Size of a Cow…

Like the other seasonal holidays, whilst Easter does see the shelves of our favourite discount stores filled with suitable bits and bobs, unlike Halloween, these don’t tend to be of any use to the average wargamer.

Having purchased a small wicker basket from Poundland, with the intention of filling it with a veritable cornucopia of small chocolate goodies for my wife, I found that I’d left it a touch late to buy the ‘goodies’, so had to buy normal eggs instead.

This left me with an unwanted and unnecessary item. As I detest waste and have absolutely no shame, I took it back to Poundland and exchanged it for something else…because that’s how I roll.

And what I got was these:

Five injection-moulded hollow plastic bath toys, representing various farm animals, in suitably restrained colours. For a £1, so that makes them 20p each. Bargain!

Now, you might be wondering why on Earth I bought these in the first place and why am I featuring them on the Buffet. Well, in typical Jez fashion, I saw these and immediately started thinking outside the box. The cartoon-like styling of these, their size (they are approximately 3 inches long and 2 inches tall) and their weight (being hollow, they don’t weigh very much) means that I immediately started thinking they could be used as parade balloons, fibre-glass restaurant signs, or corporate mascots brought to unholy life and unleashed on the Ghostbusters…

This give a better idea of how big these toys scenery items are, compared to a standard 28mm Crooked Dice figure. The horse/pony and the chicken are a bit taller, being 3 inches tall and the chicken certainly looks like it should be gracing the roof of a “Chicken Shack”…

However, looking at the pig next to my Ghostbuster figure….

And remembering the beginning of the second Toy Story, where the evil Dr. Porkchop has a vast pig-shaped spacecraft, I thought that this would make a good shuttlecraft for….Pigs in Space!

Of course, in order to do that you’ll need some 28mm Space Pigs…

Luckily, Interloper Miniatures has some;

Join me next time, when we’ll be off to the museum…



9 thoughts on “Size of a Cow…

    • Thank you, Michael. Sometimes i just see something and a relay clicks in my head, sending thoughts coursing down a new path. These have so many potential uses, I just had to have them and at 20p each, if you wanted two or three packs (maybe to use as themed hot air balloons for some kind of air race game or whatever), it’s not exactly going to break the bank.


    • Always pays to browse the sisles, as you never know exactly what you’ll find and in which department. As these are not scale-specific, they can be used by any gamer who is open to a bit of whimsy.


  1. I often find toy shop bargain bins, discount warehouses and pound/euro stores are THE place to start hunting for goodies usable in the hobby,. China on line purchases can yield similar finds, but size can be an issue as these often not like the advertising descriptions.. unless you get lucky.


    • Whilst you have a vast marketplace open to you online, nothing beats the physicality of getting your hands on something cool in person. And “browsing” can turn up cool bits in unexpe ted places.


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  3. I have to say the minute I saw these, I thought of parade balloons, especially the pig. But I really like the idea of using the chicken as a chicken shack sign, perhaps on an MDF building.

    Good find.


    • Thanks. That was my first thought too, using stiff wire as a tether. I’ve seen a ballcock used as balloon for 28mm figures too. But using them as fibreglass “signs” on top of MDF buildings, especially 1950”s style diners, is another option.


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