Sa-Loot 2018

I usually attend two gaming conventions each year – Warfare in my home town of Reading, as it’s right on my doorstep, and Salute in London, as it’s the biggest wargaming event on the UK calendar.

Gaming conventions give you the opportunity, if you’re fortunate, of picking up those rulebooks, miniatures and terrain that you’ve been drooling over on the Internet for the previous couple of months, but without having to budget in the shipping and handling costs, which can sometimes be greater than the items you’re ordering.

Being somewhat anal, I do meticulously plan what I intend on buying prior to the event and always set myself a budget which, so far, I’ve not exceeded. My willpower is Legendary

Purchases at events fall into four categories; Definite, Potential, Gift and Impulse. Definite purchases are those things I know I’m going to buy, as long as the vendor has it in stock. Potential purchases are things I quite like the look of, but want to see close up before I decide if I do actually want it. Gifts are those things that would either make ideal presents for my gaming friends or stuff they’ve asked me to pick up because they can’t attend themselves. Finally, Impulse buys are things that I wasn’t aware of before attending, that fulfill a specific gaming need or are just too cool not to buy.

So, this year’s Salute budget was set at a very modest £40, which may not sound like a lot, but to a canny buyer such as myself, was more than sufficient for my needs. Knowing that I only had about an hour and a half to make my purchases, I did a swift sweep of the hall to locate the purveyors of my Definite list. I then returned to my targeted vendors and bought the items I was after.

Next came the Gift category, for which I had to collar one of the organisers, as I knew who had the item I was after, but couldn’t find their stand. Better signage needed next time, chaps…

As time was rapidly slipping through my fingers, I then visited the vendors who stocked my Potential purchases. However, whilst they all had the items in stock, I decided that the items in question were A) not as nice as they looked online, B) not worth the asking price or C) not really necessary at this point of the project.

As for Impulse buys, I did try and make one near the end of the show, but as this was from Wargames Terrain Workshop and was a small terrain item (rather than a big-ass dragon), Sarah decided to give it to me as a thank you for all my help.

So, having sat through my explanation of my buying philosophy, you’re probably wondering what exactly I spent my pennies on, so I shall show you. And, more importantly, explain the reason behind each one.

First up, Constanzi, Katerina and Elena – Vampire Sisters of the Moon from the Belt Ged Gaming range carried by Colonel Bill’s.

Three very nicely sculpted Victorian female vampires for £8.50. I’d seen the pre-release ‘greys’ for these on Roy’s Never Mind the Jankers blog and knew they had to be mine. Ideal for both my Tales of the Black Museum project (can’t really do Gothic Horror without vampires, can you?), as well as a new project that is looming on the horizon.

Next, some Wolves from Warbases.

£4.00 for four different sculpts. Whilst I do own a fair few figures of both people and monsters, my collection is quite light when it comes to animals. I own a couple of foxes and some pigeons, but that’s about it. As the new project will see me venturing into the wilds of Colonial Maine, I needed some wolves. Of course, I now need a bear too. And possibly the terror of the Maine woods, the whiskey drinking fiend known as…Razor-Shins.

Next, a Steampunk Female from the Kaosball range carried by Tritex Games.

On their website, this 30mm plastic figure retails for £1.99, but they sell the individual figures at Salute for a £1.00 each. I’d previously bought this figure as a Harley Quinn proxy for Tarot as a gift and had decided I wanted one too. Whether she ends up actually AS Harley Quinn in a supers game or as a Victorian version in Blackwell remains to be seen, but it’s a nicely detailed figure and you can’t argue with the price. Especially if you compare it with the licensed figure from Knight Models…

My final item is the Dragon Bell from Wargames Terrain Workshop.

I’d recently taken delivery of a new figure case from Tabletop Tyrant, as my figures had stsrted to spill out of the cupboard. This resulted in me sorting all my miniatures by genre, including all those I’d gathered for Oriental Fantasy gaming. I thought the addition of this well-detailed terrain piece would enhance my games, so decided to add it to my collection. It normally retails for a very reasonable £1.00, but as mentioned before, mine was a gift.

Not a huge haul, but every item was purchased with a use in mind, so all will see play sooner or later. And surely that’s the point of buying them, isn’t it?

