Kicking and Screaming

Certain things irritate me. Car owners who seem incapable of considering others when parking, people who say “Excuse me” when there’s plenty of room for them to get past and you’re not actually in their way and the inability of baristas to serve you unless you use the specific term they have decided means “a large coffee”…

However, today I have a new hobby-horse and as I intend to take on a substantial canter around the Buffet, those of a delicate sensibility or those easily offended should probably go and read something else.

And that hobby-horse is Kickstarter.

Now, I fully appreciate the purpose of Kickstarter. It allows people to realise their projects that probably wouldn’t see the light of day without external funding from a group of interested people and, generally speaking, I think this is a good thing.

However, when utilised by bigger companies, who have no real need to call upon the support of us ordinary folk to fund their latest project, this is where things get a bit…off.

When Mantic Games announced that they had secured the licence to produce a miniatures board game based on Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, I pricked up my ears. I’d been a fan since the original four-issue Seeds of Destruction series way back in 1994.

They announced it was going to be funded via Kickstarter, that the intial ‘pledge level’ would be quite tempting for fans and as ‘Hellboy Week’ progressed on the Mantic Blog, the articles from both Mantic and the actual designer of the game, James M. Hewitt (designer of Dreadball, Bloodbowl 2016 and Necromunda: Underhive) seemed to suggest that this was a game I’d be seriously interested in AND potentially my FIRST Kickstarter.

Then the Kickstarter dropped…

Their goal was £100,000 and although the Kickstarter has only been live for a couple of days, they have already reached a total amount pledged of £753,000. So, quite popular, then…

Now, the actual RRP of the basic game will be £69.99, which is pretty typical of boxed games these days. So, you would expect the lowest pledge level would enable you to get the game at a reduced amount and I was kind of hoping that this might fall into the range of £40-£50, which would be just about within my budget.

But No! The lowest pledge level, whereby you actually get something, is £95.00! True, you do get approximately £200 worth of ‘stuff’, including Kickstarter ‘exclusives’, but there’s no option to just get the basic game.

Now, this may be mere pocket change to others, but to me, £95.00 represents a substantial investment in a game that might not be as good as it sounds and I won’t see hide nor hair of until February 2019.

To add insult to (potential financial) injury, Mantic do offer you the chance to pledge a lower amount, for which you get…nothing. Why!? If this was a small company or individual, whose project may only be realised through the generosity of strangers, I could understand it. But this is Mantic Games, who I can’t imagine are short of a few pennies, so why do they want us to, effectively, give them our hard-earned cash gratis? They don’t need it, do they?

So, having been quite excited by this game initially, I now have a nasty taste in my mouth and definitely WON’T be contributing.

If I want to field the agents of the B.P.R.D. on the tabletop, I can pick up the Heroclix boxed set for £30.00, which includes seven agents, including Hellboy, Abe, Liz, Johann and Roger AND they’re already painted.

Now, I appreciate that this is purely my opinion on this matter and people may not agree with my views, but surely these bigger companies should cater to ALL gamers, not just those with the biggest bank balances?

Look at Warlord, their licenced Doctor Who game starter game Exterminate (which didn’t require a Kickstarter to fund) retails for £40.00.

Now, I appreciate that this is purely my opinion and am not expecting everyone to agree with my point of view, but just before you click that button that says ‘Fund This Project’ on Kickstarter, whatever it may be, think what else you could use that money for. How much other hobby stuff, for projects you’re currently indulging in, could that pledged amount be used to buy? With the added advantage of being able to use it NOW, rather than ten months down the line. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Right, ride over and hobby-horse stabled.

Join me next time, when regular programming will resume.



45 thoughts on “Kicking and Screaming

  1. An interesting article, Jez, and one which certainly, in my books at least, carries some valid concerns.

    The only reason why some of the bigger companies seem to use “KS” to fund their projects, as far as I can see, is as a pre-ordering vehicle to ensure interest in their product and perhaps pass on some savings to the fan-base; and of the many companies I do business with these days “Mantic Games” seem to genuinely care about their fan-base. In addition I’d imagine the company may well be facing a hefty licence bill (similar to “The Walking Dead”), and having apparently resolved such an issue previously through the success of “TWD” KS, why wouldn’t you attempt to do so again.

