Small Objects of Desire

One of the problems of this wonderful hobby of ours, is the desire to own more…which can sometimes get in the way of painting what we already own and/or playing with them.

I think we ALL fall victim to this at some stage or another, and unless you are extremely strong-willed, have a limited budget or have some kind of epiphany that allows you to stop hoarding all those figures and games you’re never actually going to play with, you will end up buying something that you don’t really want and will never use.

Now, you may be forgiven for thinking that this signals one of my infamous soapbox speeches, which divides those who follow this blog between those who understand what the Hell I’m banging on about and those who think I’m launching a personal attack on them – you will know into which camp you fall – but you would be wrong.

This post is actually about one of my ongoing hobby-related obsessions and what those cursed folk who manufacture tiny lead man are releasing, when I haven’t got any money to buy things with. Cue much gnashing of teeth, wailing and general poutyness – which may not have been a word before, but is now.

I have two ongoing hobby-related quests; the first is to have a 28mm representation of every version of the Doctor, from William Hartnell up to Pater Capaldi. Yes, I am aware that Warlord Games are doing every version of the Doctor, but I want 28mm versions, so as to fit in with ALL my other figures, rather than the whatever scale WG are using. And yes, I am aware that you may think there is another iteration of the Doctor after Capaldi, but you are mistaken. The Universe is lying to you…there has not been a 13th Doctor…nothing to see here, move along….

Anyway, I am missing the 8th, 9th, 10th and War Doctor, but do have plans to convert my own version of the 8th, as the Black Tree Design one is a bit…pants.

My second quest is to have 28mm versions of every Blackadder and their respective supporting cast…which is where the gnashing of teeth comes in, because people keep releasing MORE figures…

In my previous post on this matter, I highlighted that Rogue Miniatures did a version of Edmund, The Black Adder and King Richard IV from the first series, but it appears that their website no longer exists and the owner is selling off the molds/business, so if you want these figures, you might have to contact him direct via the Rogue Miniatures Facebook page. However, as Studio Miniatures released these just prior to Salute this year;


You can get Edmund, Percy and Baldrick in their original iterations for £12.00 from their online shop here.

Of course, if you’re still craving someone to bellow “Fresh Horses!” whilst fighting Saracens, this Heroclix movie version Volstagg would make a good proxy;

Image result for heroclix movie volstagg

Now, whilst The Assault Group does the Elizabethan versions of Edmund, Percy and Baldrick, that’s all the characters you get. However, Space Vixens from Mars actually do a Queen Elizabeth I, for a very reasonable £2.75.

Elizabeth I

Whilst hunting for Lord Melchett, I did find a possible figure to use for Lord Flasheart, from Wargames Foundry.

Top right, with the right paint job, I think would work. This is SB022 Squire Edward’s Swashbucklers, from the Seadogs and Swashbucklers range, It’s £12.00 for the whole pack, but you do get 6 figures, so £2.00 a figure.

And talking of Lord Flasheart, whilst Scarab Miniatures provided you with nearly everyone from Blackadder Goes Forth, including Bob the driver AND the drinks cabinet, our dashing aviator was nowhere to be seen. However, this has now been rectified by the latest entry in Wargames Illustrated’s ‘Giants in Miniature’ range;


Available from North Star Military Figures for £3.50. However, you will have to provide your own “woofs”…

We wants them, my precious…

Anyway, as June fast approaches, this signals that the next month will be taken up with Forgotten Heroes 2019. Currently, we have three participants; myself here on the Buffet, Keith aka The Angry Piper over at Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging and a new participant Mezmaron over at Mezmaron’s Lair. Still time to join in, should you so wish and the full details can be found in my previous post about this event here.



8 thoughts on “Small Objects of Desire

  1. You’re obviously attacking me personally. I know it. You know it. Let’s just call it what it is, Crow…hatred. You clearly hate me.


    I am, at this moment, trying very hard to resist buying some Masters of the Universe miniatures that are so incredibly cool I simply can’t bear not owning them for one minute longer…but, logically, I’ll never use them for anything beyond painting. There’s an angel on one shoulder, and a devil on the other.

    The devil tells me my very own Man-E-Faces may be too good to pass up. I’m inclined to agree.


