“This is the Way.”

If, like me, you are regularly clean-shaven then you will need some kind of device to remove your facial hair. And if, like me, you are somewhat wary of electric razors, you will wet shave with a manual razor.

Now, as the particular brand of razor I use has disposable heads, these come in a transparent plastic tray, which I squirrelled away for potential future use. And this is what the tray looks like;

Now, whilst I haven’t had much hobby time, I did manage to squeeze in episodes of the first season of The Mandalorian during the last couple of months…

Two things struck me from watching this – firstly, it is PROPER Star Wars, so if you’re a fan and you’ve got access to Disney+, watch it. Actually, if you like sci-fi Westerns, watch it. Even if you only sign up for the free period, it’s certainly worth a watch.

Secondly, there are a couple of episodes where vehicles with built-in droids – one a taxi, the other a cargo sled – which do look a little bit like my plastic tray above…

So, based on this (and the fact that during the period of non-lockdown, I finally relented and bought myself a cheap hot glue gun), I’ve decided to see if I can replicate this type of vehicle for my Distant Stars project. I’ve been collecting various bits for this, so it will (hopefully) be just a case of assembling the bits and then giving it a lick of paint. Let us begin!

So, having raided my bits box, I ended up with, for want of a better term, a pile of crap…

So, the tray itself, a couple of ink cartridges, some textured wallpaper, block of foam, cut down pen lid (that looks remarkably like a R2 unit), expired plastic gift card, empty shampoo bottle and some random plastic greeblies.

The cheapass hot glue gun I’d bought proved to be more of a hindrance than a help, so the DIY grab adhesive was duly…erm…grabbed and after much measuring, cutting, dry-fitting, trimming, filing, gluing and generally making a mess – we end up with something like this;

In the realms of Star Wars, this would be a droid-operated cargo skiff. In Distant Stars, this is a cargo drone. Same principal, different Universe.

Emptied ink cartridges as thrusters, textured wallpaper as the metal treadplate in the cargo area. Plastic greebly as operating screen, pen lid as drone ‘driver’ and the rest of the bits to make up the fuselage. A GW cavalry base was glued upside down to the base, to give the impression it’s floating.

And to give an idea of scale, here’s a Dominion Outrider cadging a ride.

Once the rain has stopped lashing down, I’ll be taking this outside to give it an spray paint undercoat. But what should the overall colour scheme be? Similar to Luke’s Landspeeder or, as it’s a cargo drone, more yellowish, like a taxicab? I wil have to give it some thought.

18 thoughts on ““This is the Way.”

    • Cheers Simon. Watching “The Mandalorian” got me into the right mindset for some Star Wars-inspired hobbying. I have another of those trays, so we may see another variation on this theme. And having looked at various plastic kits for sci-fi APC’s and decided I couldn’t justify the expense, I may have found a kitbash solution in my fridge, so stay tuned for future developments.


    • Thanks Harry. I think we all collect bits, thinking we’ll use them for something… at some point. So, next time you think you need a particular model or scenery item, look at you pile of crap first. You may be surprised at what you can create.


  1. Very nice little lash up there Jez, and good to see you back blogging too.

    The Mandalorian is a great series, proper Star Wars as you say and with each episode packed with special effects too! my only criticism is the stories are a little simple, but hey it had a robot that talked like “Moss” from the IT Crowd so that works for me!!

    I saw a while back that someone had built a landspeeder type car from an old computer mouse, and it looked really good, just sowing seeds mate…… 😁

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. Needed to do SOMETHING hobby-related, as I was feeling like I’d not achieved anything recently.

      As for The Mandalorian, given the length of the episodes, they do pack a lot into each one. And does expand on what has gone before.

      Next project will be a troop carrier, if I can convince my wife to stop throwing away margarine tubs.


  2. Great work on the cargo sled Jez, and utilisation of available resources. Have enjoyed all of the Mandolorian so far, full of fan type Easter Eggs in every episode, and not a new order in sight !


    • Thanks Dave. Your posts about your Star Wars stuff partially inspired me to venture back into this territory and the sled came out almost exactly how I thought it would.

      I like how the Mandalorian builds on the original trilogy, but also takes elements from Rogue One as well. And Jawas are little bastards, just as I’d always thought.


  3. You prove yet again to be the master of the kitbash, Jez. I can’t wait to see this thing painted up and ready for gaming. I have not yet watched the Mandalorian or anything on Disney +, despite having it for more than a year now (it ‘s free with my cell phone package). It’s because the only TV I have that has Disney+ on it is in my bedroom, and I do not generally watch TV in bed. My friends berate me weekly because I haven’t watched it yet.


    • Thanks Keith. It appears my talent lies in the area of converting junk into usable items – whilst some may call ot recycling or upcycling I prefer to call it Womblisation.

      I thought you could have Disney+ on more than one device with the basic package, so you should be able to add it to another tv.

      And do watch it, if you get the chance. It is rather good.


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