“I Love This Town!”

I must first apologise both to regular visitors to this blog for the lack of content over the last couple of weeks and to those whose blogs I follow for not posting any comments. I do have a valid reason though – I was out of the country from New Year’s Eve until last Thursday, so wasn’t really doing anything gaming-wise and didn’t have reliable cost-effective Internet access.

So, where have I been? Well, if the quote above was a little obscure for you, I think the following picture may give it away…

That’s right, boys and girls, the Crow spread his wings and flew (with a little help from British Airways) across the Atlantic and arrived in New York City in time to potentially join the thronging masses assembled in Times Square to watch the ball drop. However, we wisely decided that rather than attempting to breach the barriers set up by the NYPD to limit the revellers on the streets (they DO carry guns after all), we’d watch it on the TV in the hotel room instead. And, comparing the fireworks and general spectacle of New Year’s Eve in London, I was somewhat under-whelmed.

That aside, the Big Apple did not disappoint. As we were only there for three days, we weren’t able to do everything we wanted and some things took longer than we anticipated – I’d say we probably did about two-thirds of the things on our combined “to-do” list.

But I have been up both the Empire State Building by day, from which  managed to take this photo of a rather iconic NY landmark….

and the Rockefeller Centre by night, visited both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, wandered about Grand Central Station, ridden the subway, walked partway across the Brooklyn Bridge, visited the 9/11 monument and museum and eaten a grilled cheese sandwich in Central Park whilst watching members of my family ice-skate. I also watched members of family skate at the base of the Rockefeller Centre and Bryant Park – not that I can’t skate myself, I’m just not as confident as the others and all the rinks were rather busy. I’ve eaten both pretzels and hot dogs purchased from hot dog stands, slices of $1 ‘pie’ and numerous almond croissants – which seemed to be my go-to breakfast whilst in New York.

I took a huge number of photos, of which I’m not going to bore you with, as these were ‘holiday’ photos, rather than reference photos…except for a couple.

This being the first;

Apparently, fire hydrants in NYC are black and silver, rather than red or yellow, as I had assumed. Now I know, any future hydrant builds will be this colour if destined for New York.

The second photo I didn’t take – because I’m IN it! I actually promised myself that if I ever did visit New York, there were two things I was definitely going to do. This was the first;

Yeah, baby! Who you gonna call?

That’s right, ladies and gents, that’s me, on the streets of NYC, specifically outside 14 N. Moore Street, the location of Hook & Ladder No.8, which any die-hard GB fan will know was used for the exterior shots of Ghostbusters firehouse. As you can see, it is still a functioning FDNY firehouse, but does bear the Ghostbusters logo on both a banner and the sidewalks. As you can probably tell from the photo, I was quite happy to be there, and was grinning from ear-to-ear for a good hour or so afterwards. Just so many levels of awesomeness…

The other thing I’d promised myself was that I would find and purchase a die-cast American school bus to use in both my Ghostbusters and Supers games set in the U.S. The reason for this was that previous searches for American school buses online suggested that I would be paying through the nose for someting I wasn’t entirely sure of the scale of, dispacthed from America. Obviously, nowadays you can pretty much buy anything from anywhere for a reasonable price, but my quick search after I got back only turned up one potential model at 1:55 scale that would set me back around £20.00 including postage. However, after dropping $19.37 (which is about £15.00), I ended up with the following;

Okay, so it’s New York specific, but it does fit my needs admirably and was exactly what I was looking for. The next picture gives a better idea of scale – it’s not exact, probably about 1:50-ish, but close enough that I’m not bothered;

After my three days in New York, I got on board a boat and cruised back across the Atlantic – which involved no gaming whatsoever, but lots of eating and dressing up in tuxedos for formal dinners. Unfortunately, me in a tux looks like either Johnny English or Statler from The Muppet Show, so you won’t be seeing any pictures of THAT…

An lovely start to the New Year, courtesy of some very generous relatives.

I will be catching up on all the posts I missed during my digital exile, so expect to see a few comments popping up in the next few days.

