“Everyone Can Relax, I Found the Car…”

Whilst I know it’s been almost a month since my last post, I do have a valid reason. The agency that sourced the contract that I was supposed to have started on 26th November telephoned me a WEEK before it was due to start, to inform me that it had been cancelled. This caused consternation in the House of Crows and much scrambling about to ensure that I actually had some kind of employment in the lead up to Christmas.

I DID manage to secure another contract, but am commuting via car to Aylesbury every day, rather than by train to London. Not ideal, but better than no work at all.

However, once this was secured and I had completed the first week on site, I felt I could relax slightly and take a look at what models/projects I had outstanding and what would be the best thing to progress with.

As Doctor Who has been on my mind of late, both because of Simon’s showcase of those Black Tree and Warlord models he’s been painting over on his Fantorical blog AND the adventures of the latest incarnation of the Doctor have been airing here in the UK (for more on my considered opinion on this series, you can read my views on my Corvuscope blog – however, those of a delicate sensibility may wish to avoid this, as there is a little bit of swearing – which I refuse to apologise for), I did consider completing some of my half-finished DW figures.

But then I changed my mind and decided to make a start on a couple of resin models very kindly gifted to me by Dave Stone of Wargames Terrain Workshop.

Whilst I’d been sitting on these for a while and had already earmarked one of the models for a particular project, I realised that another piece, when painted appropriately, could also be used for the same project.

And that project was my ongoing Ghostbusters project – and the two pieces are the Digestion Pool and the Post-Apocalyptic Falcon. Both of these were treated to an undercoat of matt black spray, left over from when I helped build my daughter’s theatre set (see Theatre Studies), like so;

As I’d decided that the Digestion Pool was going to be re-purposed as a terrain feature from the Ghost World, accompanying my Soul Takers (see here for details), there was only one colour the contents could be…pink.

As in psychomagnotheric slime (i.e. “mood slime”), not Angel Delight. As I’d not managed to get to the Range and pick up some pearlescent pink paint, I opted for giving the pool part of the model a coat of GW Mithril Silver, followed by a couple of coats of GW Imperial Purple…which is actually pink. Worked out pretty well, as you can see from the picture below:

That’s how far I have got with the simplest of the two models, as the other one took a bit more time and several coats of paint until I got it to a point where I was happy to leave it.

So the Post-Apocalyptic Falcon is going to become the transport for my Vin Disesel inspired Ghostbuster, as he needed a beefier car than the 1950’s style ambulance I used for my Ghostbusters main transport. Which meant it had to be white – ideally gloss white. As my previous Plastikote Gloss White had set hard, due to an imperfect seal, I had replaced it with some Tamiya Gloss White. The only problem with this is that it’s not particularly thick and as my matt white had run out, I had to do several coats to get it to a stage where it started to actually look white. rather than dirty grey.

If you look at the windows of the car, you’ll see what it originally looked like after one coat. Still needs at least one more coat, but at least it’s glossy white now. The under carriage, wheel interiors, fenders and engine were all given a coat of GW Chainmail and the rear tanks were given a coat of what Docrafts like to call Dark Grey. which is actually a fairly light grey. The idea is that these tanks will end up yellow, with hazard symbols on. I’ll have to check my Haynes Ectomobile Owners’s Manual (yes, such a thing does exist – and covers all three versions of the Ectomobile, including the wrong one) to decide what they actually contain.

So, it may not look like I’ve progressed very far, but it’s certainly more hobby-stuff than I’ve done over the last couple of months, so it’s better than nowt.

Join me next time for further progress on this project.

16 thoughts on ““Everyone Can Relax, I Found the Car…”

  1. Great to see you’re back posting, Jez, and that you’re gainfully employed – both work and hobbywise 🙂 The “Ghostbusters” project sounds excellent, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it progress. What a top fellow Dave is too – marvellous gifts!!!


  2. Nice progress, Jez. White is such a royal pain to paint. I regretted choosing that for my son’s High Elves before I finished painting the first spear shaft. Glad you have found employment, too. That is superb news.


    • Thanks Harry. My previous matt white paint gave good coverage, but this current gloss white is a touch thin, hence the multiple coats. Still, it’s starting to look as I intended, so progress is being made.


  3. Sorry to hear the first contract fell through but good to hear you’ve found a new one Jez, great start on the models mate, white is a royal pain so hope it goes well


  4. Great to see you back posting (this one nearly slipped past me), and good to see the Ghostbusters project getting some attention too. That Interceptor by Dave is a cracking model isn’t it, and one I hope to get myself at some point next year. I’m particularly taken with the colour you’ve got on the engine (might seem a strange thing to say, but that colour is perfect!). and yes it does look like Angel Delight but that is no bad thing (who doesn’t love Angel Delight, I think I’ll make some now!)

    Great posting and good luck with your new’ new job.

    Have a great xmas, cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. Received your Christmas card today, so many thanks for that and was thinking of you last night, as I was watching a documentary about the He-Man toy line.

      The GB project has been on hold for a while now, so thought I ought to revisit it and progress it a bit further. Still need to finish their headquarters too, so plenty to get stuck in to.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ha ha, don’t I’ve ever had someone say they say He-man and thought of me before!! so thanks for that you’ve made my day!!

        Which Doc was it by the way “By the power of Greyskull” or “The toys that made us” ? both are on Netflix and well worth a watch.

        Cheers Roger


  5. Yeah I bought the Digestion Pool when I went to visit Dave that time… its a cool and handy bit of kit which I use quite a lot in my more D&D type games. We also have some of the sci-fi cars, but not that one – *jealous* hehe.

    Look forward to seeing what you write about in 2019 🙂


    • It’s one of those terrain pieces that has multiple uses and can fit in to most genres, depending on how it’s painted. Mine’s just full of pudding…😉

      Once I’ve settled back into a regular routine, we should see a return to various projects that fell to one side, including “Age of Unreason” – although I might have to watch the “Frontier” tv series first – for research purposes, naturally…


    • Thank you very much, my dear. Hope your day is filled with festive cheer, nice nosh (a given if you’re spending it with Stevie and Hils) and lots of nice pressies. We’ll have to see about the wishes though…😉

      Jez x


  6. Merry Christmas, Jeremy. May your Christmas goose be fat. Enjoy your plum pudding, jellied eels, spotted dick, mince pies with cream (I learned that was a thing from Roger) and Yorkshire pudding. Because I’m sure you eat all of those things on Christmas, and pretty much every day, because you’re British. See how much I know about England? I read books.
    (Aside: if I were to tell someone here in the USA to enjoy their spotted dick, it would be an entirely different conversation, and one that was likely to end in violence.)
    In all seriousness, Merry Christmas. May Santa bring you lots of miniatures that you can blog about next year!


  7. HAHAHAHAHAHHHAAHAHAHhahahaahahahaha, indeed spotted dick is one of my absolute FAVOURITE deserts of all time. Sometimes we have it instead of a main course… with custard of course.

    Bubble and Squeak, and Spotted Dick for dinner here tonight I think mmmmmmmmm


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