View from the Crow’s Nest – November

Regular visitors to this blog come expecting certain things, be it cunning scratch-building using inexpensive materials, mini-projects revolving around life-long passions, creative after-action reports combining atmospheric photography and unusual participants or free rules to download and play. Of late, there hasn’t been much of what attracted YOU, my gentle readers, to this blog in the first place.

Unfortunately, due to employment issues, my free time has been spent attempting to secure regular employment of a level that not only keeps the wolves from my door, but also stops my wife from accusing me of “wasting my time” on hobby-related pursuits, instead of looking for a “decent job.” Understandably, when you have this hanging over your head, hobby mojo does tend to get stifled and you find yourself unable to concentrate properly on any particular hobby project – hence the sporadic and somewhat lacklustre nature of the last few posts.

However, after much scampering back and forth to London for various interviews, I have now been offered a new contract, at a decent daily rate, working in central London, which will be starting in a couple of weeks.

As this will result in becoming a commuter from Reading to “that London”, this may result in not as much free time to do hobby-stuff, but the relief in finally getting a “decent job” has revitalised my mojo and my mind has started lining up projects in my head for me to do within whatever free time I find myself with.

Image result for murder of crows

So, this will hopefully signal the end of my fallow patch and see more regular and better postings than you have seen of late.

As for what exactly you’ll see, well…I’m pretty certain they’ll be Ghostbusters, maybe some Scooby Doo, probably some Doctor Who and potentially a return to Blackwell, although my cobbled streets need replacing as they’ve warped during storage, so that might have to wait until I come up with a cunning alternative.

Until next time, “Never backwards, always forward”.


8 thoughts on “View from the Crow’s Nest – November

    • Cheers Dave. As I have one or two items you kindly gifted me, I thought it was about time I actually painted some of them up. The interceptor will become my secondary Ghostbusting vehicle – a muscle car for my Vin Diesel inspired ‘Buster and the Digestion Pool will make a good terrain item for my Soul Takers, possibly filled with Psychomagnotheric Slime… which means it’ll be a sort of pearlescent/metallic pink colour. Luckily, I know that The Range does just such a colour, so not really an issue. And whilst I have painted up the Aztec Fire Demon, my Aztec priest and giant zombie turkey (representing Chalchiuhtotolin, Aztec god of disease and plague – who IS a turkey) still require painting, so quite a lot of ‘busting goodness to come.


  1. My mojo is fine, I just have been overwhelmed with life. I’ve painted a bit, and even attended a gaming convention. I’ve got stuff to post, just no time for the posting! Winter is here though, and with it a general slow down at work. That, plus a new (ie free to me) laptop will allow some time on the job to write up some posts. Shhh! Don’t tell the boss!

    Great news on securing employment. No job is a sucky way to live, and definately dampens all sorts of mojo.

    BTW- I made the mistake of setting no budget fir the convention vendor hall. In pretty sure that will be Christmas and birthday from the wife!


    • Nice to hear from you Harry. I think the problem with blogging is that when someone “goes quiet” online, the majority of their followers tend to politely leave them to it, making the assumption that the reason for not posting is due to real life getting in the way and not wishing to pry. Glad you’re still plugging away behind the scenes.

      I have our annual local wargaming show coming up this Saturday and have set myself a modest budget. There are a couple of things I have my eye on, including a giant corn golem, but I will be browsing and hopefully will pick up a few choice items that suit my needs. Anyone who’s attending Warfare in Reading this Saturday, keep your eyes peeled – the Crow will be stalking the aisles!


  2. There’s the polite majority, and then there’s me. I tracked you to Barsoom once, Jez (no matter how vehemently you deny it), and I can do it again.
    In all seriousness, congratulations on getting re-employed, it must be quite a relief. A longer commute means more time to ponder story ideas. Whenever you get a chance to post hobby stuff, we’ll be here.
    Bring on the Aztec turkeys!


    • Indeed Keith, you were one of the few who seemed concerned about my extra-bloggicular activities. I will neither confirm or deny whether I was visiting the city of Helium, but I will say that red dust gets everywhere…

      And whilst you weren’t expecting references to Aztec turkeys, it’s kind of par for the course here at the Buffet. Maybe I’ll have him ready in time for Thanksgiving.


  3. Good to have you back and posting again Jez, and good news on the job front too, as stated by Keith the commute will give you some good hobby planning time (I do my best thinking in the bath by the way).

    You know what they say “Wargaming is like sex, you spend more time thinking about it than doing it!”,

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. It has been somewhat of a fallow period. As I tend to celebrate October in my own macabre way on the blog, the fact that I haven’t this year means that I may be dragh8ng Halloween-themed posts into the New Year.


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