Ghostbusters – Down Mexico Way

The Universe works in strange ways…

I’d previously posted about my intention to add an Aztec-inspired villain to my Ghostbusters games on 1st April – and this was not a prank, although the subject matter may have led people to believe it was… You can read all about “The Jewelled Fowl” here.

Bearing in mind that I had already made a start on this project when I posted on 1st April, the fact that on 28th March I was notified from my Blog feed that Antediluvian Miniatures had just released their Conquistadors of Mictlan range in their shop, which contains Conquistador Zombies, Mictlan Zombies, Mictlan Jaguar Warriors and Mictlan Liches, seemed rather…serendipitious.

And then, on the 6th April, I attended Salute 2019 and although I failed to attend the “Bloggers Meet” (as I thought it was at 1pm, rather than 12pm) and didn’t actually buy anything (as nothing within my price range grabbed my interest), there were a couple of things that caught my eye…

Firstly, the American laser-cut MDF building company Things From the Basement are now working with 4Ground in the UK and one of their new ranges is The Lost Archipelago range, which I suspect was inspired by the Frostgrave – Ghost Archipelago game, but is suitable for all your Incan, Mayan and Aztec needs.

Then there was the injection-moulded plastic scenery from Archon Studio, who have some kind of link with Prodos Games. This system, called “Rampart” is a modular scenery system that was launched on Kickstarter and has a delivery date of May 2019, but you can enter a late pledge via the Archon Studio shop, the lowest level being the $49.00 starter pledge.

Now, I normally wouldn’t look at a Kickstarter, but having actually handled the components of this one, I was suitably impressed, especially as the second theme of the initial release is the Kazumi Temple, which looks like this:

As I am a big fan of plastic terrain items, especially stuff of this nature, this bears keeping an eye on, as I can see several uses for this kit. However, we will have to see if they deliver on their promised shipping date and how soon after this the items appear for general release.

All items that could enhance my intended venturing into the realms of Aztec horror…and all still with their manufacturers, as I have a tiny budget at present.

However, when has that ever stopped me in the past? Let’s see how the project is (slowly) progressing so far.

The “Blighted Reavers” from the Arena of the Planeswalker boxed game had most of their mold lines removed and a generous (perhaps a little TOO generous) layer of sharp sand added to their bases, then were undercoated in white. They were then given a couple of thin coats of grey, then their loincloths were painted beige and one of them (as a test) had his torc and bracelet painted gold.


Still a little darker than I originally envisaged, but a touch of high-lighting will sort this out.

With my human form Chalchiuhtotolin, he’s now been based and undercoated, but only his head-dress currently painted, as I was waiting for his base to dry properly.

I have got significantly further with his turkey from, as you can see below:

I decided to go with a the standard turkey colouration initially, which appears to be blacks, whites and greys for the plumage, with a red and blue head. I will be introducing a hint of green to the proceedings, as he is the “Jade Turkey” and am considering whether this would be better done as a green ink wash over his feathers, giving a slightly shiny, metallic look to them. Currently undecided on this, but was suitably impressed with the detailing on this cheap plastic toy, as it has come out rather nicely.

And finally, a group shot;

Coming along nicely and should you see these – or anything else strange in your neighbourhood – you know who to call…

Until next time…

15 thoughts on “Ghostbusters – Down Mexico Way

    • Thanks Dave. I was quite intrigued by the Archon Studio stuff, as I am a big fan of modular plastic scenery. They are launching another Kickstarter fairly soon which will be modular dungeons and sci-fi rooms in injection-moulded plastic, unde rthe banner “dungeons and lasers”. Had a few prototypes on show, so will be interesting to see how they fulfill the other scenery Kickstarter to see if it’s “safe” to join in on this one.


  1. An awesome posting Jez, with plenty to attract my attention, and it was a pleasure to bump into you at “Salute” once again. That’s a very interesting project you’ve got lined up there, and I look forward to seeing where you go with it.


    • Thanks Simon. It was good to catch up with you and lucky we bumped into one another when we did. If I hadn’t been steered to the Archon Studio stand by your good self (never did get my free sprue – too many other people queuing up), I wouldn’t have spotted the scenery and walked away with the leaflets detailing it. Their “Eternal Cathedral” reminds me a bit of the Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Building stuff, which I have been contemplating getting for a while, but not yet committed to.

      And the GHostbusters Project will continue probably throughout the rest of the year, although June will see Forgotten Heroes returning once more.


    • Thanks Michael. I DID see you at Salute, but you were deep in conversation with Dave, so I chose not to interrupt and then missed the ruddy Bloggers Meet… *sigh* And those Antediluvian Miniatures are rather nice – the undead jaguar warriors are calling me, but I must resist for the time being.


  2. Hey Jez…I actually own the Things From the Basement Sacrificial Altar and Temple. I used them a couple of years back for my X-Men “Breeder Bombs” campaign when the team finally faced off against Magneto and the Brotherhood in the Savage Land.
    If you will permit me a link:
    Joerg from TFTB is a swell guy. I’ve ordered from him a bunch of times (in fact I’m working on some of his terrain as I write this). It’s good quality stuff, easy to assemble and paint, and he’s always willing to answer any questions you may have.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you do with Ghostbusters.


    • Might have to revisit that post, Keith, as I didn’t clock these at the time – probably as I wasn’t thinking along the lines of Aztec related stuff. I have been keeping a ‘weather eye’ on TFTB, as when they first emerged, they were doing inexpensive laser-cut scenery that was a bit different from everyone else’s stuff. But then all the shipping rates went up for stuff from the States, so the fact that 4Ground are carrying it in the UK means I can seriously consider getting some.

      And much more GB stuff to come, although some of it will be applicable to ANY genre, as you will shortly see.


  3. Ooo curiouser and curiouser, said Alice. I will be following along here closely Jez.

    (incidentally, the guys still can`t post here even though they want to and try regularly). Its soemthig to do with the WordPress set up think.


    • Yay!!! Welcome back, my dear. Not entirely sure what’s occurring with the guys comments, as I found Stevie’s last one in the Spam folder (which was where yours was too…) I will check the settings, as it a bit bloody annoying that they want to comment, but can’t.

      And as hinted in my reply to Keith, there is going to be some interesting stuff coming up – which won’t be specifically Ghostbusters related, but fits the standard Jez criteria of being inexpensive and “why didn’t I think of THAT!?” But, you’ll have to wait and see…


      • Yay!!! My fiddling sppears to have worked! Welcome to the party!

        The advantage of the GB universe is that it combines the supernatural with the absurd, so entirely up my street. Lots more to come, although the next post will be a *slight* diversion…


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