    • Quick update: the devil won. I am worthless and weak. And slightly poorer.
      It seems I made the mistake of visiting Kieron’s blog (Cheaphammer), where, coincidentally, he posted what looks like the single best batrep ever featuring the very MOTU miniatures I was “resisting”, among other 1980’s goodness.
      I’m not made of stone, man.


      • I am all on favour of buying things that you will derive pleasure from and will use, either as a painting/modelling ptroject or for a game. And having converted my own MOTI figures, I did succumb to this siren call…albeit in a different way. I am still missing a few characters before I can call this project complete – Mossman, Buzz-Off and Merman and I may have finslly found suitable proxiss for these.


  2. Oh Jez, you have hit the nail so squarely on the head here, its almost an “ouch” truism (you know.. one of those moments when you look for a stone to bury your head under but can`t find one because the words have blasted any and all cover to oblivion). These moments are rich, because truth is always a good thing.. unless you prefer never to face and admit these things to be fact. I LOVE these moments of clarity, because they always help me steer a steady course through all the temptations and unhealthy shoulder demons which whisper seductively to keep buying more.. and more… and more.

    I like how you do it. You know what you like and make lists of things you need to flesh out those few select passions you wish to pursue. I do that too (and the others here do as well). We know what we like and we know what we want to collect, and confine ourselves to fleshing out only those focused themes, rather than allowing ourselves to be seduced into totally new projects all the time. For me I flesh out our communal collection of Green Horde (while Stevie and Hil concentrate on collecting things for Black Plague). I make terrain for Blakes 7, Star Trek and Star Wars, and sometimes I buy things to add to my Dungeons and Dragons (but only if I don’t have a backlog of things still to paint). You do exactly the same thing Jez. You add things to a small dedicated range of interests, without deviation… and THAT`S a good thing, surely?

    The figures you have shown in this post are beautiful, and can see perfectly how each and every one of them fit into your plans, and the scheme of things to come. I especially like the Queenie mini 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment, Tar. I think the trick is to choose a small-ish group of subjects and be somewhat ruthless with yourself in regards to what you buy. As evidenced by my previous ‘show’ buys, I tend to buy things that fit in with my designated projects. I would love to have a complete set of Imperial troops from Star Wars, as I always thought the designs of their armour was cool, but as the only “official” option is to go with Legion or IA, whose figures are lovely but really expensive for what they are, sadly this isn’t an option…unless I suddenly become disgustingly rich. But my first purchase if that happened would be a 1976 Corvette Stingray, because I’ve wanted one since I was 10 and it’s a damn sexy car.


  3. I`m really taken by those Wargames Foundry minis, but the again I covert almost ALL the things they make and would like many they make. I`m liking your hobby aims, they seem clear and concise (now just need to see the games themselves *wink*).

    Imperial Assault is not a lot of money, and doesn’t need any of the expansions to have a perfectly enjoyable and immersive game. Plays skirmish mode (which is… meh! okay, but I prefer the old WOTC Skirmish Miniatures game of old. Far superior imho) but the campaign mode is simply ACE, and if you use the free phone/tablet/laptop app you can play it totally and utterly solo. YEARS of play potential just in that one core box set… WELL worth its price tag. Which end of the day works out at the same cost as a Chinese Takeaway for 1, a packet of cigarettes and a beer. The night out is enjoyable but gone (flushed down the loo next day) but the game will last years 🙂 Can`t recommend it highly enough. And doesn’t need to be painted to play (just check you tube to see loads of game play weblogs played straight out of the box). I LOVE this game and can`t recommend it highly enough. If I only had one game in my entire hobby life and it happened to be IA…. I wouldn’t be terribly sad or feel deprived, its just that good. We get it out and play it at least one every few weeks, especially handy one to get out as it doesn’t need a lot of space to play it.


    • WF have a lot of very nice sculpts, created by some very talented sculptors and, in comparison, are quite reasonable in their pricing.
      And regarding Star Wars, I do appreciate that IA does provide a vastly playable game, but I just crave my own Imperial army to trample roughshod over my enemies, exterminate feral teddies and generally throw their weight around. I might have come up with a suitable (and less expensive) alternative – a kind of paralell universe version- but it’s early days as yet.


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