    The starter price is indeed a little steep but as it contains a number of expansions, extra minis etc I think its going to work out as a good bargain. I suppose I always view such “KS” that if I just want the boxed starter set, then I’ll wait until it hits the stores and try and get it discounted through a different company (e.g. “Element Games”); something I plan on doing with the sci-fi KS version of “Zombicide”. I guess that’s the choice you make; albeit limited funds may well force your hand.

    The lower pledge is usually in place to simply give people access to models etc when they don’t want the rules etc. But as you rightly point out, “Mantic Games” aren’t currently offering any such deals even though a few mini expansion sets will seemingly be available once the game comes out. I can only imagine that this might be rectified as the “KS” progresses, although currently, as you say, the “KS” seems to be doing very nicely without those additional options.

    Great post btw, I always enjoy these sorts of articles you pose, unless of course you’re criticising “Loot” postings 😉


    • Thanks Simon.

      I do appreciate that the Agent level deal is pretty good value, based on the amount of stuff you get, but it just annoyed me that this was the lowest pledge level you could do. For people with a modest gaming budget or those that don’t want ‘everything’, there are no other options. Based on the fact that within the first couple of days they managed to have pledged seven times what they needed, I can’t imagine it won’t be successful and recoup whatever licence fee they had to pay. But I imagine that the licence fee that Warlord paid for Doctor Who wasn’t exactly peanuts, so it does strike me as slightly odd that Mantic chose the Kickstarter route. But as you rightly point out, thus isn’t the first licenced property that Mantic has dabbled in and maybe they felt this was the safer financial option for getting it on the shelves.

      If they introduce a lower pledge level, that caters for those that just want the basic game, I may reconsider, but as it stands, it’s currently a bit rich for me, which s a shame.

      And as an aside, the sculpt for the Conqueror Worm figure just looks like a big caterpillar to me – I reckon I could probaly find a similar ‘toy’ on li e that would be the right scale and a lot cheaper. 😉

      And my only real criticism of ‘loot’ postings is that the majority of them lack context. I like to know WHY people have bought these things and what they’re going to use them for or a review of the products, rather than just a pile of ‘stuff’.

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  2. Kickstarters, hmmmmm. I think I dislike kickstarters intensely, on the whole that is. Individual cases are exceptions ad d exist, however. I have pledged for three Kickstarters in my life and have very mixed personal feelings about them.

    Zombicide Black Plague was WOW, an immense and pleasurable experience which resulted in me being the grand and proud owner of the most humongously huge box of rules, adventure modules, expansion box sets, a frickin` TON of exclusive backer content, miniatures, beautiful unique dice, dice bag, a cool dice tower, and and and…. did I mention a TON of beautiful figures? This was a joyful experience and I am extremely glad I was fortunate enough to have pledged for this game when I did (I was also grateful for the fact they gave customers several months to come up with the funds, before they took it out of customers` bank accounts, meaning I was able to save for it a mere £6 a week until I had saved the £120 required).

    I got caught up on two other kckstarters, both by Ninja Divison: their Super Dungeon Explore “Legends” and their “Rail Raiders Infinite” and NEITHER of these have materialised and been shipped even though they are years late in their promises. These two games and the disgusting wait for them pretty much put my off kickstarters for ever.

    So why did I want and go for Hellboy then?

    Well, it`s simple really. Hellboy is a passion for me, and Mantic Games is a company I implicitly trust. And finally, Hils has pledged and signed me up for it as my Christmas present for next December. I don`t like kickstarters and never will. I wont rant about why I loathe them so much (you did a good job explaining why yourself… and my own rant would go a lot further and probably cover several chapters lol), but like in most things, there ARE exceptions. The fact this is.. well damn it…. its HELLBOY is one. And another would be that, hell man… its HELLBOY **chuckles**

    I doubt there is ANY other kickstarter out there or in the wings could have made me what to back it in this way. But damn it, its HELLBOY, right! **sheepish smile**

    I agree with Simon, if there is a game I want I will wait for it to hit the shops (we dont ALWAYS need to feed the greed factor and get all those freebie stretch goals, especially if we already own TONS of figures anyway). Green Horde is one such I may well buy myself one day, if I ever run out of steam with my Black Plague, which somehow doubt will ever happen. But the idea that I can add another chapter to the game (Green Horde is fully compatible with Black Plague) is a nice option I may well pursue…. one day, maybe next year or something. It feels more like buying an upgrade to an existing game than buying into an entirely new thing, which is good.