Until next time…


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  1. A great haul Jez as everything has a reason and purpose, obviously I got to see them on the day but still cool to see them in the post


    • Thanks Simon. As my gaming budget is limited, I find this the best approach, as it always means I end up with stuff I’m going to use. Even my ‘Impulse’ buys are things I will have a use for, like the railings I picked up last year at Salute that went into my churchyard build. When something catches my eye, I always ask myself “Do I currently have a use for that?” If the answer’s “no”, on the shelf it stays. I may buy it at a later date, but only if I have discovered I need it. Means my ‘lead mountain’ is more of a small hill…lol


  2. Yet another enjoyable post (this is fast becoming a habit young Jez), and two in a single week.. love it.
    The purchases themselves, lets see…..
    Hmmmm the vampy sisters: Katerina (the middle sister, right?) is my favourite, but Constanzi, and Elena are quite tantalisingly delicious models too. I can totally see why these ended up coming home with you. As for their potential `dual` purpose, you have it banged to rights there…. these will be IDEAL for Blackwell, as well as (what I think I see in) your already madly scheming mind hahaha. The wolves are also perfect for these said same projects you have planed, and four is an ideal number I am thinking. I have to confess, after I saw your gift to T girl, I was so tempted by Tritex Games.that I bought my very own copy (and a few other bits and pieces at the same time) Mine is done up in classic 18th century Lacepunk (but doubles up as Victoriana Steampunk if I need her to be played thus), and I just know yours will end up as something unique and in classic Carrion Crow style.
    But tell me, what fiendish plans do you have in your games for that rather scrummy looking Dragon Bell, I`m intrigued to discover?.


    • Thanks Steve. The vampire triplets are ideal for both Blackwell and the new project. Whether they will remain a trio, or end up separated I’ve not yet decided. The wolves were a bargain – Warbases do quite a nice range of ordinary animals. And I’m thinking that CP Models brown bears might be ideal for adding to my fauna. I will need a moose though…

      And now that I’m aware that Razor-Shins in an actual pieve of Maine folklore, I think I may have found an ideal figure for him/it too – Reaper’s Bone Devil from their Bones range. But the wings will have to go…

      As for the Dragon Bell…rediscovering all my Oriental Fantasy figures, most of which are fully painted, has encouraged me to maybe give them a bit of an outing on the tabletop. Will the dishonourable Clan Chouda be able to complete their mission? All that stands between them is a stone bridge crossing a fast-flowing river…and it’s Oni guardian. I just need a bit of spare (hah!l time to play the game. Oooh, and paint up my Dragon Bell. 😉


      • Razor-Shins sure sounds like an absolute must.. for any game set in that exotic locale (Stephen King knew a thing or two when he decided to base all his horror tales in Maine). I have already found the perfect Pennywise, and am slowly gathering models to represent all the critters and terrors from the Overlook Hotel (strangely and interestingly, one of his only books not to be set in Maine).

        You mention rediscovering your love for Oriental Fantasy, which is interesting as I have been doing the same lately. Yes I have my Test of Honour and quite often have a blast setting it up and playing: but it is with the more cartoon-y, anime side of things that I find a lot of appeal and am seriously drawn to of late. One of the best things I ever did (that was an impulse buy too) was my decision to pick up “Ninja All Stars” and a couple of the cool faction add on supplement warbands. Combine these with my Impact Miniature Monks and Oriental bestiary critters, and I have myself a real fine collection of Orientals to dabble about with. I think its the spectacle of colour and the exaggerated pose and stature of these cartoon-y looking guys and girls that appeals the most. Having played ToH to death,… and experienced the more serious side of the Orient on the table top, I can in all honesty say at this stage that the fantasy side of things appeals more… and my ToH will now most likely be folded into my “Richard Sharpe” campaigns and my own series of books (the ones that were never written) where Sharpe, Harris, Hagman, Cooper and the rest, all have adventures throughout Thailand and China lol.

        But my fantasy Orient, now that`s a different matter. Ahhh one day my friend, one day. Now THAT will be a spectacular game adventure to play out and write up in a blog 🙂

        Incidentally, I`d advise anyone to look into a copy of the core box set game of Ninja All Stars on Amazon. Price is right at the moment and the box is simply crammed full of goodies, and miniatures galore.

        Hmmmm, stone bridge, dragon bell,Clan Chouda and terrible Oni…. so where does that mouse fit in? ^^


        • I know you’re quite the one for mis-typing, but mis-reading is a new one…moose. MOOSE! I don’t know why I bother sometimes…lol

          As for Maine, whilst as a locale I first came aross it via Stephen King, I also read the John Connolly ‘Charlie Parker’ thrillers, which are mostly set in Maine and do delve into some of the darker aspects of its history. His latest short story collection ‘Night Music’ does have a tale about Razor-Shins, whch is where I first came across this creature. It was only my recent research that led me to discover is wasn’t something he’d made up.


