A Monstrous Wait

It has been a while since I’ve posted on the Buffet, due to issues with work, but Keith over at Dead Dick’s Tavern & Temporary Lodgings has tempted me back to my hobby bench with Monster May(hem).

Having looked through my box of unpainted miniatures, I decided that the figure that best suited the description of a monster was this one;

This the Wendigo from ParagonStar, which I bought a while ago to see if resin 3D printed figures were actually any good – plus it’s a cool looking version of this creature.

As this particular resin-printed figure is relatively smooth, the challenge will be to try and give it some texture. I shall be doing this by adding some fine sand to the base and using sponging on the figure itself. We shall see how successful I am.

Now, as people who regularly follow this blog will know, I don’t usually back Kickstarters – however, I have actually backed my first one today.

This is because I have been following the development of these figures on this guy’s blog and felt that they fit the aesthetic I wanted for my Distant Stars project, as they remind me of the Bespin cloud car pilots.

So, the 1000ft General has released his first Kickstarter for his Astro Guards, which can be found here. The lowest pledge level is $40, which gets you 9 metal miniatures, all different, as shown below.

He has already met and exceeded the amount he needed – not bad seeing it only went up today. I think they’re pretty damn cool and as they will be delivered around my birthday, I consider this as an early present.

Now, as the rules of Monster May(hem) mean that I have to complete my monster before the end of May, it won’t be as long between this post and my next.

7 thoughts on “A Monstrous Wait

    • Thanks Dave. Whilst I have a fair few figures, the majority are humanoid, so I had a limited choice regarding what to paint. Should he an interesting challenge, as not getting it right will make it look like a reject from a Capcom video game.


  1. Hooray Jez is back! I remember that wendigo from when you first bought it, good to see it back! should form a good run in for Forgotten Heroes too.

    Nice Kickstarter figs, talking of “Distant stars” did you take a look at Dead Zone?

    Cheers Roger.


    • It has been languishing in a box for a while, Roger, so Monster May(hem) provided the ideal excuse to dig it out and finish it off.

      As for “Distant Stars”, I’ve not really had the chance to do anything hobby-related for a while, so this is still on my to-do list.


  2. Nice choice, my long-absent friend! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Those Kickstarter miniatures are pretty sweet and look quite versatile for a variety of projects.
    Since Roger brought up Forgotten Heroes, are there any specific rules or guidelines to come this year? I know a few new folks who might like to participate (with your permission, of course). I have an idea for a hero I just never really gave a shit about. But of course, that’d what FH is for…


    • Thanks Keith. We shall see if I can do it justice.

      And I agree regarding the figures. They are ideal for my Distant Stars project, being familiar without being too specific. Plus the initial pledge level is within my budget, so will cause no arguments with my other half.

      And Forgotten Heroes does loom ever closer. I will post the full rules shortly on here, but they will follow the same format as before. At least one figure of a character that either has not yet had a figure made if them or has, but you want to do your own version, and the base figure cannot be an official or unofficial version of the character. Must be completed during the month of June. Other than that, no real restrictions on scale or source material.


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