    I felt the same way as Simon about Zombicide Invader their new science fiction kickstarter. Yes, the stretch goals are amazing, but WHY would I want MORE miniatures and yet another game?

    Buying Hellboy also makes me feel a lot better about letting go of all my other superhero miniatures. And means I can pour all my passion into just one comic book genre, because, hell…. its HELLBOY after all. I do like narrowing down my focus and concentrating on things I really love. In this, Hellboy has done me a favour as it happens. Begone foul Captain America, be gone Electra and Daredevil, and fie on you Batman and Robin lol.

    Other than that, I find myself agreeing with you about kickstarters in general Jez. Concerning Mantic Games though, there are other reasons I find myself… ethically and morally… able to fund them. Its a shame Hellboy doesnt have the basic pledge level for you Jez mate, but what your £95 does get you IS kinda yummy good value, right?


    • EDIT (Add on)

      Interesting article Jez, and have to say it caused me to smile from ear to ear at the sheer coincidence of the timing. As I was writing to you to tell you excitedly “Jez Jez, I`m getting the Hellboy Kickstarter” you sent me a letter (that crossed over in cyberspace) telling me you had just posted a new article.


  3. Sadly Jez, the license for this Hellboy could never have put the game in the £40 or £50 range I fear. Even
    £69.99 is possibly an unrealistic hope for the core box game I fear, as the legal agreement to allow this game reach shelf fruition comes with a crippling three year lease millstone, which will only see true profit after this duration.. by which time, the gamble that the game will still be popular is quite a big risk for MG.

    For what is effectively only an additional £25 pledge customers are being offered a nice hefty reward in itself… as a thank you for funding what is a cripplingly big gamble, and a question mark over whether the company will ever actually see a decent profit investment on this one. That`s why I found myself able (without dropping my standards and moral outlook) to fund this one.

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    • I wasn’t suggesting that the core game would have a RRP of this price, but what I was hoping the pledge level would be for the basic game on its own via Kickstarter. This was based on similar ‘discounts’ seen on other games of similar size, etc.

      With the wealth of backstory and material available (20 years plus), they do have a fair amount that they can add to the game during their licensed period, which they lacked with “Mars Attacks”. And given that it was easily funded within the first couple of days and unlocked the majority of the stretch goals al.ost immediately does suggest that they’re on to a winner. However, if ALL the potential target audience for this game have jumped on the Kickstarter, the exists the possibility that actual sales of the game when it’s formally released may be lower than they’d hoped, with the existing fanbase only interested in ‘new’ supplements or products.

      Based on the timing of the KS end, I think that the formal release will probably coincide with Salute next year. Wouldn’t it be cool if they flew Mike Mignola over for the launch?


  4. That coincidence did make me smile.

    So far, I’ve only previouslybeen tempted by one Kickstarter, which was the Cthulhu Wars one, which offered the chance to make a minor pledge, which opened the door to being able to buy ‘add-ons’. This would have allowed me to get some big freaking monsters (similar to the monstosoties that Hellboy faces) at a pretty reasonable cost.

    And I too am a Hellboy fan, so was pretty excitedcabout the prospect of the new game. I have no issues with Mantic as a company, they do a nice range of miniatures that are fairly well-priced. I just wish that they’d introduced a ‘basic’ pledge level, where you could get the main game and then add on whatever extras you chose – like just the monsters box. I suppose there’s still four weeks until it closes, so they might revise it. If not, I might just have to start putting some money aside and pick it up after it’s been released next year. We shall see…


  5. I have to confess, knowing {from Hil} that the guys would be picking this one up, and knowing I will be back permanently to live in more reasonable regions early next year, and knowing I have a deep residing love for all the whole B.P.R.D. Hellboy and all things Elizabeth Sherman {who just happens to be my comic book heroine of all time, and if I could exist in a comic book world, for real, would definitely be Liz}. I found my fingers twitching, and before I knew it, had clicked to pledge, and now have my very own copy and all the stretch goal trimmings, in the MG system, waiting to wing their way to me just in time for my return in February next year.

