Forgotten Heroes 2021

As wargamers, we are fortunate to live in an age where if you want a particular character in 28mm, then you can pretty much find a manufacturer who makes it.

Want the original Ghostbusters from the 1984 film of the same name, the Visitors from the original 1983 V series or Cylons from the original Battlestar Galactica? Off to Crooked Dice you go.

Din Djarin, Bo-Katan Kryze or Paz Vizsla from The Mandalorian? Diehard Miniatures is where you need to go.

And if you want the cast of the 1981 BBC adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Colonial crew, Imperious Leader and Lucifer from Battlestar Galactica or the cast of The Last Starfighter – Tangent Miniatures has got your back.

However, you may crave a more obscure character, such as Marshal Law,

The Crimson Bolt from the 2010 James Gunn movie Super,

Or Thermoman from the BBC tv series My Hero,

Well, that’s what Forgotten Heroes is all about – an opportunity for you to unleash your creative side and make the figure you have always wanted.

So, the rules of this community art project are as follows;

During the month of June, you must create a figure of a recognisable hero or villain in whatever scale you desire. However, you cannot use a base figure that is an official or unofficial version of that figure.

This can be as simple as repainting a Heroclix Blue Beetle as the obscure Marvel villain Goldbug, converting an existing figure, like I did with my version of the Eighth Doctor last year, or sculpting a figure from scratch, if your talents lie in this area.

To take part, all you need to do is comment on this or subsequent posts, stating you wish to be involved and I’ll add you to the list.

I’m posting this now to give those who DO wish to take part a chance to gather the necessary components for their chosen figure.

I already know exactly who I’m going to do… and it’s not Big Wheel (sorry Keith).

However, it IS someone suitably ridiculous – because that’s how I roll.

Next up, the Wendigo gets some paint…

21 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes 2021

    • Yay! New Blood! Nice to have you aboard, Matt. And don’t worry, half the fun of taking part in Forgotten Heroes is pushing youself to see if you can realise your vision. Most of the time it works, but even if it doesn’t, you’ll have fun trying out.

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  1. You know…I wish I could, but I’m way too busy. I just don’t really have the time this year.

    Nah, I’m obviously bullshitting you. I live for this! It’s my favorite challenge! I am IN!!!

    (As far as Big Wheel goes, I’ll contain my disappointment, but only because I know you’ll make him eventually. And once you do, you simply MUST game with him…)

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    • There was no doubt in my mind you’d want yo take part, Keith.

      I’m still trying to work out the logistics of doing Big Wheel, but I WILL make him eventually. My proposed creation for this year will hopefully be a little easier – but equally daft.

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  2. I’m in, have been looking forward to this all year, have two in mind, ones easy the other a bit more intensive (but this is one I really want to get done, so will be the first).

    Looking forward to all the entries, oh by the way Mike Boynton (of Transformers fame) has shown an interest in participating again if that’s OK.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Fantastic to have you aboard, Roger, as always. More MOTU or something else? Talking of the former, there’s a chap on YouTube who’s building a Castle Grayskull playset for his little boy. Not watched it yet, but his previous Ghostbusters firehouse playset build was awesome.

      And all are welcome to participate in Forgotten Heroes!


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  4. A year has passed already I and I DID NOT look for minis to add to the Tales from The Gold Monkey set. However, we had a convo on possible Sallah figures to go with an Idy model I have. And I just ordered one to participate in the challenge. I need a little kick to get going.



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