A Brief Diversion to a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Waaaaaay back in May last year, I backed my first Kickstarter, details of which can be found in this post.

It was supposed to ship around September 2021, but various issues led to delays, but finally my pledge arrived last Monday! Yay!

However, I wasn’t in when the postie turned up, so had to wait until last night to collect my goodies. I pledged £30 ($40) for a squad of 28mm Astroguards cast in white metal, which would have been 8 Astroguards, so £3.75 a figure. However, due to the success of the campaign, I ended up with the bonus add-ons, so ended up with 22 figures, which works out as £1.36 a figure. Result!

Here is the Astroguard squad, with two female Astroguards swapped out for the duplicate sculpts from the original squad, along with two of the bonus figures, armed with heavy weapons – a light repeating laser on the left and a meson blaster on the left.

They kind of remind me of the cloud car pilots from The Empire Strikes Back, so I may very well paint them to resemble that uniform.

Next, more bonus figures. These are, left to right, top to bottom, “cantina celebration” aka party walrus-man, Gary, Beefhead Elder, Rod Roebuck, Space Cadet, Ensign Packman and Man Hunter.

Obviously, you can see these were inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, but all will join my Distant Stars project.

Finally, we have the droids…er…bots. A Power Bot at the top, with a selection of arms and four Scouter Bots, all with a different head. I may add the two spare arms to one of the Scouter Bots, if I feel inclined.

Nice clean sculpts, although some flash on a couple of the figures, but nothing major. Strangely, they were supplied with 20mm slotta bases, rather than 25mm, which is fine for the Bots, but look too small for the others, so these may have to get swapped out.

These were just the figures from the basic pledge, so there are more in the range. Should you be interested in getting some for yourself, this is what the Kickstarter page has to say;

“Missed the campaign? Don’t worry, there’s still an opportunity to pick up figures from the Star Schlock Astroguards Kickstarter. 

Visit starschlock.com for info!

That’s all for this brief diversion, as I still have a giant made from Shredded Wheat to paint up before the end of the month – then we’re in to Forgotten Heroes territory!

God knows what I’m going to do for that… I’m not quite as organised as I was last year. I have a vague idea, but we’ll have to see if if will work.

6 thoughts on “A Brief Diversion to a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

    • Was nice to finally get them, Dave. To be honest, they’ve been very good with communication throughout and explained the reasons for the delays (resculpts on figures they weren’t happy with, issues with the original UK distribution company, etc). But now I have MORE figures to paint, although should give me more freedom than the unrelenting white of my not-Stormtroopers.

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  1. Those are some very nice figures, I remember your original post about them, I was sorely tempted to back that kickstarter, even with my distinct dislike of them!! Should make great additions to your Distant Stars project.

    Did you ever look for the Dead Zone rules by the way? I know I said I thought they were free on Mantics site, if not I have got a physical copy now so if you wanted I could send you the code to get the download.

    Cheers Roger.

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    • I had always avoided Kickstarters, as I always felt that whilst they did provide a good deal compared to buying the end product, the initial buy-in was always out of my price bracket AND I didn’t actually need what was on offer. This one had a low pledge and actually had figures I knew I could use and liked. I’ve got me some funky aliens, some space cops, some droids and some cool characters, at less than £2 a figure for metal. Bargain!

      And I did manage to download a copy of the Dead Zone rules, but not had a chance to read through them yet to see if they work for me.


  2. I like these a lot, especially that Rod Roebuck guy. I have to physically stay away from KS, lest I part with more money than is sane. I backed the Mothership RPG recently and I’m eagerly awaiting it. I try to stay away from miniatures lest I plummet down a slope most slippery…


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