    Having my pledge shipped and delivered to you guys, hope that`s ok hehe? Easier for me to pick up that way.


  6. Have you seen that liz sherman model, she is heart stoppingly cool and the figure could have come straight from the hand and brush/pen of Mike Mignola couldn’t it? now i know you are in on this one, you are not making it easy for me. trying to be strong here, but i can feel the urge to go mad and pledge for this game now, and i think i am fighting a losing battle.


  7. Nice posting Mr Crow, you make some valid points.

    But the force is strong with this game,

    The club is already begging for me to get it. So I have, couldn’t resist the power of the force.


  8. I`d never ever.. EVER normally be one to try to get you to spend money, but in this single instance……. would you ever reconsider Jez? Just think of all the FUN we can have sharing this game passion, this shared interest (just like we do with Doctor Who).


  9. So, you’re all getting it then? (and you know, Luke, that you will cave in the end).

    That’s fine…it’s not like I NEED it, after all…I’ve got a stick with a horse’s head on that I can ride around in circles. What do I need a freakin’ cool boardgame based on one of my favourite chatacters for?

    Hi-ho, Shadow, away!

    *Jez ‘gallops’ into the distance, accompanied by the sound of the gnashing of teeth*

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    • hehehehe, owwwww Jez *huggles*

      I know, just, my minds is thinking of all the games I WILL be able to play once I`m `home` thoughts of strang style WWII Doctor Who and HellBoy combined. Dads Army meets HellBaby – “you stupid boy” and how about Agent Carter meets them all? and.. and….. and…..

      of course, it will ALL have to be blogged, stories and games and AARs and……..

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      • Intriguing notion. Actually I have the WG box set of Dads Army, in iconic home guard dress and duplicated in civilian clothing too. Box is still sealed in its cellophane. Would you believe I also have an Agent Carter, painted. Hmmmm this has potential.


    • but not in the way you might think. i wont back this kick starter i finally decided, but it has made me fall back in love with my horror clix B.P.R.D. hellboy set, bought on ebay a long time ago but never used until now. this contains everything i need to play my own Dark Horse Comic adventures, and i have enough other horror and hero clix figs (about 30) which i can convert to make into other things to add to my hellboy team. i will have a great time with these, and all this without spending a penny. i think this is a result.


      • GOOD call mate, and I massively respect your willpower. I knew you were going to do this route anyway through our long private chats, and completely follow the logic of this DIY approach. So much so that yesterday I actually got Hils to cancel my own pledge for this Mantic Games kickstarter, and will most likely follow a similar approach you yourself have taken Luke. I wanted it, but didnt need it, and I fear it may (end of the day) have simply been a distraction working against my other hobby projects, which are pretty immersive as it is.


      • As I said in some of my comments, some of the bigger Hellboy foes could be easily supplied by either picking up cheap D&D pre=paints, Cthulhu Wars monsters or re=purposed toys. You know I’m going to go looking for giant caterpillars now, don’t you?

        If you fancy showcasing one of your games, Luke, I’m happy to feature it on here. No pressure or rush, just an open offer, which you can take up if you’d like to.


  10. A very interesting post Jez, you bring up some very interesting points about Kickstarter. Having run a Kickstarter and pledged on one I have very mixed feelings about it, as it seems to be the bigger companies are using it as a new product launching platform and pushing the smaller companies out. Also the long wait for your product can leave you cold and disappointed when the product arrives not living up to the concepts they show. It’s probably a personal view but Kickstarter should limit the size of the company using it so the smaller companies have a chance, also should have smaller entry pledges as standard

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  11. 100% agree Jez. If an established company with more than 2 employees runs a kickstarter I don’t even look at the page. Like you said, they have the pennies. The lowest pledge should be for whatever the campaign is supporting.
    That said, when Lance at Galloping Major runs one, I just open wallet and ask ‘how much?’. But I know the quality of the sculpts, and I love the FIW. I’ve spent silly hobby money there, because Lance is a one-man shop and his stuff is that good.
    Ride that horse. Help people realize just because its a kickstarter doesn’t mean it needs your funding!
    BG out

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    • I actually have no issue with big companies utilising Kickstarter to fund their projects – especially if it could be considered a risky venture.

