“We Are The Dominion, And We Are Legion.”

It has been a while since I’ve posted on the Buffet, due to work and family commitments that have resulted in no real hobby-time and, therefore, nothing to actually post about.

However, I have now reached a state of equilibrium, whereby home, work and hobby time will be more equally distributed, so hopefully that will see a few more regular posts here.

Now, before I continue with my Alternate Universe Star Wars project, I wanted to address some points raised regarding my last post, regarding the cost of Star Wars: Legion. Some people felt that I was being overly critical of Legion’s costs, stating that it does represent pretty good value, especially the base set.

Okay, the cheapest I can find the Star Wars: Legion boxed set online was £53.99. This has the rules, dice, measuring sticks, barricades, 15 rebels (including Luke), 15 Imperials (including Vader), 2 Speeder Bikes and 1 AT-RT. So, 30 figures and 3 vehicles for £54 – which works out as roughly £1.64 per figure. Can’t disagree that that’s good value.


It had been pointed out in various reviews that the Legion boxed set is not a complete wargame, i.e. you need more expansions to fully appreciate the game. Okay, so let’s add an additional set of Rebel troopers and Imperial Stormtroopers, at £16.50 each – which adds an additional 7 troops to each side. So, 47 figures for a total of £87.00 – which works out as £1.85 a figure. Still pretty reasonable, right?

However, if your gaming budget is quite small, as mine is, dropping £54.00, let alone £87.00, is a non-starter. And because the Legion figures are sooooo nice, I’d want EVERY Imperial expansion.

The point of my last post was not to denigrate Star Wars: Legion, but to point out that you don’t have to buy it to play in the Star Wars universe – or Alternate Universe. And the advantage of doing it this way is that you have a wider choice of miniatures you can use, as you’re not tied in to a specific scale or rules system, so don’t need the official models and cards to play.

I’m just one person, doing things MY way, so if you’re happy to buy Star Wars: Legion and play your SW games with it, then who am I to say you’re wrong? I’m just presenting an alternative option, which could end up cheaper overall – or might not – but the cost can be spread over smaller individual purchases, which can be easier on the pocket or budget for some gamers.

Right, let’s move on…

So, in my previous article I mentioned that I had ordered some sprues of multi-part hard plastic figures from Scotia Grendel, one of each of the Junkers and Viridian packs, giving me enough parts to build 20 figures for £13.25 – so 66p a figure, which no-one can argue isn’t excellent value for money. Ordered on the Sunday night, arrived on the following Thursday, so a pretty quick turn-around. Let’s take a look at the Junkers sprue first;

Each sprue has enough components to make two figures and you get: two torsos (which come in two pieces), two sets of legs (differently posed), two right arms, two left arms, three heads (two helmeted, one with a breathing mask), two combat shotguns, two swords, two shields, two backpacks and four shoulder pads.

The Viridan sprue follows the same format:

But you get two ‘carbines’ and two machine pistols, instead of the shotgun and sword combination of the Junkers.

Now, the cool thing about having both sets of sprues is that you use whatever parts you want with whatever figure you’re building, although due to the collar on the Viridian torso and the flared rear part of the Junker helmet, these parts won’t really work together. This was my initial plan regarding building my not-Stormtroopers, as I felt that the Viridan helmets were a bit comical-looking in the painted examples I’d seen, like a crab sitting on top of the armour;

Image result for plastic viridian marines

Or possibly a techno-owl…

Then I saw this:

Image result for plastic viridian marines

Which is all kinds of awesome and is kind of what I hope my troopers end up looking like.

So, having decided that the carbine suffered from “over-sized gun syndrome”, the shoulder pads were too Space Marine-y and my troopers wouldn’t use shields, I put to together a couple of test figures, using the ‘combat shotgun’ from the Junkers sprue:

Quite happy with how these came out, so these will be the backbone of the Dominion’s forces, the Legionnaires, which are the equivalent of Imperial Stormtroopers.

Next, I decided to see what I could build with the Junkers sprue. The intention was for these to be the equivalent of Imperial Scout Troopers, as they are have less armour and are less bulky when compared to the Viridians – so actually reasonably realistic, if you can say that about fictional plastic spacemen…

I decided to not bother with the shoulder pads, shields and backpacks – and arm them with the ‘machine pistols’ and swords. I then added some grenades handing from their thigh pads/pouches from some GW Kroot. As the Imperial Snipers are drawn from the Scout Troopers, I decided to see if I could knock up a sniper too, using the same body configuration, but withe the addition of a metal sniper rifle from (I think) the Shock Force range and a Kroot ammunition belt.

