Turn and Face the Strange…

As what ‘free’ time I’ve had over the past few weeks has been dedicated to securing future employment, with a few side treks into the Land of Mists, I’ve not really had the opportunity to spend any time on ‘proper’ hobby-related pursuits. Which explains the lack of posted content.

However, it has given me time to consider the future direction of the Buffet.

It has become clear that the false starts and changes of direction regarding the proposed Age of Unreason project mean that, as they used to say in the Grolsch adverts, “It’s not ready yet!”

So, rather than continuing half-arsed and without everything I need to fully realise this project (due to lack of resources at present), the Age of Unreason is being shelved for the time being.

But if there’s not going to be any Age of Unreason content, what can you expect instead?

Well, having reviewed my collection of terrain and miniatures, it occurred to me that the majority of it relates to superhero gaming…yet I’ve never published a superhero AAR.

My Way of the Crow rules were specifically designed and play-tested with this type of gaming in mind. But whilst the Clown Gang did surprisingly defeat the nefarious forces of Doktor Reich and his super-Nazis, stuffing Aryan head-first in a dumpster and the Black Pharaoh proved to be more than a match for the original line-up of the Liberty Force on his own, only myself and my play-testers were witness to these battles.

I have approximately 150 costumed heroes and villains, most of which are unique characters to my own superhero universe and most of which ARE fully painted. Add a good handful of Marvel, DC  and Eternian heroes, and a few ‘Forgotten Heroes’, and I have rather a large roster of characters who could take part in a dimension-hopping, multiversal crossover ‘event’ on an epic scale…

Something like this:

Image result for crisis on infinite earths

Or maybe this;

Related image

Or even this:

Image result for he man vs superman

But obviously waaaaay cooler and more Jez.

So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Join me next time, as the countdown to The §ingularity War begins…


13 thoughts on “Turn and Face the Strange…

  1. Aww, the frontier America stuff looked really cool. Well, something to look forward to I suppose.
    Jezzier should be a verb. As in ” gaming, miniatures and other hobby pusuits are much Jezzier now that I don’t care what mainstream gamers think is cool” or “we had a way Jezzier game once everyone decided to have FUN.”

    Game on Jez!


    • Not to worry, Harry, ‘Age of Unreason’ will return and will be back to frontier America. But it needs a bit more planning and a bit more ‘stuff’ before it can restart.

      And your idea for turning “me” into an adjective made me laugh. It does have a certain ring about it… 😉


  2. Can understand with time constraints, putting the other project into the background while you play games with all the super models you have


    • Seemed the most sensible option, Dave. To fully realise ‘Age of Unreason’ I need to decide on a locale and time period, and need a few more figures and scenery – which I can’t really justify buying at present. Plus Keith over at ‘Dead Dick’s Tavern’ is having loads of fun doing Supers gaming and it was about time mine got an airing. I may not stick to a single ruleset, as I do have a couple of Supers rules systems that I’ve yet to try.


    • Possibly not ALL on the table at the same time, Michael – that way lies madness. But certainly there will be some well-known heroes and villains facing my own creations and battles that only exist in the minds of the fans…like the possibility of the Hulk facing He-Man. I have an over-reaching plot and a ‘Big Bad’ that will make Thanos look like a playground bully. Plus it gives me the impetus to complete some half-finished figures and actually publish some AARs in COLOUR for a change. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t imagine that pair would team up…unless they were planning on betraying the other, but we shall see. As I have the whole multiverse to play with, expect some unexpected alliances, both heroic and villainous. Should be a blast! 😉


  3. Yeeeeee-haaaaaaaw!!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with this, Jeremy! Looking forward to meeting your characters and checking out whatever rulesets you decide to use. As you know I’m a big fan of Scott Pyle’s Super Mission Force, but I’m always keen to see new rulesets in action. You mentioned Clobberin’ Time, as I recall…any chance you’d use that?
    Very happy to hear this…even happier to hear you’re not abandoning Age of Unreason. I’m looking forward to that setting very much, but I understand not rushing it.


    • I have to admit that this ‘new’ direction is partially down to you, Keith. You look to be having loads of fun with your SMF adventures and as I have all I need to enable me to do something similar, it seemed an obvious choice. I have a copy of SMF, Clobberin’ Time, Marvel Heroscape and, of course, Way of the Crow, so I’m sure each will get an outing during the Singularity War, as I want to test the various systems to see which one provides the best supers gaming experience.

      As for Age of Unreason, like my Tales of the Black Museum, it will return. I just need to decide what is the most effective setting for it.


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