Here Be Monsters…

May is officially Monster Month… well, at least according to Keith over at Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging it is.

Now, when these monthly (or longer) community events come around, I always look at whatever project I am currently involved in and see my participation will either advance the current project or act as a welcome break from whatever I’m working on.

Keith has specified that it has to be a MONSTER, not a humanoid – so no orcs, goblins, etc. As I’m currently in the midst of my 13th Doctor project and the majority of Doctor Who monsters are “men in rubber suits” (which, incidentally, was going to be the original title of this post – until I discovered that Googling this phrase doesn’t bring up images of Godzilla or the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but a whole other past-time…which probably involves a lot of talc.)

However, I feel that as long as the figures I choose are suitably “monstrous”, these will still qualify.

So, these are the figures chosen to act as my entries for Monster Month;

A pair of Cyclopian Aliens, sculpted by Mr Roger Webb and released through Wargames Supply Dump, prior to its’ closure… and therefore no longer available.

I felt these not only fit Keith’s definition of ‘monster’, but also were an ideal creature to appear in a future episode of the true adventures of the 13th Doctor or TruWho, as I like to call it.

So far, they’ve been based on two-pence pieces, Milliput added to blend the integral base to the 2p base, undercoated in white and given a base coat of GW Ghoul Grey – which is actually a shade of green, as you can see from the picture above. Currently, undecided in what colour direction I am going to go with these, hence just the base coat so far.

But other figures for this project have been progressed, such as Abslom Daak and Doomlord;

Daak has had a few more of the smaller details added to him, as well a wash of GW Marine Dark Blue to his trousers, as they were a touch too bright.

Doomlord received the same on his trousers, plus washes on his coat and head and hands, to bring out some of the detail. I also decided to paint his tunic in GW Woodland Green, but the wash of Docrafts Jungle Green wasn’t dark enough to bring out the detail, so I’ll probably give it a wash of black when I do his guns.

I have also progressed my Silence figures, by painting their shoes black and giving their heads and hands a wash with Docrafts Chocolate Brown, which I think has worked reasonably well to bring out some of the sculpted details. They need their suits darkened, shirt and ties tidied up, bases done and potentially their little piggy eyes painted in, which will make them look suitably creepy.

And finally, some figures that have now left the Tray of Shame – firstly, my Weeping Angels, surrounding the 13th Doctor;

I decided to just paint the bases up, as Weeping Angels in Doctor Who traditionally don’t have lichen or moss growing on them.

And the final figure of this post – an Ice Warrior.

Whilst the Ice Warriors that have appeared in the current series have been somewhat shinier (see series 7’s Cold War and series 10’s Empress of Mars), this is a Black Tree Design figure, so is the older style Ice Warrior, complete with hairy bits, so I went for colouration similar to a crocodile… or an avocado.

Undercoated in white, then a base coat of GW Woodland Green. The hairy bits were painted with Docrafts Burnt Ochre, the eye panels with Docrafts Cherry Red and the exposed facial parts with GW Rotting Flesh. Then the whole figure (bar the eye panels) was given a wash of Docrafts Jungle Green, which muted the base green and blended the brown into the whole figure. The base was given my usual Docrafts Chocolate Brown base coat, then washed in Burnt Ochre, then the base rim was painted black and the figure was done. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Next time – unsurprisingly, more Doctor Who. I need to finish up the cast for the next episode and possibly build the control room of the 13th Doctor’s Tardis.

15 thoughts on “Here Be Monsters…

    • Thank you. To be fair, a lot of these were partially painted anyway, so it was just a case of adding a few details here and there to finish them off. And we have to have a selection of adversaries for the Doctor to face, be they classic, ‘nu’ or never seen before.


    • Roger always downplays his talents, but as my sculpting skills are rudimentary at best, I always applaud those who can sculpt, such as both Roger and yourself.

      And it’s always nice to get figures finished, even if they’re relatively straightforward paint jobs, such as the Ice Warrior.


  1. Very productive Jez, you’ve got some nice sculpts there (and a couple of ropey ones at the start!).

    That Doomlord looks better and better as you go on, you would never know what the base figure for him was! I’m a big fam of Abslom Daak, but I just don’t think that figure is “beefy” enough to do him justice, nothing against your painting here, as your colours are spot on, it the fig I think lets him down.

    Really looking forward to seeing how you make the Tardis console room, that’s going to be a bit of a job! Has to be better than the new TV version, with the bicycle pump in the console!!!

    Cheers Roger.

    (Oh and thanks for the compliment Dave) 🙂


    • Thanks Roger. I have no issue with ANY of the figures on show and your aliens are perfect for both Doctor Who and Pulp Sci-fi.

      As for Doomlord, the addition of cardboard ears and a new paint job has pretty much transformed the base figure. A few more details and he’ll be done.

      Having checked a lot of images online of the various Tardis control rooms (ignoring the shrine-like one belonging to Doctor Woke), the constants are; circular room, hexagonal console and roundels/circles on the walls. Other that, I’ve pretty much got free range to do as I wish. Will be interesting to see what I finally come up with.


      • Must admit I have a soft spot for the wooden Victorian style one Tom Baker used for a couple of stories, I don’t think it was a hit with the public though. It would really suit you r Doc’ though.

        Cheers Roger.


        • Funnily enough, I’d watched the clip from “The Masque of Mandragora” where he rediscovered the secondary control room and was thinking along similar lines. Something in walnut and brass seems appropriate, maybe with a red leather armchair…


  2. I thought you’d sculpted the first set of miniatures shown, to be honest. (I’d never seen Roger’s work before – or knew of his business, before the introductions during Forgotten Heroes. Bit of disappointment, if I’m honest, as there looks to be some models I’d have bought.) Its a rather cool looking, retro-vibe, man in rubber suit (as you say), model. Perfect for Doctor Who … or my own, still to be realised, The Original Series – era Star Trek.

    Nicely arranged photograph for the Weeping Angels and Doctor image. The five models look good together. The Doctor’s trouser colour and shirt complementing the greys of the statues.

    Doomlord is looking really well. The skin tone and the darker green of the top well a treat, and the ears look as though they were always part of the miniature.


    • I’m flattered that you would think I could sculpt from scratch something like that – my skills are more in the line of minor conversions to existing figures. And it is a shame that Roger is no longer trading, as there were a lot of figures that people would buy if they were still available.

      As for the photos, I was trying to give a sense of scale, as you’re not always sure how big certain miniatures are, unless they’re shown in comparison.

      And Doomlord, being somewhat of an impulse project, has turned out rather better than I thought he would. I like it when that happens. 😁


  3. Even if those…things…weren’t sculpted by Roger, they would more than meet the requirements of Monster Month. Very happy with your selections; doubly so because of their Wargames Supply Dump origins. Can’t wait to see them painted!
    Docrafts is a line of paints I’m not familiar with, which makes me think we don’t have them here in the States. At least, I’ve never come across them. Great progress on your current project. Wish I knew more about Dr. Who, but I will certainly enjoy any future write-ups you provide.


    • Thanks Keith. I was fairly certain they met the criteria, but wasn’t sure if they were too humanoid.

      Docrafts paint is the UK equivalent of Apple Barrel in the States – cheap acrylic paint in a wide range of colours and more cost-effective than buying the equivalent from GW. Slightly thicker consistency and a little bit of a chalky finish, but at £1.25 for 2 fl oz, the price can’t be argued with.


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