I’m still trying to decide if the sniper rifle is a bit TOO long – I think it just looks a bit big because of the way the figure is holding it and the fact that everything is so light. Once painted, it might look a bit better – or I’ll just shorten the barrel. These will be my Dominion Outriders and Sharpshooter.

Of course, if we’re going full NOT Imperial, we need a Darth Vader analogue. So after much searching for a length of plastic of the right diameter, shape and length, and then constructing a handle for it, here he is;

And to give an idea of how everything scales together, here they are with one of Grenadier’s Future Skirmish Troopers (sculpted by Marks Copplestone), which are going to be my Union Militia;

As you can see, they all scale together pretty well, with the Outriders being the slightest, due to their jumpsuit and minimal armour and the dominating figure of Archon Corax, previously of the Order of Sentinels, but now leader of the Dominion.

So, I now have my troops (although I do need to assemble a few more), so the next stage is to paint them. Michael Awdry of 28mm Victorian Warfare fame had mentioned the Youtube videos posted by Sorastro, in relation to painting SWL figures, and having found these videos to be useful, interesting and in no way smug (which can be a problem in some painting ‘tutorials’), I shall be attempting some of these techniques to “Imperialise” my Dominion troops.

On a related note, I do have a question for anyone who cares to answer. When posting articles regarding how I’ve painted a particular figure, I usually include the manufacturer’s name and particular paint name in the description. Now, as most of my paints are either really old GW paints, which are now called something different, or non-hobby paints, so unfamiliar to those who read this blog, does anyone really need to know which specific hue I’ve used? Or am I just wasting precious time on something that no-one really cares about and causes your eyes to start to glaze over? I’d be interested to hear people’s opinions.

And while I’m at it, a question for Michael Awdry himself. You used one of the Revell T-47 Airspeeders in one of your vignettes, stating that it was a little smaller than the official Legion one, which I believe is a touch undersized for the scale of the Legion figures. So, my question is, will it work for 28mm? I know it’s 1:52 scale, but various online reviews seem to suggest it might be closer to 1:72 scale and whilst it’s a quarter of the price of the Legion one, it would be useful to know if it’s suitable before I buy one.

Right, that’s enough for this post. Join me next time, when we shall be continuing our journey to a galaxy far, far away – but off to one side a bit – AND combining this with Keith’s TerrainTime 2019 challenge to create a cheapass “Imperial” Bunker…

16 thoughts on ““We Are The Dominion, And We Are Legion.”

  1. Nice looking figures Jez, as for painting information I’m happy to hear what shade you used as it may be useful. Also the Revell 1:52 snow speeder works fine in Imperial Assault as it’s relative to the AT-AT so would say it’s fine for 28 mm scale


    • Cheers Dave. The detail on each figure is very nice, so Ihopefully by trying a few new methods and utilising my new glasses, they’ll end up looking okay. And thanks for the advice on the airspeeder,. I was pretty certain it would be suitable, but am loath to soend money if I’m not entirely sure. And one vote for identifying paints!


    • Thanks Steve. It’s kind of taking a life of its own. Various figures that I own are being re-purposed for this project, to represent various archetypes within this universe. Should be quite a fun project and once the bunker is done, we might see whether the Union or the Dominion will prevail – or if some “indepedant operstors” sneak past both sides and secure the macguffin.


  2. Nice post Jez! Those figs out nice, and do have a Star Wars-feel to them. Variant armor from a far off subsector. Well done.

    As for painting. I am interested in the colors used. If its just general “tan, brown, grey” and I am NOT painting those figs in an okay with generalities. If I am currently painting similar models or I really like how a item turns out, I would like exact colors. But… I am a big boy and I use that new-fangled electronic mail doohickey to ask the article author about specifics. I’ve done that for things like cool worn leather effects or specific colors if an author uses paint lines I don’t. Lance over at Galloping Major used a green I was unfamiliar with on a Native American sculpt. The green was a perfect low-intensity, desaturated color for 1700s cloth. And I emailed Lance fir the specific shade (storm or moss green from Foundry). Simple! I’d say as long as you can reply with specifics, don’t worry about fillimg in the details in posts.



