Three, Eight, Thirteen

Whilst there are a few scant hours before Forgotten Heroes 2020, the fifth such event since its inception, ends – allowing a few participants to slip a last entry into June – this will be MY last post for this year’s challenge.

Now, Forgotten Heroes offers quite a few different sorts of challenge. There is the challenge of choosing a suitable character to replicate, finding the base figure you’re going to use, converting it into as close a representation as possible and THEN painting it, so it matches the source material.

Obviously, if you’re using a figure designed, either officially or unofficially, to represent the character, all you have to do is paint the figure.

For example, you can use this image;

The Wertzone: Doctor Who at 50: The Third Doctor (1970-74)

To paint your representation of the Third Doctor like so;

“Reverse the polarity… you know you want to…”

Yeah, I decided to finish off my Third Doctor whilst I was waiting for the Eighth Doctor to dry between coats.

Speaking of my version of the Eighth Doctor, the idea was to replicate this look;

Doctor Who Official on Twitter: "Happy birthday to Paul McGann ...

And this is my final rendition of the Eighth Doctor, converted from an Artizan Designs ‘Captain Withnail’ figure;

Comparing the source material and the finished figure, I think I possibly need to repaint his ‘waistcoat’ in GW Shining Gold, my pot of which is now an antique-y gold, so not particularly ‘Shining’ anymore. This will bring the figure closer to the source picture. I did try to replicate the laces on his boots by painting crosses up the front of each boot, but I’m not sure how successful this was. And I think that I might need to darken his hair a touch too, as it looks too yellow.

So, other than a few minor painting tweaks, I’m pretty happy with how he’s turned out. As he was originally holding a revolver, I think this minor conversion has worked really well, showing that nearly any pistol can be turned into a sonic screwdriver, which gives me a greater range of figures to look at when I get around to doing the Ninth, Tenth and War Doctors.

And to explain the post title, here are the Third, Eighth and Thirteenth Doctor, in a crossover that you would never have expected…

Hmm, this does of course mean I can do multi-Doctor episodes now…

A big thank you to all those who took part this year; Roger, Dave, Harry, Keith, Alan, and Wampley  – follow the links to see what this creative bunch have been up to.

And remember, this is an annual event, every June, so if you feel like taking part next year, you are more than welcome. Put on those thinking caps and start planning what you’re going to do next year.

I might finally get around to doing Big Wheel… although I do have a spare action figure head that might be the right size to do a 28mm M.O.D.O.K. It will certainly be cheaper than coughing up for the Crisis Protocol one…

Right, that’s all for this post. Next up, more Doctor Who, as I offer a counterpoint to the ‘Evil Sprout’ from the previous post, by offering their arch-enemies, whom the Doctor has described as ‘psychotic potato dwarfs’, so expect “automated laser monkeys, scalpel mines and acid.”

17 thoughts on “Three, Eight, Thirteen

  1. Even a philistine like me knows The Doctor is a Timelord, so I don’t see why (time paradoxes notwithstanding) you couldn’t have the third, eighth and thirteenth doctors all together at once for some catastrophe only their combined might/wits/dry humor/sonic screwdrivers/jellybabies can handle. It worked in Into the Spider-Verse (which was a damn good movie), so why not?
    Great work. Another year gone, and we STILL have neither Big Wheel nor the Hypno-Hustler in our rear-views.
    For no particular reason other than it’s fun, I blame Roger.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Precedent has been set previously on the show for multiple Doctor episodes, but I only had the 13th finished previously, so couldn’t do this. And I agree with you regarding the Spiderverse movie.

      Yeah, still no Big Wheel or Hypno-Hustler, but there’s always next year…


  2. Just under the wire Jez, I was getting worried that you weren’t going to make it this year! Great rendition of the eighth Doctor there, and I love the finished third too (that is a great figure, I so wish I’d bought one of those!).

    I already have someone in mind for next years “FH” and it’s not from MOTU either! I will have to build him from scratch though, but I’ll worry about that then.

    Another “Forgotten Heroes” well run mate, this is great fun, cheers Roger.

    (Oh and can blame me if you want, I did come up with the name for this event too after all!)

    Liked by 2 people

    • I had set my bar pretty low this year, but a combination of Rutan diversions and being back at work fulltime did impact on my hobby time, so only just made it.

      Not sure what I’ll be doing next year yet, but I will plan in advance to make sure I have the necessary raw materials.

      Always a pleasure to have you taking part, Roger. Long may it continue!


    • Thanks Dave and you are more than welcome. It’s a fun little event and gives everyone the opportunity to flex their creative muscles, without any competitive pressure. It’s also an opportunity to fill those holes in your collection, which can’t be a bad thing.


    • Thanks Stevie. Funnily enough, I was thinking about you earlier and wondering what you were up to. Like Mother Hubbard, I’ve been checking the cupboard, but no new bones. Guess you’ve been busy enjoying yourself in the real world, rather than fannying about on t’Internet. 😁


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