Ghostbusters – Evil-ution

Having watched with interest as Steve Gilbert has taken a bunch of 54mm plastic figures (including cheap plastic army men and cowboys and indians sourced from China at 4p a figure) to re-fight the Anglo-Zulu war, over on his new blog Reveille, this has got me out of my gaming “funk” and re-focused my mind on what I want to achieve for the fourth year of Carrion Crow’s Buffet.

As you can probably gather from the title, I have returned to one of my true loves, that of the boys in beige themselves, the best, the beautiful, the only…Ghostbusters!

So, 2019 will see a return to the Ghostbusters project, as I complete painting up all the figures I have bought specifically to play GB games with and actually play some games with them. As my gaming budget has taken a bit of a hit, everything “new” for this project will be re-purposed from elsewhere or some of my usual innovative and inexpensive build solutions.

But it’s all very well talking the talk, but you’ve got to walk the walk as well, otherwise it’s all just hot air…

Let us begin with an insight into my fevered imagination, as I show you just exactly how my mind works. You have been warned…

So, the underlying premise of Ghostbusters, as a horror/comedy, is that whilst the ‘baddies’ should be somewhat horrific, they should also be a touch ridiculous. Take the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – he’s quite cute, being the mascot of a confectionary company, but as the avatar of a “moldy Babylonian Sumerian God”, dedicated to destroying the World, he is pretty terrifying too.

Therefore, in order to create a new foe for MY Ghostbusters franchise, I need to embrace this premise and come up with something that is in equal parts terrifying AND amusing. I have done this once before, for the tabletop Ghostbusters RPG, where a franchise based in Reading, Berkshire had to deal with various Christmas-themed entities – The Ghost of Cows Past haunting a McDonalds, the Ghost of Christmas Presents – a giant jack-in-a-box trying to wrap the world and, finally, the big bad himself, Father Solstice – the Ghost of Christmas As It Should Be, the spirit of a Druid burnt at the stake trying to return the winter festival to its pagan roots. It was very silly, but a huge amount of fun, as the players embraced their pre-generated characters and just went for it.

One thing that had stuck in my mind from a visit to one of the farm parks that masquerades as a zoo, because it has a few things that aren’t strictly farm animals, such as otters (which absolutely reek) and penguins (which are pretty stupid, from my experience), was an encounter with a turkey. Having only ever seen pictures of them or as a Christmas dinner, I wasn’t prepared for the real thing. This was the grandaddy of all turkeys, being a good four feet tall and this bird slowly stalked forward, a malevolent look in its eyes that caused me to back away from the flimsy looking fence separating me from it. It was faintly ludicrous looking, but gave of a palpable aura of menace, as though it was thinking “you’re lucky that fence is there…”

So, when looking for a suitable villain, I was thinking along the lines of something turkey related and one of my bizarre google searches led me to Chalchiuhtotolin, the Jewelled Fowl, an Aztec God of disease and plague.

The idea that there was an evil Aztec turkey God, whose presided over disease and plague, started ideas bouncing around in my head – would he manifest just after Thanksgiving, having taken over the local dump and animated all the rotting turkey carcasses to plague the living? Where could I find 28mm zombie turkeys? And similar thoughts…

I picked up a Mayan Chief figure from Gringo 40’s 28mm Mesoamerican range to use as the human avatar of Chalchiuhtotolin at Salute, but that’s as far as I got…

However, with my recent purchase of the Arena of the Planeswalker game (as detailed in this post) and the realisation that three of the torc-wearing zombies would make pretty cool Aztec Ghouls, this encouraged me to revisit this idea. Of course, I needed an avatar of Chalchiuhtotolin in turkey form, so needed a big freaking turkey, so a quick rummage in my loft uncovered this:

Super-glued to a pre-puttied two-pence piece base, which, for our non-UK readers, is a copper coin approximately 25mm in diameter, this hard rubber toy is about 2″ (50mm) tall. Quite nicely detailed, it just needed a few mold lines removed and is now ready for painting.

To give a sense of scale, here is Chalchiuhtotolin in full-on turkey avatar mode (a sentence you never thought you’d ever read) with his Aztec ghoul minions, which are about 30mm tall, so pretty beefy themselves.

I need to base up his human avatar form and then we’ll be into painting him and his minions up, to bedevil my Ghostbusters.

Weird, unique, yet interesting content…I’m back, baby!

16 thoughts on “Ghostbusters – Evil-ution

  1. Nice! The concept, the execution, and the maniacal, evil beasties all come together to give the ‘Busters some trouble.

    And who would have thought the Aztecs had such a demonic god?


    • Thanks Harry. This has been bubbling for a while, but the recent acquisition of the “Aztec Ghouls” was the tipping point. And the Aztecs had some seriously messed up Gods – look up Xipe Totec “Our Lord the Flayed One” for a good example.


    • Cheers Andy. It certainly does fit the bill. Could have gone with a huge Bertie Bassett, but confectionary has already been done, so needed to think of something a bit…different.