    • Thanks Harry. I’ve known about these figures for ages, but not had a specific reason to purchase them – until now. Ideal for my cunning plan and Star wars-y enough so that people will know what I’m doing.

      Regarding painting articles, I think I will provide less detail on specific brands and shades, as people can ask if there’s a particular colour they like. However, if I’m trying a new technique or using a new type of psint, I may mentoon what it is.


  3. Almost forgot. If you are looking for bunker inspiration look for the Scariff setup from Star Wars Celebration 2019. They had a build area with tools, templates and piles of foam core for anyone to build parts of a giant display. I build a bunker for it. Easy peasy. A sheet of foam core, a knife and straightedge and a hot glue gun. Angles and reinforcement projections and geegaws and whatsits all over for very little cost.


  4. Great post! I’ve been tackling a similar project myself, but I was totally unaware of these Scotia Grendel plastics.

    What rules are you planning on using for your not-quite-Star Wars? I’ve been working on a set myself (see some playtesting of them here: http://1000footgeneral.blogspot.com/search/label/Star%20Schlock) , since nothing out now quite fits the knock off sci-fi vibe I’ve been going for. Interested to see what else you’re cooking up! 🙂


    • Thanks John. Seems great minds think alike. And the Scotia Grendel plastics are a hidden gem amongst a lot of other more expensive figures out there. Glad I was able to point you in their direction.

      As for rules, it will either be “Way of the Crow”, my own skirmish rules or the currently half-written and simpler mass combat rules “Feast of Crows”. Wsy of the Crow has been previously used for Scooby Doo, Doctor Who, Superhero and an interesting game which pitted Virginian Militia against a Predator… so can be used gor any genre.

      Your games looked a great deal of fun and I do like your Dronetroopers. The Dominion gets EVERYWHERE… to 😉


  5. Those builds look very good, Jez. As far as painting videos go, you can’t do much better than Sorastro. HIs videos are great! I painted almost all my Imperial Assault miniatures according to his techniques, and they came out pretty good. He’s a bit GW paint-centric, but it’s easy enough to get similar results with other paints, assuming you have access to a good conversion chart.
    IMHO, I would shorten the barrel on the sniper rifle, but YMMV. It will look good either way.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with a repainted Dr. Doom. I love seeing familiar characters painted up to look completely different!


    • Cheers Keith. These were my first experimental builds, so now I’m happy with which components I’m using for each type of troop, I can literally build up my forces.

      As for Sorastro’s vids, Michael put me on to them and I shall be using some of his techniques, but with my own particular spin. With his Legion painting vids, he tends to use a 50/50 split of GW and Vallejo, but white is white and black is black, so I’ll be using my own paints.

      Still undecided about the barrel length…I think I’ll see how it looks undercoated, then decide.

      As for Doom, I’ve a “classic” Heroclix Doom, so this one was a spare and has the correct pose for a Sith-esque character, so an ideal figure. It also helps that the figure is a touch larger than the others, as it does make him somewhat imposing.


  6. I really like them. It`s sometimes nice to take a standard accepted look and then go “hey, my people come from a sector of the galaxy no one`s covered yet” (after all Disney do it all the time as each new film introduces something never before seen which, presumably has always existed, just that we the audience have never been familiarised.

    {{Some people felt that I was being overly critical of Legion’s costs}}

    I checked back though the older post and could not find that bit anywhere . Might be because I was. at an airport and couldn’t concentrate properly.


    • Thanks Tar. I consider my troops to come from a galaxy far, far way…and off to one side. So inspired by, but not part of, the main Canon universe. Gives me a certain amount of artistic licence and freedom. I mean, the Dominion MAY be the “good guys” in this universe. You’ll have to wait and see… 😉

      As for the comments regarding the cost of Legion, that was made on an online forum, but I thought I’d address it on my blog, rather than there, so that’s why you hadn’t seen these comments.


      • That makes sense. I scoured the posts and could find nothing on it.

        Every time you say The Dominion I think of Star Trek, because they are a major race and appear as part of a plot thread in Deep Space 9.


        • Sorry, I should have been a bit clearer in the post where the comments had come from.

          And I am aware of the Dominion in DS9 (which was one of the better later series’), but I needed a title which suggested a vast, galaxy-wide organisation and this seemed the best option. It also has slight religious connotations (thrones snd dominions), which fits in with their “crussding” nature.- which will become clearer as this project progresses.


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