Corvuscope – A New Place to Visit

After my last post, The Doctor and the Crow, it occurred to me that whilst I did want to post reviews of tv shows, movies and books, this blog wasn’t really the ideal platform to do so.

So rather than interrupt the regular (or semi-regular) posts regarding my exploits in the wargaming hobby arena, I’ve decided that a separate blog should be created that will just feature the content noted above.

It’s called Corvuscope – which roughly means “What the Crow saw”. I know it’s not 100% grammatically or linguistically correct, but Corvuscope sounds a bit cooler than “Visum Corvus”.

Just an introductory post on there at present, explaining the purpose of the blog and not currently searchable via Google – it takes a while for it to pop up on the search engine – but once it does, it will probably be the first choice, as my previous search on this name only came up with two results.

So, if you are at all interested in my views on those fictional worlds that are created on the big or small screen or within the pages of a book, join me over there, where I will give my considered and honest opinion of them, in my own inimitable style.

You may agree, you may disagree, but hopefully you’ll find it entertaining and it just might point you in the direction of something you haven’t heard of and encourage you to give it a try.

4 thoughts on “Corvuscope – A New Place to Visit

    • Thanks Harry. Good to see you back. Hopefully the new blog will allow me to separate the two strands of my interests, without detracting from the content on each blog. As quite a lot of the streaming services have vast libraries of content, it can be a little difficult to find the kind of things you want to watch, so the idea is to highlight some of the lesser known series or movies that are hidden amongst the ‘popular’ shows.


      • So true. We are overwhelmed with options, and suffer a dire lack of time. A little direction and hint of content to maximize time will be most helpful.
        Not fully back. I haven’t written an item all summer. Not even sure where my time went, I really didn’t even get much modeling done. Though I am nearly finished with CFM’s lovely terrace model. Got most of the shingles on yesterday, and the dormers on. Just need to shingle the dormers and paint the room and it’ll be ready for the table.


        • So many options, so little time…lol. And it’s also the type of time you have – when presented with some ‘free’ time, it can be difficult to decide what to do with it, especially if it’s sprung on you unawares. You’ve been given an hour, so do you spend it painting or modelling, knowing that you’ll likely need more time than you have? Or do you grab the opportunity to view the latest episode in the series you’re currently watching on Netflix? And if you’re not partway through a series, do you waste time viewing your options? Hopefully the new blog will address the choice part, as it might point you in the direction of a series you may not be aware of and give you a guide as to whether it’s your cup of tea (other hot beverages are available…)


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