  3. Those three vampire women are the best, and simply ooze personality and whisper PLAY WITH US. I think the middle one has the most charm. Nice post Jez, and cool pre-amble on your spending ethic, I like it :))


    • As soon as I saw them on Roy’s blog, I knew they would end up being bought. They also do a pack of gaelic witches by the same sculptor, which I was also tempted by, but don’t currently have a use for. However, they might fit in with your Jacobites? And I can certainly see these three getting good gaming use, either in Blackwell or in the North Maine Woods. I do think I need a suitable vampire lord figure, so shall be keeping my eyes open for one.

      As for my purchasing philosophy, it means that a modest sum can go a long way. Better to buy what you actually NEED, rather than giving in to your inner magpie.


      • Jacobites witches, yes, now there`s an idea “When shall we three meet agaaaaain?” As I seem to have inherited most of himself`s 17th century ECW (see how I did that, he didnt even notice the subtle change over of possession there), I can see a certain Scottish Play coming to life in all its macabre splenader. Games Workshop did a really superb mini campaign of that back in the late 80`s “MacDeath” or something I seem to recall.


      • >> As for my purchasing philosophy, it means that a modest sum can go a long way. Better to buy what you actually NEED, rather than giving in to your inner magpie. <<<

        I have maintained this philosophy throughout all my years of gaming. That`s why I only play two things, 18th century `Lace` wars, and an eclectic D&D style fantasy and science game set in the world of Terry Nation`s Blakes 7 (which has some old school Doctor Who thrown in now and then, for added fun). This means I have been able to concentrate fully on just those two things and now have thousands of miniatures, terrain, space ships and what have you, all dedicated to just two interests. Same thing with rules, I dont go hunting for the next best thing, my trusty GDW "Traveler" has seen me alright for the last 40 years, and will continue to until I drop. Its sometimes hard to say no to new things, but I always just remind myself, if I feel myself wavering, just how much I enjoy what I already have. I think being faithful to your chosen collection is a little like being faithful to a wife Goes without saying, its the right thing to do.

        I like your outlook. Buying those few special models you have been looking forward to adding to your existing game, is far more rewarding than buying a heap of expensive stuff, and never using it.


  4. Cool. I’ve not actually seen the metals of the Vampires, yet. I have done for the reanimated corpse zombies (as I painted the display models), but I’ll have to wait to see the others at Hammerhead.

    I know you mentioned this point in generalisation, but I’ll be honest in regard to Col. Bills stuff and admit that a lot of times they do require close attention before buying. As even I’ll admit that some of the sculpts/items are more pleasing than others and some can be too tall/large to properly work with other miniatures. But this is just my opinion, as a gamer who buys the items when I want them, and the boss will no doubt disagree with me. But you do make a good point about close inspection, as I did this the other week while wandering a show and spotting models seen on the Internet.

    Cheers for the mention.


    • Thanks Roy. The vampire lasses are wonderful sculpts, oozing character. And a bit more ‘covered up’ than some of the other Belt Fed gals. Not that I have an issue with that – they do represent pin-up art – but it makes them less uesful from a gaming perspective.

      And I agree that ‘see before you buy’ is kind of a must in some cases. A single image on the Internet doesn’t always give a good indication of whether the item will fit in with your other figures.


  5. Normally I`m champion of the `covered up` appeal of realistic looking female miniatures (nods to Dave for doing this with his own sculpting, well done), but I do confess, I enjoy a well done fantasy posed female now and again, makes for a good romp and carry on. Take that Harley Quinn you`ve been talking about.. she`s all legs and stockings, bust and charm, and yet she makes the ideal wanton lady of the night, or even a cool sort of Vanessa Ives cameo vignette (when shes in her more… um… confused and base animal-istic state).


    • I think it depends on the genre and setting you’re playing. If the particular figure/sculpt fits in with the aesthetic of the game you’re playing, then I have no issue with exposed flesh (either male or female). But it’s got to make sense within the setting. The Harley Quinn figure is an excellent example, as the look of the figure suits the character it portrays. Same with the vampires, as a certain degree of wanton sexuality is implicit in their nature. It’s when it doesn’t make sense that it annoys me.


