Late, But Not Forgotten

Usually around the beginning of July, once all entries for Forgotten Heroes have been submitted and the dust has settled, I provide an epilogue of sorts, giving an overview of how I thought that particular year’s event went…

This is that post.

I apologise for the tardiness of it, but as it was announced that the current contract I was engaged in had been cut short by six months and I would be out of work as of the 1st August, understandably my ‘free’ time has been spent trying to secure alternative (and more permanent) employment. This also explains why I’ve not commented on those blogs I regularly follow, so additional apologies for that too. I have been keeping abreast of what you’ve all been doing, just not really had the mindset to provide worthwhile comments.

So, as the third of what has now become an annual event, we’ve had an interesting project utilising some kind of alchemy in order to shrink resin models of Transformers, specifically the Insecticons (which as Tom Hanks will attest “the robot turns into a bug? That’s a great idea…”), an almost full collection of sculpted from scratch A.B.C. Warriors, a small-screen pulp flying ace and his dog, and the usual selection of four-colour heroes and villains who have been…Forgotten.

In some cases, they probably should have been, but we do love our lame and cheesy superheroes – the characters who are so bad they’re good, which is why this event is so much fun.

Now, as I hinted at previously, next year’s Forgotten Heroes will see a few changes to the rules, which I’ll explain now, but will reiterate prior to next year’s challenge.

Firstly, I’m changing the definition of a “Forgotten Hero” – this will now encompass ANY character, historical OR fictional, that has yet to have a decent figure made of them. Want to create the definitive Lord Soth from Dragonlance? Now you can. Want to do a diorama of Washington crossing the Delaware? No problem. Want to finally create either the Hypno-Hustler or Hellcow from Marvel Comics (the latter of which was referenced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2)? Go for it.

Image result for hypno-hustler

The second thing that will be changing is that you won’t be restricted to a specific scale. The figure (or figures) can be of any scale. If you fancy doing Dick Dastardly, Muttley and the Mean Machine in 20mm, so you can use with the rest of your Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars, now you can.

The other major change relates to registration. Whilst Roger administers the Forgotten Heroes site, this event was my idea and remains my baby. Roger is the Alfred to my Batman, if you like. So rather than Roger sending out emails to previous participants, in order to take part in next year’s event, you will need to register by commenting on MY blog – Carrion Crow’s Buffet – or emailing me directly. For those who have previously corresponded via Roger, he can provide this for you.

Not a particularly strenuous requirement and there will be a benefit to this, as the intention is provide ALL future participants in the Forgotten Heroes event with a badge (or button as I believe our American cousins call it) with the NEW Forgotten Heroes logo on it! Be the envy of all your friends!

Once I’ve finished designing it, that is…and no, it won’t be made from the “purest green”.

And, finances willing, there may even be some prizes too.

So, I wish to thank all of those who took part in this year in the spirit of the event and hope that you’re already planning what you’re going to do next year. If I can work out how to do it, you might even seethe Big Wheel next year…

Image result for marvel big wheel

Until next time…

12 thoughts on “Late, But Not Forgotten

  1. Sorry to hear about the job front Jez, I hope you find something suitable soon.
    So the amended rules sound like there even more open now, shall look forward to participating next year if you’ll have me, just need to work out what to build, perhaps I could do George from the first Meknificent Seven ! Kidding, I don’t think I could build him from scratch in a month ! LOL


    • Thanks Dave. The problem with long-term contracts is that you forget that it IS a contract and they can release you ascand when they see fit. I have a few prospects and hopefully won’t be kicking my heels for long.

      And yes, the revised rules do open up the field somewhat. The main rules remain the same,, i.e. time limit, base figures, etc. but it should give people more choice in what they create – especially those who want figures they can use in whatever games they currently play.


  2. First: Best of luck with the job search. I don’t know what work you do (I imagine, however, that it involves a great deal of danger and feats of derring-do), but I hope you find something new soon. It certainly explains your absence. I thought you might have got yourself arrested or something equally unpleasant.
    Second: Great Hypno-Hustler pic grab. I used to work the loading dock at a screen printing place. I can’t recommend it as a job, but I miss the days when I could just give a picture to the art department and have it on a T-shirt 20 minutes later, because I would certainly make a Hypno-Hustler T-shirt if I could. Consider that the first prize suggestion for Forgotten Heroes next year.
    Third: you have a year, my friend. Make whatever arrangements and/or purchases you require. The world needs to see a miniature of The Big Wheel, and you have already planted your flag, so to speak. I believe in you.


    • Thanks Keith. I’m afraid my day job is rather dull, but does pay the bills.

      And Hypno-Hustler is just one of those characters that is so sucky, he’s actually kind of cool. As is the Big Wheel. Spider-Man may have some iconic foes, but he’s also got some really lame villains too. And we love ’em. 😉


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  4. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been checking back here for a couple of weeks now, but wouldn’t you know the first day I don’t you post it up! Have of course now re-posted it to the FH site.

    If that will that be all sir, I’ll get on with polishing your Batmobile.

    Good luck with the job hunting, cheers Roger.


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