Happy New Year to you all and join me next time, as we see exactly what’s on the menu at the Buffet during 2019.


15 thoughts on ““I Love This Town!”

    • Thanks Andy. Whilst the other sharing this trip may have not included this particular excursion as one of their highlights, it made my day. Of course, the previous day I had managed to take a photo of the Flatiron Building from street-level by night that made it look like a penis – and that made my top ten of New York moments because, yes, I AM that childish.


    • Thanks Simon. Needed to be done…and now I want my OWN 28mm GBHQ. I’ve looked at the TT Combat one and it’s close-ish and I’ve seen the Burn In designs one, but that’s $65… Might have to see if I can’t make my own.


  1. Happy you made it out of NYC safe! Just kidding. Glad you had the opportunity to make the trip and had a good time. That Ghostbusters pic was great. How can you NOT see that?

    Next time you cross the pond visit Detroit and take a Great Lakes cruise, then i can promise I can get you some gaming in!


    • Having only visited 3 American cities so far – New York, Chicago and Milwaukee – I can safely say that your nation has not yet disappointed. To be honest, I would probably shy away from the West Coast, as I have no real desire to do the whole California thing and the Motor City is one my list. As is a return trip to Chicago.


      • The West Coast is highly overrated. Unless you scuba dive oh, then there’s a couple cool places to visit. Of all the places that I would tell someone from overseas to visit that wasn’t looking for the big city experience, it would be Utah. The sheer number of national parks there and the rock formations and everything about it is so incredible and you can spend weeks exploring all of that. Still, if you ever get around to coming to the Motor City, I look forward to being your tour guide.


  2. Good to hear you had a good time Jez, very cool you got to go to Ghostbusters ! Really jealous you found the school bus, couldn’t find one when I was in Florida


    • Thanks Dave, Had to be done and I did keep my eyes peeled as we walked about, to ensure that if I saw a tourist-y tat shop selling diecast models, I’d remember where it was. I think I was lucky enough to get the last of two at that particular scale, as it seems the punters prefer their buses smaller.


  3. Love that School Bus (have ridden on those: the type with the door in.. door to exit). Good catch.

    I enjoyed the rundown best as it captures your excitement which, even through your usual cool reserve, shines through hehe. Getting two thirds of your to do list done was actually quite an achievement, in only a few days, remarkable actually, but fair play to you for managing it. I imagine that trip will stay with you a long time as a personal high point.

    . now get blogging, and get gaming *wink*…. you`ve a lot of Ghost Busters to plan for. Not to mention you`ve missed load of articles on my blog *cough* (I`ve been busy lol).

    Glad to have you back, and delighted you had a great time Jez 🙂


    • Thanks Steve. Was a brilliant trip and have to say I enjoyed the three days in New York more than the seven days cruising back across the Atlantic…although I did get to attend a lecture on “The Life and Crimes of Jack the Ripper” whilst on board…and felt quite young compared to the rest of the audience.

      As for blogging…would love to. However, having a bit of a life crisis at the moment, hence the late reply to all the comments and why I haven’t posted any comments (or read anyone’s blog posts, to be frank) for a while. A return to normal service is planned, but I can’t guarantee when.


  4. Glad you had fun on your trip to NYC. If you ever get to Boston, drop me a line ahead of time and I’ll buy you a beer (or three!).
    Last time I was in NYC, I rather accidentally found myself in front of Nero Wolfe’s (fictional) address. I know because there was a plaque there.


    • An invitation to Boston (which is also on my list) and the prospect of beers? That’s the kind of invitation I like! I do think I’ll need to revisit NYC at some point and ‘finish it’, I mean, I may have walked past the New York Public Library at least twice, but is there a picture of me by the iconic lions? I think not.


    • No worries, Michael…I was late in replying to all the comments. Does make me want to watch the original two movies again and have subsequently found out that there WILL be a proper Ghostbusters III continuing the story and directed by the son of the original director. There’s even a short trailer available now!



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