      • i draw the line when i start seeing guys try to paint zombie women with meticulous detail to stocking and even suspenders, i mean what the….**? the obsession with the female form from many men in the hobby can get to be a bit – disturbing. no wonder most women are scared off from entering the hobby. i know i would be.


        • It does predominantly seem to be a hobby that is enjoyed by men and, as Hils very rightly pointed out on another blog, WHITE men for the most part. I’m not sure if this is across the board internationally (I’m hoping some of the non-UK visitors here will chime in here), but certainly the UK gaming scene appears to be.

          And fantasy wargaming (and with this I include everything that isn’t historical wargaming), you unfortunately get those who take the ‘fantasy’ aspect too far. I can’t imagine a purely historical wargamer concentrating that much attention on a semi-naked female figure. Unless it’s pin-up art on the side of a fighter plane.


          • funny you should mention that, i have some pin up art like that on the side of my air bushed flying fortress model hanging from my ceiling. I completely agree and i remember that post from Hil and was fairly shocked by her observations, all of which were true and blindingly obvious once you took a moment to think about it. i was surprised noone took it up in comments, but everyone went very silent on that one, which i remember thinking was terrible and a bad reflection on us pale faced honky tonk white boys. but back to historical games and sexual ism, you are right too. no its only fantasy crowds who seem to play up to the crazed lust factor he he he.

            hail mary


  6. i love the tritex kaosball harley look alike, and i especially like those witches vampires and the things that go bump in the night like those wolves. and the oriental bell looks like it will have a place on your table, and yet i notice, you fell drastically short of your £40 budget what ever did you do with the rest?


    • Ahhhh, there was a ‘Gift’ bought, but as it’s a surprise for the person concerned, I cannot reveal details here. The remainder is still awaiting allocation. Just trying to decide the most cost-effective use for it.


  7. i have heard from one of those little birds ( i sound like Varys now) that you are very generous to your friends. good people are a rare thing, makes coming here even nicer.


    • Thank you, Luke. Very kind of you to say. It’s just what you do for your friends – if you see something that you KNOW a particular friend would love (and possibly go all high-pitched with excitement over), then why not pick it up for them? I do derive pleasure from the reaction to a perfect gift.


  8. Samurai mice might work actually, and God! I was thinking of Skaven even as you mentioned it, what a sweet appeal that ha,s in a strange and disturbingly macabre way, and yeah, I can see thme working as Nezumi too, nice idea.


  9. Getting back to the nudity point mentioned in the comments above. The Belt Fed Girls from Col. Bill’s, in truth I prefer the clothed miniatures and quickly grew tired of painting the nude stuff. My favourite paint job that I did of the range is actually an anachronistic Napoleonic women wearing trousers and skirt. But the naked figures sell. More so than the clothed sculpts in the same range. Hence why there’s a lot of semi-clothed. or less, female miniature sculpts across the hobby, I suppose.

    As to the demographic of gamers, as Hils mentioned elsewhere, I have particularly noted over the last few years that York show does have a growing number of young Black and Asian gamers at the event. And at a couple of the shows I’ve worked at this year (Bournemouth and Wolverhampton) there has been members of the British minority communities at the events. The majority of gamers does still seem to be White males, but female gamers are definitely making their presence known at the shows. At Chillcon show, Sheffield, the other week, I saw a couple of young ladies going around the participation games and actively playing (and winning from what I could see), but they do seem to favour the non-traditional, boutique tabletop games (saying that, I do to!). And as a trader I’ve now come to recognise a couple of repeat female customers who buy from us at the shows – again, as far as I can tell, skirmish-type games.


  10. Oooh those Vivandiere (The Soldier’s Comfort) are beautiful to paint. I have only ever two painted two.. one for hubby and another for a commission a while back, but have one of these iconic women on my wish list to pick off one day.

    I notice the growing trend of women attending shows and clubs, especially this last few years, and I think it is the up close narrative approach you get in skirmish, and rpg, which attracts us to that genre the most.


    • A Vivandiere, that’s the name that I couldn’t remember. Yes, I really enjoyed painting up the Col. Bill’s sculpt depicting such a character. To be honest that sculpt is a bit confused, as the top half is done wearing a discarded Napoleonic male uniform and the lower half is a wearing a Franco-Prussian War period French Vivandiere skirt/trouser combo. It led to some head-scratching when it came to finding reference images for the correct colours, so I had to make it up a bit. The official explanation being the lady in question didn’t want to court scandal wearing discarded male trousers so wore a skirt over the top of them to comply with social convention.