  2. This certainly has all the elements you were looking for, comedy and nasty, will be very interesting to see this develop


  3. Possibly the best post I think I have ever seen you do.
    I read it front to back, then went back to the start and read it all again. And what most grabbed me was your sheer passion for the subject. Now it is no secret (to you) that I am not into Ghostbusters in the slightest, and yet…. somehow, you make it all look so appealing, and a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y made me
    rethink: “well, put that way, maybe I need to re-evaluate this negative feeling I have for the franchise?” Put another way, I have a feeling if I sat down and played at the table of a game of Ghostbusters YOU were putting on, I believe I might just have a whale of a time and enjoy it immensely. And (oh GOD what am I saying) might even change my mind and give the films a go and ENJOY them second time around. See, the power of words used well and some mental muscle behind them… does miracles.
    Most important of all I believe is open minded acceptance. You just never know, this may be the formula to taking aboard new concepts and alien ideas and *gulp* actually enjoying them!
    You certainly grabbed my attention and held my interest from the first word to the very last. Thank you for that jez. It was a bit of an unexpected eye opener to be honest. And I`m so glad that as you say – “I`m back baby”.
    As for me taking hundreds of 4p plastic toys and turning them into fabulous repurposed miniatures for wargaming. I think (for me) the crux of the journey wasn’t so much the fact that I did it on the cheap, but was moreover the fact I desperately wanted to move into 54mm gaming, but knew it would be a huge endeavour to do the `proper` way, and buy from mainstream companies.. for me that way lay madness and would just have shown I had a lot of money to spend (and potentially, possibly waste). No for me, my way meant that I could fulfill a dream, and make it happen with minimum fuss: and thankfully I pursued it to its conclusion, and that meant I can (and am) now enjoy playing lots and lots of amazing games with my lovely new shiny minis. All it took was the gumption to sit and paint, and convert and paint and paint again for 70 solid days. End result, a miniature world of blissful happy days.
    So, when I see you are about to undertake a similar journey of your own, I find myself smiling ear to ear, and wish you the absolute BEST of luck with your new and exciting project. I think I`m almost as excited as you are, and can look forward to lots of cool things to read from you in the future.
    Excellent stuff Jex. Truly excellent.


    • Thank you very much, Steve. Not sure about the best post, but was certainly easy to write, which just goes to show that if you’re invested and enthused about a project, it come through in your writing. As the original Ghostbusters is my all-time favourite film and religiously gets watched at least once a year, I think we can all see that it’s definitely a passion for me. It has all the elements I look for, humour, wisecracks, comedy leavened with the macabre and gets the balance right. Go too far one way or the other and you’ve got something that just doesn’t work. It takes itself relatively seriously, even though the subject matter is a little daft. And that’s why I love it. Expect more, as I expand my own little corner of the GB universe and bust ghosts, ghoulies and the occasional Demigod, all in my own inimitable style.


  4. That is a brilliant villain you’ve come up with there, never any shortage of weird ideas over at the “nest” is there! 😉

    It’ll be good to see you dusting of the “Busters” again there is I feel a lot more mileage in this project than you’ve shown us so far, just please don’t add “Chris Helmsworth” to the mix, that didn’t end well IMHO.

    Now a portal back to Blackheath on the other hand?

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. To be fair, I didn’t invent Chalchiuhtotolin, just co-opted him for my own nefarious purposes, as he was just too silly/creepy to leave in obscurity. And there will be more ‘Busters to come – possibly the long-planned UK franchise, with their converted ice-cream van, which occasionally still blasts out “Popeye the Sailor Man” instead of the sirens…


    • Well, it might not be the classic Ghostbusters that you did such an excellent job on, but it will be my own unique spin on the subject. And possibly Enigma Investigations will make an appearance too, as not all the “monsters” they investigate can be old man Jenkins in a rubber suit.


  5. Glad to see you back in form, Jeremy. I was never really into Ghostbusters all that much, but it’s pretty obvious you’re a longtime fan. Your Christmas rpg sounds like it was a lot of fun, and this new project of yours is hilarious. I look forward to seeing it develop.
    Having once been on the receiving end of an unpleasant encounter with a rooster, I imagine turkeys would be similar. I get wild ones in my yard quite often (sadly, non-alcoholic wild turkeys, not to be confused with the bourbon) and I avoid getting too close.
    You should watch as much of “Thankskilling”, a movie about a killer turkey (really), as you can stand. Should give some inspiration.
    Also, that Mayan chief is a great figure!


    • I think it’s all down to your own particular tastes, Keith. I may not be a historical gamer, but I do follow blogs that deal only with that subject matter, because they are written in an engaging way by people who clearly love the subject, and I can enjoy it vicariously. I might end up being tempted into something of this nature, but you can be certain that at some point it will take a turn for the weird and macabre if I’m involved.

      And that movie sounds like something I’d enjoy, possibly just for it’s badness. I have “Black Sheep” and “Rubber” on my viewing list for similar reasons – I mean, killer sheep and a telekinetic, psychotic tire? What’s not to like?

      That Mayan Chief figure will set you back the grand total of £2.25, which is a bargain in my books. I seem to recall they also do a redneck Mummy in dungarees in one of their ranges, because…well, why not?


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