      My personal problem with this one was that the lowest pledge level was effectively an ‘all or nothing’ pledge, with no graduations. I like the look of the game and the miniatures, I like the property and I know that Mantic does produce quality kit. If they’d had a pledge level that just included the basic game and was one that I felt I could afford, I would have been all over it like a cheap suit. But alas, this is not the case. So, like a petulant child who can’t have what he wants, I’ve gone off to sulk in a corner.

      The comments regarding Kickstarters in general stand though – I was merely using the Hellboy one as an example.

      As with most ‘deals’ in life, it can be tempting to indulge BECAUSE It’s a ‘great deal’. I’m just saying to think before you pledge – is this something you’re pledging for because you genuinely want it? If so, then go ahead – it’s your money and if you know you will derive pleasure from owning the game or miniatures or whatever, then who am I to advise against it?

      I hope that clarifies my views on this subject, just in case people thought I was a ‘hater’. (Yeah, that’s right – I’m street…lol)

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  12. Several things my Dad said to me have stayed with me all my life.

    “There`s never such a thing as a once in a lifetime deal.”

    “Beware of things that look too good to be true, they probably aren`t true.” (Beware Greeks bearing gifts).

    “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

    and my old favourite…. not my Dad this time, but Dell Boy (Fools and Horses) “He who dares – wins” lol

    Kickstarters are generally a rip off, not by the genuine few, but by the majority who are simply out to exploit this new modern style of making money – the safe way. Funny isnt it, a kickstarter put up by an uber company might sit on millions of dollars or pounds forked in by their customers. Ever wondered how much this gains them in interest in the bank each month? Is there any wonder they aren`t so keen to hand over the goods too quickly! Each and every month the moneys `rests` in their account, they are making a small fortune, only eventually paying out to their Chinese friends (cheap labour, see) and their hired packing/transport staff, printers etc at the last possible moment, to keep that money firmly in their bank as loooong as possible No I HATE what kickstarters have become and how they have been used to exploit a very innocently dim pubic

    BUT, some who genuinely use kickstarters as a way of bringing us great products, deserve the break kickstarters give them.


    • Ah, but what all of you that have pledged to this Kickstarter have failed to realise is that this post contains subliminal programming.

      When your boxes arrive, you will find yourself packaging up your ‘spare’ figures and sending them to ME! Resistance is futile! Denial is not an option! They shall be MINE!!! Mwah-hah-hah!!!

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  13. i thought long about this before i replied to the main post itself. i think it is important to reply here to this because it is a big topic in the hobby itself. kick starters seem endemic nowadays and run through everything we do. i dont approve of how it works any more than i do the price of a packet of cigarettes costing eleven or twelve pounds, a good fellows pizza a fiver, or a pot of paint three pounds. of course we dont question these things do we, but those cigarettes cost about 4p to produce, the pizza 6p, and the pot of paint 1 penny (i did take time to check these prices and the profit margins attached to them). the same applies to games workshop wares. for example a gothic graveyard and gothic mausoleum box set costs us about ninety five pounds, but i happen to know that`s mostly all profit and the actual cost of producing that box set is around two pounds fifty pence after all expenses have been taken into consideration.

    but we dont ever really question all these things in our lives do we. we dont question the price of a night out, a few beers and a few rounds with your friends, a packet of cigarettes (because we always smoke more when being social on a night out), the ticket to get in the club, and the chinese or fish and chips at the end of the night. whats that – fifty pounds? but we dont question that sort of commercialism, it`s like we are blind and immune to it. we accept it as normal cost of living (which is normal). but the moment we talk about the price of a kick starter, and whether it should be a few pounds cheaper , and we go mad with angst. the truth is, if we REALLY want something to make our lives a little richer and happier, does it matter that for the will power to cut back on a few packets of cigarettes, or forego that chinese just for one week end, we could afford that hobby item we crave with very little suffering involved at all. its all about choices.