      • Ooo you do make this model sound interesting, and the back story sounds like something I`d include in to my own narrative to add charm and immersion. Sadly the WG one is a little motionless and uninspiring, but its the only version I knew when we were looking (and fits nicely with the rest of his collection, as hubby really likes his WG historicals).


  11. All interesting buys Jez, and all with a good reason to buy as well! as I ‘ve said before those Vampire gal’s are just superb and would have been coming home with me too (though I don’t have any reason to own them except that I really want to paint them!! That bell is great too, and a total steal at £1.00.

    I have an old toy grizzly bear that is perfect 28mm scale, and not a bad sculpt too, he’s yours if you want him?

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. I do tend to have a pretty good idea of what I’m looking for prior to attending a show, so don’t end up with figures that are ‘surplus to requirement’.

      Regarding the bear, if you’re certain you won’t need it for anything, i would be extremely grateful to receive him (or her). Many thanks. 😁


  12. I was wondering if the doctor who show has ever been done in a wild west setting, not that it matters or not if it has or hasnt, the fun of rpg narrative and skirmish is taking something you like, scooby doo, thunderbirds, x men, or doctor who , and making up your own adventures for all the things that might happen in between the tv series or the books. but i ask because i am fast getting interested in doctor who and some of my friends are as well and we think it would make a great game, and a few of us are also interested in cowboys and stuff and think it would be cool to combine them a bit. i was joking that the animal stall as salute took all my attention but it was the wild west exodus – gunfight at red oak starter set demo that really spiked my interest. back to the future, wild wild west, cowboys and aliens and doctor who – and daleks, whats not to like! i was very keen to see the exterminate game when it came out and watched the doctor who fans with interest, thinking i would learn a lot by watching them do things, but the fans just did lots of reviews and at most, just played the first scenario from the game and then never touched it again. it really depressed me to see something so wonderful (that i couldnt afford at the time myself) just cast on the pile with all the rest of the unplayed games out there. anyway i picked up a second hand set of exterminate at the show and was immediately truck by how simple it is to customise and make up my own stat cards. having now played all the suggested missions in the rule books and now gone on to make up my own, while not perfect, the game certainly deserves attention, because with a little bit of tlc and DIY the game is fantastic and plays very closely to the tv show episodes that i have seen. you jut have to play the game to see how it works, and not pre-guess how it doesnt yet never actually give it a proper go. its like people who buy a game and play it once and then give a review on it, which is just silly and impossible to do well. exterminate looks like a game with lots of fighting, but its really down to the players to reel themselves in and play the characters true to the show and not just the way the rules permit. depends if you just want to win or if you want play a storyline that feels like the real show, doesnt it? but sorry to go off track, i was looking at those three vampire women and thinking they would be great for a cowboy wild west game, victorian being exactly the same time line as the wild west anyway, just took place on a different continent is all, but fashions and styles from europe and america often mirrored one another as well.


  13. Oh Lordy lordy, Wild West Exodus is driving me mad at the moment, I really want it badly, but can`t afford to (being sensible you see.. bills sadly come first hehe). But WOW that`s so cool, you are interested in this one right? The figures do look yummy don’t they and the rules actually look more than half decent as well, certainly good enough to buy into and stick with.

    I don`t know old school DW enough to answer whether the Doctor ever has Wild West adventures, but as you say, make it up yourself, even if he didnt in any of the actual `official` episodes. The guy is very old and has travelled the entire universe and time streams I feel sure he must have travlled at some `time` or other to the days and places frequented by Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane and Wyatt Earp, hehe ^^

    Doctor Who Exterminate is actually a game that is borrowed (actually, pretty shamelessly) directly off of Warlord Games zombie game Project Z. It was just altered for a DW setting (something most people aren`t aware of). The game DOES play well, we have it and, like you, we have played it lots. At first I had issues with its heavy combat tone, and some issues with its balance, but you know what Luke, after extensive play testing, like you, we found it plays just great… like you say, its how you play matters, not just slavishly following the rules, which if read bluntly will make the game seem very bland and see to be all about fighting, `cos it isnt.. not played properly.

