” I Got a Log…”

As last Friday, 7th February, was the fifth anniversary of me starting this blog, I thought it only right that I should mark the occasion in some fashion. And as the fifth anniversary is usually celebrated with a gift of wood, I thought I’d entitle this post by paraphrasing Charlie Brown, rather than going low brow and quoting from Nick Frost’s t-shirt in Shaun of the Dead

So, last year saw a continuation of my ongoing Ghostbusters project, another round of Forgotten Heroes and the gestation of a new project – Distant Stars – inspired by Star Wars.

But during the latter part of the year, the posts became more sporadic and blogs I followed only received the occasional comment, as work and personal pressures mounted up, meaning that there always seemed to be something more important that needed doing, rather than painting, modelling, playing games and blogging about it.

This didn’t stop me planning what I was going to do next, but there never seemed to be any of the right sort of free time to do hobby-related stuff. I’d lost momentum and found it easier, when I did find myself with some free time, to spend this time browsing the Internet looking for the next “perfect” item I need for the hobby project or watching various TV shows that I’d recorded and not got around to watching.

And getting really, really ANGRY about the current series of Doctor Who.

So, realising this and being presented with some actual free time this weekend, I got out some models and some paints, with the intention of completing a set of figures to use in an actual game. And progress was made, although having not painted for a while, it took me a while to get going.

So, what can you expect from the next 12 months? Well, 2020 will see a return to the world of the Black Museum, with at least one jaunt across the Channel; Forgotten Heroes 2020, which will return to the more open rules of previous years; some Ghostbusters and some proper Doctor Who, as I need something to cleanse the palate after subjecting myself to the willful destruction of a childhood favourite by Chris Chibnall…

Next time – Who are the Order of the White Rose?

10 thoughts on “” I Got a Log…”

    • Thanks Simon. The idea is to return to a more open topic this year, to allow those who wish to take part to allow their imagination free rein. And you are always welcome to participate.


  1. Just the words “Black Museum” got me excited for 2020. I feel your pain Jez, I started blogging last year and lost my way by the end. Im hoping I can get back at it this year. Cheers!


    • Thanks Harry. As long as you know how to find your way back, you are never truly lost. Probably some inspirational quote off a poster or something, but true none-the-less. Sometimes a break can give you an opportunity to take a step back and decide what stuff you enjoy doing the most, like my Black Museum tales and games… interspersed with my usual craziness, naturally.


      • The break wasn’t wanted, nut I did have time to think. Work has been unsually busy, plus I had 2 month long deployments over the last 8 months. That and my boy leaving for 2 years and my hobby time was limited. I missed various aspects. Now its a matter of dedicating time!


  2. Haven’t seen the current Doc Who series. Watching the New Year special was enough for us, so we decided to give it complete miss (we figured if all we could do was moan about it, why watch it at all).

    Much prefer to read your exploits into the Order of the White Rose.


    • As a long-term fan, even though Series 11 and the New Year’s “Special” got me good and riled up, I decided to give Chibs the benefit of the doubt and see if he had taken on board the criticisms levelled at him for the last series. I have watched all 7 of the episodes released so far and it’s more of the same crap… except for the last episode, which I actually really enjoyed. It felt like “Proper” Who. However, I still believe he’s going to royally fuck everything up by the end of the series. One decent episode out of 18 aired is not a great track record.

      And it seems that even those younger viewers aren’t overly impressed. Watch this rather splendid and well-observed parody.


  3. Many congratulations on the milestone Jez and here’s to a wonderful 2020 full of exciting projects! As for Dr. Who, we started watching it, but really struggling at the moment.


    • Thank you, Michael. I haven’t forgotten my promise to you, but part of my planned addition to your project required access to my laptop, which my daughter had down in Portsmouth and I’ve only just got back. Plans are in motion….

      I think you may see some Doctor Who adventures on here, featuring the REAL 13th Doctor, as it’s pretty clear to me that, given the choice, the Doctor wouldn’t really regenerate into a young Pam Ayres. But please note my reply to Stevie – the last episode was quite good. And watch the parody on the YouTube link. The reason it’s funny is because it’s true.


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