Redo From Start – Rom v2.0

Because it was annoying me so much, I decided to take a bit of time and repaint Rom until I was happy…or at least happier.

This is Rom v1.0;

I masked the emitter and resprayed him with Plastikote Chrome Effect spray, also spraying some Warlord Cybermen at the same time. These were going to be my ‘test subjects’.

I then mixed some purple ink with a touch of black ink, watered it down and liberally applied to one of my guinea pigs. And the result was what I was hoping for.

I then carefully applied it to resprayed Rom, concentrating where possible on the joints and crevices.

I then painted the position of the chest lights with Mithril Silver and, when dry, painted over them with Cherry Red.

Having looked at Rom’s visor in the iluustrations, I painted the slot Burnt Umber, added two dots of Mithril Silver for the eyes and then washed the whole slot in Cherry Red.

I then repainted the base with Dark Grey, followed by a wash of Burnt Umber mixed with Black, as you couldn’t see the texture with my original version.

And now I’m satisfied and here he is;

And the lesson I’ve learned here is – don’t cut corners to save time, as you’ll end up redoing all your work.

And still within the deadline! Go me!

11 thoughts on “Redo From Start – Rom v2.0

    • Thanks Dave. Still not quite what I envisaged, but I think it was worth redoing, as now I’m satisfied I’ve done my best. Luckily was left alone in the house with a list of jobs – but this took precedence. Back to skivvying now…lol


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  2. Well that came as a bit of a shock, I checked round the blogs to see what I had to get done when I got home, and bang there was another one!

    Seriously though, I would have been happy with version 1, but I have to admit that V2 is better, and worth the extra effort, you just need to do the rest of the spaceknights now, as Dave has set the president that you need to do the complete set of everything now! 😉

    Great work, and a smashing result.

    Cheers Roger. (do I have to tell you that both these posts have been re-posted on the FH site? I thought not)


    • Sorry Roger – didn’t mean to make extra work for you, but I knew I could do better, so just HAD to try. I’m now as happy as I can be, although the ink reacted badly with the spray, hence his chest looking a bit rough.


  3. Wow…I didn’t even have time to see ROM 1.0 before you re-did him and posted again! I agree with Roger…version 1.0 was pretty damn good, but I also admit he looks better now. I know what it’s like to stare at a miniature for hours thinking “damn, I wish I did that differently…” Sometimes I have to correct it before I can move on, other times I can live with it.
    When I fix it, though, I always feel better.
    Dude…you’ve got a ROM now! Cool, right?


    • Thanks Keith. As I had only planned one figure this year, I needed to get it as close as possible to my ‘vision’ and whilst v1.0 was good, v2.0 is better, so I’m glad I took the time to redo him.

      And he may not be as exact as the Custom Heroclix that someone did of him, but mine cost me 29p and some of my time, so I consider that a win.

      Given that I now have 8 custom supers, I could have my own mini ‘Contest of Champions’, my money would be on Super-Soldier though… 😉


    • Thanks Michael. Sorry that time &/or motivation constraints meant that you weren’t able to join in this year. Next year will see a few changes, so stay tuned for an update.


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