    Fair play to you for picking it up AND playing it properly and not just having it sitting unused in some cupboard, which is a crying shame but sadly the fate of most copies purchased when all shiny and new, I fear. It IS a good game, and needs to be treasured and loved, to get the most out of it. A major complaint are the stat cards (or lack of, for some of the characters and monsters) but that has now been redressed by WG (annoyingly we have to buy the official cards if we want them, which should be free to the loyal customers who have stayed with the game and bought so many of their miniatures PDF`s grrrrrrr) but like you say, and you are dead right; most of us have the ability nowadays to use Photoshop or equivalent program (or have family or friends can do it for us) so no excuse not to make our own stat cards up anyway, just like people do with Dungeons and Dragons.

    I think Doctor Who and Wild West sounds like a marvellous idea Luke, good luck with it, it sounds very exciting. I`m almost jealous hehe.


  14. Right, to answer Luke’s question – Yes, the Doctor has got involved in Wild West adventures. The 1st Doctor got involved in the events prior to the gunfight at the OK Corral, in the 1966 serial “The Gunfighters” and the 11th Doctor visited “A Town Called Mercy” in 2012. As the TARDIS can travel anywhere in time and space, your only limit is your imagination.

    Wild West Exodus does looke like an interesting game and the demo tables at Salute and their figures range are quite nice.

    Regarding cards, there is an online tool that allows you create cards in the style of Magis the Gathering cards which someone was showing how they’d used it for Muskets & Tomahawks on the FIW board on TMP. Migjt be worth a look if you haven’t got Photoshop.


    • Muskets & Tomahawks is a great set of rules (I have a copy on PDF) but Song of Drums and Tomahawks by Ganesha Games is, in my mind, much easier to run, and gives great results at the table. Muskets and Tomahawks uses an attractive (though simplistic) card system to determine order of movement rather than the standard I go U go: but Song of Drums still has the edge I feel, because of a few innovative concepts which run (and is consistent) throughout all the Ganesha Games rule systems.


  15. Uugh! I`d forgotten all about “A Town Called Mercy” yes that`s a great example, and a positive YES.. DW in the Wlrd West, absolutely yes yes YES.


  16. thats great to hear hil, and thank you crow that encourages me a lot. i think you are both right and your words make a heap of sense. i find home made stat cards for games dont need to look great just functional although making them look smart is nice too and i often do this if i custom make things, just because i can. but so long as the stats are there and can be read thats all it needs really, im not OCD about that sort of thing as OCD just hinders enjoyment in the hobby and makes everything full of needless frustration and nothing is ever good enough and it just ends up beating yourself about the head pointlessly.


  17. **chuckles respectfully**

    You are not OCD that`s for sure, and yet I have been privileged enough to have SEEN your painting and modelling, and it is utterly breathtaking: far better than many who would claim to be masters of their art. You have your priorities right young Luke, and the way you enjoy your hobby to the full in the way you do, is an inspiration (I know Hillers is in awe at you). I do wish you would let me post some of the (literally hundreds) models you have painted.


  18. Great post Jez. I honestly don’t know how you do it. I only attend one convention a year. And go with no budget and onltly a half-thought list of needs. Shiny new crap always follows me home… Finally though, I have regained some sense. My buys from THREE years ago are getting painted. Buys from TWO years ago are in the queue for next month. Last years buys are hitting the bin. Stupid impulse buys…

    I have plans. I make no promises to stick to plans, but I am trying. I even dumped some unpainted 40k models that had languished in a box for 15 years, in a trade for 4,000 points of WFB Lizardmen. Which fits nicely with the 4,500 points or so (each) of Empire, Bretonnians, High Elves and Wood Elves. I even have a “project” that the walking lizards will have a part in.

    Ramble off. Bing! An idea for another article for my own blog.

    Complete tangent: I got tickets to see Manchester United v Liverpool in July when they cross the Pond to give us Yanks a taste of decent football. Blows much of my gaming budget for the year, but my boy was flipping out to see ManU in person.



    • Thanks Harry. I thought rather than just showimg what I bought, it would be a good idea to explain the my reasoning behind each purchase and give a general explanatiion of my buying philosophy. It may not change ingrained habits, but it might make people think a bit more before they part with their hard-earned pennies.


  19. *squeals*

    Its meeeeeeee, Hi-de-Hi campers!

    Ooooooooo you sound like you had an interesting Salute **salutes him smartly** and wow what a detailed and interesting post, full of yum and spice, just what the doctor ordered. Your photo of Harley made me smile, she`s still one of my favourite figure personalities and I was really happy to hear Mr.Stevie got himself one too. I look forward to seeing how you do yours Jez. Did I ever show you mine?