    for me, i have all sorts of health issues and i am unable to walk, and find it hard to get out and about much at all. i am lucky because i have a kind and caring family who will always hep me when i need it, but i would still feel if i asked them all the time to drop me off and pick me up from the local game store every time i want a pot of paint or a fix at my local store to browse the shelves and see what i want to buy each week. so instead i rely heavily on online purchasing, and sometimes kick starters fit that need ideally for me. to be able to buy everything i need for a game in one go, a core game, expansion box sets, extra minis and terrain, is like a god-send. it means i dont have to find ways to drag myself to a store, try and negotiate the crowded aisles and ask strangers for help lift down the things too high for me to reach and look at. a kick starter means, assuming i want it enough to buy then wait for a year for it to be delivered, i can have the entire thing in one easy go, all on a big cool box, just like a birthday surprise. and so i save and i save and i save and i save my pennies, i always do, and this way i can buy wonderful things when i need to, and not have to be worried about traipsing to the shops all the time. i do enjoy a cigarette, a do enjoy a nice good quality pizza, and i do buy lots of pots of paint, but dont mind paying for the things i want. i know they are not worth anything like the price on the box or the tin, but just like i dont work out the cost of each time i tuck into a mouthful of chips or a bite of fish, neither do i look very deeply into the price of gaming and hobby things i really want. i would be scrooge if i did, and i have no desire to cut off my own nose to spite my already ugly lil face ))

    this new hellboy is a good example. its not cheap, and i admit, it may not be the best kickstarter deal i have ever seen out there. but i am not one of those people who buys something big and expensive every few weeks or every month, and i never buy rashly. if i want something i am always pretty sure i REALLY want it, and if i want it i dont let the price fluctuation of a ten or twenty or even thirty pounds deter me from my wish. if something is a little pricy, i just know i will have to go without pizza for a couple of weeks, and count the number of smokes i have a day for a while. but i wont let it stop me enjoying myself or denying myself the pleasure of a good game, just because its not the price id like ideally. if i REALLY want something, then its worth every penny. i dont collect games and figures and then end up never playing them. if i buy something i play it and play it and play it over and over, appreciating it and valuing it intensely, and it is worth every penny i pay to make myself that happy. i treasure my things, my games and my miniatures, and for me, this hellboy is one such game i will enjoy for a long time. its a year away, but will my interest in hellboy suddenly go away in that waiting time? no, i will only savour the anticipation and it will be all time high when the day comes that i get it. the game plays 1 to 4 so can be played solo as well as with my family and friends, but this in one i very much think i will enjoy and immerse in as a solitaire experience. meanwhile i will pour over every hellboy comic i can lay my hands on, and this way i will patiently build the excitement, until the day a huge parcel is delivered to my door by a friendly grinning postman who will no doubt say “a new game luke?” and I`ll nod and smile like a happy idiot as I carefully reach out to take it from him.

    what i think am saying is, if you wants something very much and having it will make your life happier, then dont deny it to yourself over the price of a couple of packets of smokes. that is just silly and will lead to a very unfulfilled life. if you want something make it happen, and you will enjoy life just that little bit extra.

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  14. That made me cry, it was so sweet.

    Bless you Luke, you often make more sense than the rest of us put together. I learned to listen to the steady beat of your drum a long time ago.



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  16. I think a t-i-n-y example of that, maybe not quite the same point, but near enough, is something I did long loooong ago. I was massively into a particular game at the time (I still am, just dont have a forum to talk about it anymore, as the game is come, gone , and now all but forgotten) It was Sabertooth Games Lord of the Rings 40mm TMG. Right when the first Peter Jackson Fellowship of the Ring film was massive and queues just to get in to see it at the cinema were sometimes a mile long, and is the closest I`ve ever seen to the excited feeling and the massive queues to see the original Star Wars fllms way back in the late 70` and early 80`s. This skirmish level game was simply wow, came before Games Workshop`s own LOTR Battles For Middle Earth table top skirmish was even a twinkle in its designer`s eye, and is still one of my all time favourite “go to” hex based board/wargame, to this day.

    Anyway. There was a rare figure, and I mean, man it was rare. It was so rare that you could only get a copy of it if you had attended Gen Con on that given year and attended the right stall before mid day on day one hahaha. It was Frodo and Gollum cowering at his master`s feet, both on a single base.. and oh boy was it a hot looking double mini. Only I hadnt attended Gan Con… in America 2005, and my only friend out there who had said “Not on your nelly.” when I asked if he would consider parting with his own copy… and so in desperation I turned to eBay. *And there *gasp* it was… in all its two model glory, sitting shiny and proud on its hex wheel and slider stat base. Frodo and Gollum…… price 36 dollars!!! WHAT…..? I cried!

