The Singularity War

After millenia of monitoring, analysing and cataloguing every known alternate reality in existence, the Primal being known as Kronus has had enough.

The constant revisions of existing universes as they experience ‘events’ that rewrite their history and reality, the almost infinite variations caused by the tiniest variance from the ‘Prime’ reality, the endless costume changes…it has become TOO much.

Order needs to be restored.

Utilising his vast intellect and extensive knowledge of quantum mechanics, Kronus has designed a machine – The Singularity Engine – which will compress every reality currently in existence into a single cohesive whole.

Billions will die, but Kronus believes the end justifies the means.

However, to complete the Engine, he requires artifacts of power from across the Multiverse.

As he cannot act directly in each reality, he plans to recruit a variety of catspaws to retrieve them for him. The promise of wealth or power will be enough in most cases, but those who think of themselves as ‘heroes’ may require subtle manipulation to unknowingly act on his behalf.

And there exists the risk that those who consider themselves guardians of their respective realities may discover his plans and try to stop him, so they will need to be targeted and removed from the equation.

The countdown has begun...

14 thoughts on “The Singularity War

    • Thanks Andy. Currently got at least five ‘battles’ planned. As Kronus needs a good half dozen artifacts, if his minions fail, he’ll just move on to the next one until he has the required components. The longer it takes, the more chance there is of the heroes discovering his plan and mobilising against him. Who will live? Who will die? Will Bananaman be of ANY use whatsoever? Only time will tell…


    • That was my cunning plan, Michael. As there are no ‘inter-company crossover’ rules governing this, I can use pretty much whoever I want! Should lead to some interesting battles and team-ups.

      And I love using words that have fallen out of favour…merkin being a particular favourite. 😉


      • Another new one on me and not a concept I had considered before, or wish to again. That said what a great word to try and slip into the conversation, perhaps alongside slattern? 😉


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