“His Brain is His Weapon!”

Whilst everyone else has been beavering away on their Forgotten Heroes entries, regular visitors may have noticed that I have been somewhat quiet.

A change of job, a weekend away and some more home-brewing resulted in less time to crack on with entry.

But, it did result in this..

A 4.8% treacle stout that a confirmed Guinness drinker stated that they actually preferred to the black stuff…

Anyway, when we last saw my version MODOK he looked like this;

Now, as MODOK’s doomsday chair hovers, I needed a suitable base, as at the moment he looks like he’s in a child’s car seat.

Quite a lot of the models of MODOK have him rising on a pillar of flame, but this is not really accurate and the only flying bases I had were black.

However, I discovered that the hole in the transparent plastic washer I’d used for his hover-jet was the same diameter as a some old metal shelf supports I’d saved. This meant I had a solid shaft to support him, I just needed a base.

Realising that if I removed the bottom ‘cup’ that holds the peg on the flying base, I could then make the hole in the top big enough to take the new metal shaft. As this was cast with a small ring midway down the shaft, this would prevent the shaft just going straight through, giving MODOK the apoearance of hovering, like so;

I’ll probably just paint the shaft black, but may try some kind of funky ‘heat haze’ effect, If I can work out how to do that.

Examing the model, I realised there were a couple of cavities at the rear of the armrests, which didn’t look right.

A quick rummage and a length of cable tie was cut down, the ends trimmed and then glued into place as further detailing. (NB: If you scatch-building any kind of tracked vehicle, cable ties are your friends. Uniform, textured, flexible and come in a variety of sizes. Ideal replacements if your model tank has lost its tread).

The final stage before painting was to get out the Milliput and give MODOK his distinctive hair. A suitable blob of grey Milliput was mixed up and slapped on top of his head, then smoothed down into a dome, ensuring that the ‘hair’ did not overhang the main structureof his chair.

Using an old dental probe, lines were then scribed in a radial pattern on this dome, to represent MODOK’s frankly awful hairstyle.

Further putty was used to fill in some gaps around his face and repair some damage done by some over-zealous filing, like so;

Now, I need to wait for the putty to set and I can paint him up – hopefully before next Wednesday.

I mean, I can’t fail my own challenge now, can I?

12 thoughts on ““His Brain is His Weapon!”

    • Thanks Dave. Progress is slower than normal, but I can’t fail my own challenge, so need to finish him off!

      And newjob is going very well, as I’ve just been offered a permanent position, so obviously doing something right.


  1. Looking good mate, good to see you getting some progress on Modok, it’s such a cool looking model.

    Oh and no you can’t fail your own challenge, that’s just not acceptable at all! 😁.

    Cheers Roger.


  2. This is looking great! Can’t wait to see it painted up.
    I would say that MODOK’s hair is the least crappy part of being MODOK, but at least it seems easy to sculpt!


    • Unfortunately, back when I was a LOT younger, I actually had a similar haircut to Modok – the perils of having your Mum cut your hair.

      And no vast mental powers to punish those who mocked me – “Fear me, for I am…CROWDOK!”


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