    I hope WTW did wonderfully on the day

    *waves to Dave*

    and I trust that you have sales and lucrative deals to last the whole of 2018. Any new DM minis being sculpted? And hows my Creminisci doing, beating the other characters in all the adventures I hope. Its Latin you know.. for ancestor. Creminisci I mean, not.. oh never mind he he..


    • What a lovely surprise! Nice to hear from you!

      Salute was certainly a different experience than previous years, and it was interesting to see it from the other side (something that you’re quite familiar with).

      And I have craved that figure ever since I got one for you, so dwcided to treat myself. I never did see how you painted yours – but I did see both versions of your tiefling character.

      I’m sure Dave will chip in with how they did on the day, as I was mainly looking after the demo table. I think the majority of the new sculpts for DM have been shown on TGC – although I was quite pleased to hear that the Grice has been quite popular.


  20. Awww, couldnt leave my best-y alone here without the occasional hi he hi xx. Besides I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I`d pop by hehe.

    Glad Salute was good, or what did you say.. different! hmmm me thinks you missed being one of the crowd this year, right, and the freedom to wander around to your hearts content. That`s the beauty of being no one in the crowd {and why I like to hide under a cos mask and do my people-watchy thing. But seriously it is nice to be, and to feel free at these events, or you end up missing so much of those oh so very special hobby moments. I guess you are either a seller (and my experience is that sellers rarely play the games they sell or the figures and terrain they make) or you are a hobby gamer. For me the `other side` paid for my college and a few treats in addition if I was ever that lucky. But I was never so happy as when I was at liberty to roam and enjoy, without commitment.

    I`m not surprised you craved that figure, she is lovely isnt she. As for my twain tieflings, my cam was playing up badly I recall and you never did see what she really looks like. Maybe ask the guys to take another photo (I left both figs there so the lads could use and enjoy them AND that way, means they could keep my character going in the campaign, even if only as an npc).

    Aah the Grice, you have one I think yes? Maybe you can paint him and let me see sometime **hints at a new post**


    *waves and blows kisses*

    T x x x


    • You are always welcome here, Tar, as well you know.

      Attending Salute and having ‘responsibilities’ was certainly a new experience, but I did miss the freedom to amble about and coo over the various tables and see what was new.

      I shall talk to Stevie and Hils and see if they wouldn’t mind dropping some pix of the figures concerned, as I would love to see the completed miniatures.

      As for the Grice, I DO have plans for my big piggie…he may show up in Blackwell or he may show up in Colonial Maine, but he WILL show up. Not sure those facing him will be too pleased though…


  21. Pingback: Plans, projects and unfulfilled dreams – War Across the Ages, and other dark horrors

  22. Very good. An enjoyable read, which led to lots of interesting urls with even more interesting things to read. Its good to see WOTC becoming more and more popular as time passes, because this is a site that carries many good messages and useful snippets and great conversation topics, some quite controversial even, which is never a bad thing >> only bad thing is when people ignore these >>usually when they catch and strike a chord of uncomfortable truth <<

    Count me in.


    • Thank you Dave. I did understand what you meant – those acronyms can get a bit confusing. And nice to see you back!

      As the Buffet is my personal platform for interacting with the wider gaming community, it will cover not just those aspects of gaming I like, but also those aspects or trends that I feel are detrimental to the hobby. I’m not deliberately courting controversy, but sometimes I feel these things need to be said. People are free to disagree with what is, after all, MY personal opinion, but if this causes one or two people to think twice before blowing a huge wad of cash on the latest trend or looking for a more cost-effective alternative, then I feel it’s worth it.

      And you’ll be pleased to hear that “Feast of Crows”, the mass combat ruleset, is almost complete. A few revisions need typing up, but it has passed the all-important “Gilbert Test”, so should be available very shortly. AND doesn’t require any special dice or specific miniatures. So I guess we can add FOC to the acronym to the roster!


      • LOL sounds almost naughty, as they would say in Black Adder the 2nd.

        I will look forward to that. Traveler may be my chosen old trusty fantasy/science fiction rule set, but I profess to growing weary of the over complexity and time needed to play a game using my “Land of the Free” rules for conducting my more in depth 18th century French Indian and American Revolution games. A fresh set of rules might make a nice chance.


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