Redo From Start…

Sometimes, the best laid plans go awry…

I’d set aside some time Saturday night to crack on with my entry for this year’s Forgotten Heroes challenge, prepared all the bits I needed, with only my donor figure needing stripping of the various layers of paint that had been applied.

This did not go well. Having attacked the figure with various cleaning agents and tools, after an hour or so scrubbing the little git, I was left with a figure still caked with so much paint that you could hardly see any of the detail. So, after much cursing, I consigned him to the bin and then spent another hour or so searching through every box that possibly contained donor figures, which meant a visit to my garage and clambering around in the Aladdin’s Cave of Crap that I call my loft.

I could only find two figures which had possibilities, the first of which is this;

A 30mm figure of a “Steampunk female” from a game called Kaosball, which I bought a couple of years ago from Tritex Games at Salute. This is my “back-up” figure, which should my other cunning plan not work, will be painted up as Harley Quinn, as the outfit does resemble the one she wore in the Arkham Knight video game.

However, Harley is a little too… cool for Forgotten Heroes, as I generally try to do obscure (i.e. crap) characters.

The only other full donor figure I had was spare HeroScape Silver Surfer, as who needs two?

So, if we clip him off his flying stand and reduce his board down so that it fits on a 25 mm base, what can we do with him? If you ignore the coloring, he’s a generic, bald-headed chap in form-fitting costume.

My initial thought was to add some putty to his face to smooth it down a bit and make him into Lightmaster;

But, given what those who’ve posted this year so far have done AND taking into account that I did a blinding M.O.D.O.K. last year, I needed something a bit… more.

So, my revised entry will be the obscure Marvel supervillain, the Spot:

First appearing in Spectacular Spider-Man #97, Dr Jonathan Ohnn did not become the Spot until the following issue. He was attempting to replicate Cloak’s powers on behalf of the Kingpin, but ended up being able to generate “spots” that traversed another dimension, enabling him to attack at distance, as shown in the image above.

Now, rather than just repaint my spare Silver Surfer as the Spot, I’m going to attempt to replicate his ability to punch at a distance, by lopping off his right forearm and creating a separate base with his fist coming out of a “spot.”

Now, as the Silver Surfer is not actually punching, I needed a clenched fist, so I elected to take this from the figure below;

“Cut off a limb, and two more shall take its place!”

As he’s Hydra, it will supposedly grow back – not sure the Hydra goons actually believe that, of course.

Anyway, that’s my new plan.

regarding the others taking part, Roger at Rantings From Under the Wargames Table has made serious inroads into Captain Kremmen and his crew, Keith at Dead Dick’s Tavern & Temporary Lodging has posted his first creation, Rainbow Boy, with more to come and Simon at Fantorical will be painting up some 3D-printed versions of his own creations from his Time’s Rambler graphic novels. Matt from PM Painting and Dave from Wargame Sculptors Blog are taking part this year too and I’m sure we’ll see something from them soon.

I mean, I can hardly talk – all I’ve done is tell you what I’m going to do. All because of fucking stubborn paint that won’t come off… *sigh*

9 thoughts on “Redo From Start…

  1. Plans are always subject to change Jez ! LOL the new plan should be just as cool, and certainly interesting.
    As for my late start I should have a post up today or tomorrow.


    • I have made a start on my new entry, although still trying to work out the disembodied fist basing, as the initial idea didn’t quite work. But I’m not one to give up, so I will be trying an alternative method.


  2. Sorry to hear of your paint woes mate, some of those Klix fig’s have so much paint on I think they must dip them!

    Your new choice is much more obscure, I’ve never heard of “Spot”, reminds me of the “Yellow Submarine” where Ringo has a “hole” in his pocket! Should be a fun fig once he’s finished, That Harley Quin proxy looks a smashing little substitute, Never heard of Kaosball, is she made of resin?

    Cheers Roger.


    • My issue was more that I’d repainted the figure numerous times, as I couldn’t quite decide what to do with him. The accumulation of paint was just too much – and sometimes you just have to give up.

      As for The Spot, he is rather obscure, but is apparently going to be appearing in the next animated Sony Spider-Man movie as a villain, so will become a bit better known.


      • As for Kaosball, I think it’s some kind of fantasy football type game. Can’t have been too popular, as Tritex have been selling off the figures pretty cheaply for a number of years. And she’s plastic.


  3. Spot is an awesome choice, and that Silver Surfer miniature is perfect! I wish I had more “generic bald-headed chaps in form-fitting costumes” (miniatures, I mean); as the customization possibilities are endless!!


    • The Spot is one of those oddball characters that is a bit naff, but that’s what makes him cool. Could have gone the Heroclix route and had him appearing out of a ‘Spot’, but definitely didn’t want to do the fist coming out of his face look, so going to try a disembodied hand on a separate base. We’ll have to see how successful I am.


  4. Somehow missed this post while you were planning for the spot, but have read subsequent entries. Very obscure (for me) FH. You do come up with some cool figures to create.

    Aladdin’s cave? Then my basement has become the Pit of Wonders, holding the Crates of Despair. I have not one, but three benches/tables covered by various projects. One of which I have not seen the table top in nigh on eight years. Its down there. I think.


    • Thanks Harry. I think we (as in gamers/hobbyists) always have projects “on the go.” However, my loft contains a veritable treasure trove of both my “toys” and my kids – which I NEVER appropriate for my own uses…

      As for the Spot, as someone who not only read a great deal of Marvel comics in my youth, but also had the Official Marvel Handbooks, I do tend to know the majority of the obscure characters from the 70’s to the 90’s. I stopped reading comics around Civil War, so some of the newer characters are lost on me. Mr Negative? Who he?


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