    But I wanted it, I neeeeded it, this was my favourite game of all time, and I just knew how much fun I would have on the table top with this miniature. Think of the narrative adventures and the joy of bringing my battle reports to life, when I displayed THIS king of mini in my games – awesomeness itself. Not to mention the envy in my friends eyes down at the club, when they spotted that I.. yes I.. was the proud owner of the Ultra Rare GC Convention Special Blue Dial Frodo & Gollum! I had to have it. And so I paid out 36 dollars. Yes I faced my partner`s wrath and disdain like a man driven (okay, I owned up a month later) and I clicked BUY IT NOW. And sure enough, three weeks later when posty dropped my package through the letter box,, I was indeed the proud owner of this rare and beautiful thing.

    Was it worth it? By George yes it was. Would I do this every time I wanted something for my games. no! I`m not a complete-ist and ordinarily I`d tell someone they were a frickin` fool to spend that much on a 40mm model, but sometimes, there are times you just KNOW when its right. This was one of them.

    I have never regretted it, and this piece has been with me through many trials and tribulations on the table top, for many dozens of games, and I am sooo proud of the courage I had, to overcome my….. “What the hell?” factor when I saw the stupid price the seller was asking for it, and bought it anyway, because I would have regretted not doing so for the rest of my life, and end of the day, it didnt break me, didnt break my bank, and didnt make me feel guilty for long (not once the bruises went down where my partner hit me round the lug with that rolling pin).

    As John Wayne would have said: “Sometiemes a man`s gotta do what a man`s gotta do.”


  17. I think both Luke and Steve make very valid points.
    Kickstarters, whether you love, loathe or are indifferent to, do offer the opportunity to pick up a complete game and all its relevant supplements, for a fraction of the cost of assembling it piece by piece after it is released. Steve’s example of Zombicide Black Plague is a good one, as the vast amount that his pledge level gave and the pleasure he will derive from playing it, far outweighs the initial money down.
    And Luke’s philosophy of balancing the purchase of what you know will give you gaming pleasure against the temporary loss of a few luxuries just goes to show that some folk have their heads screwed on right.
    Because my gaming budget is quite modest, I do try to stretch it as much as possible and actually derive pleasure from finding inexpensive alternatives or finding just the right figure at just the right price. As I like to take my time in deciding whether I do actually want or need something, the fact that Kickstarters do only give you a limited window of opportunity is also something that irks me – especially as you then have to wait for a-g-e-s for what you’ve bought (or are still waiting in respect of certain things, eh Steve?). It’s kind of like “Hurry up and give us your cash! So we can sit on it for a year…”

    I probably will, at some point, pledge funds to a Kickstarter (and Crooked Dice are launching one on 1st May for their “Children of the Fields” range, which taps into the whole 70’s creepy village theme), but as with most things I do, it will be on my terms.


    • {{{{{{{{ especially as you then have to wait for a-g-e-s for what you’ve bought (or are still waiting in respect of certain things, eh Steve?). }}}}}}

      Oh Man, dont get me started on SDE Legends and that RIP OFF company. I`m STILL waiting (approaching 3 years) for a pledge we were all promised would be delivered 2 and a quarter years ago, and wanna know whats so irksome? The same company has had the audacity and gall to put out a load of kickstarters SINCE that uuuugh!!!!!!


  18. Nicely said Jez. And Luke.

    …… and Stevie, I`d have been just as happy to make my own proxy facsimile (I know you have a couple of spare/duplicate 40mm TMG Frodo minis and I could have made you a Gollum to fit on the base myself out of polymer)… I know, I know, but its not THE official model though bla bla lol.

    *sighs* but I can talk. Take Super Dungeon Explore (which by the way is now mine, not yours… mine, ok. Just so you know) **smiles sweetly** A facsimile Candy and Cola model, however nicely I made it, just wouldnt be the same as the super special Sola Pop version for _____ pounds from the store hehe.


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