d get out of it (I can see it being central to many an adventure). The nearest value for money in MDF other than using Renedhra plastic, would perhaps be one of Warlords Log Cabins, which are similarly priced (I have one of these myself).

            Hmmmm, you said that word “Frostgrave” – uuuugh!! A big part of me wants to get into that, but I have resisted due to time restraint. I suspect once delved into, it could become extremely immersive. Doesn’t help that I have a lot of material and figures for it already.. safely stored our of sight and out of mind – for now.


    • Thanks Hils. Still trying to locate a suitable figure for Baldrick, but at least Blackadder’s ready to manipulate and con his way through the highways and byways of Blackwell. I’ll have to kerp my eyes peeled on Saturday, but fear I may end up with other things instead – like vampie lasses to menace the population…


  4. Really cool post Jez. Seeing progress and new stuff is always a good kick for me to get my own stuff done. Have a great time at Salute, I envy anyone who gets to attend a show. So much shiny on the offer!


    • Thanks Harry. It was about time I actually did some painting, as my recent ‘free’ time was hijacked to assemble flat-pack furniture. As for shows, I do try and attend at least a couple each year. Salute is obcioysly the biggie in the UK, but I’m fortunate to have both Colours and Warfare fairly close, so try and get to both of those as well.


      • I’ve only been to Fall In!. A couple get small ones here in in Michigan. There is Little Wars later this month. But my friend is having a baby and needs me to watch kids the same weekend. So… Nothing anytime soon for me!


  5. Lovely work on the church Jez, that as you say is a smashing piece of kit!, Blackadders time machine also turned out as well as I thought it would, lovely piece of scratch building (even if I did get me one done first, and yous was my inspiration πŸ˜‰ ).

    Good choice for Mr B too should look great painted up, and I don’t even need to mention that I prefer the old school Zygons over the new ones do I?

    Best of luck to both you and Dave for the weekend, sorry I wont be there, would have been nice to actually play a game or two with you (and you still owe me a cuppa!),

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. One of the more useful pieces from the Plasticville range, which are quite diifficult to get hold of now on the UK.

      And I’d been sitting o the time macine for a while, as I thought the finishing touches would be a bit fiddly, but they proved to be less that I thought.

      And who doesn’t love giant-headed jelly baby aliens? Especially as that particular story allowed the Doctor to sport a tam o’shanter? I do have to admit to liking the redesigned Zygons – certainly betyer than some of the new races that have graced the modern series.


  6. I do not know what a Zygon is, as I never really watched Doctor Who. All my friends tell me I should be watching the latest series, but with so much great TV nowadays, I haven’t found the time. Plus, I feel like I’d be very late to the decades-old party that is Dr. Who. Nonetheless, very cool effect with the orange paint!
    I envy you Britons; from the look of the wargaming mags, it seems you are always only a few weeks away from one great show or another. Here in the US, local shows are almost nonexistent and the big conventions are widely spaced apart (and often quite expensive to attend, considering air travel, lodging, meals and ground transportation). When I win the lottery, I’ve decided I’m moving to Ireland; that’s close enough to GB to attend shows in both countries!
    I love Black Tree miniatures, and their perpetual sales are tough to resist. Renendra makes some great an inexpensive products as well…I still have a bridge, some tents and some fencing to paint. You know, when I get around to it.
    Have fun at Salute!


    • *picks up her ears*

      ……did some body say Ireland, what.. moving to Ireland? hehe. Lots of gaming here and especially in the cities, but sadly also a LOT of travel to get to some of the good events.


  7. Well, this is inconvenient. I left a long and rambling comment a couple of days ago, but it seems to have been lost in the Warp.
    Short version: I don’t know what a Zygon is, but great job on the orange!
    Also, I envy you Britons because you always have a miniature wargames show just around the corner. It’s not so here in the States. They’re all huge, expensive affairs here and they only happen a couple of times a year.
    Lastly: Have fun at Salute!


    • Thank you Keith. Your original comment ended up in my spam folder or some reason, but I’ve managed to find and restore it.

      The Zygons appeared in this form in a single tale from the Tom Baker era, but are one of the races that has been revamped for the restarted series and have shown up more than once since. Probably one of my favourite DW aliens, so I really needed to have some.

      And whilst we do have a fair few shows across the UK, even though our landmass is a ot smaller, I think most people attend tose that are ‘local’ to them, leaving those further afield unvisited. As they are usually one or two day events, spending four hours on the road for a couple of hours at a con seems slightly counter-productive. Salute, being the biggest show on the UK con calendar, does seem to attract a good attendance, being centrally located and easy to get to. Should be a blast.


      • ” Salute, being the biggest show on the UK con calendar, does seem to attract a good attendance, being centrally located and easy to get to. Should be a blast.”

        Centrally located!!! not if you live in the Wirral it’s not. Birmingham is the centre of the country I’ll have you know. πŸ˜‰

        Cheers Roger.


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