X Marks… the Spot

So, having had to revise my initial plans, how far have I got turning this;

…into this?

Well, the initial part was lopping off limbs, so that was pretty simple. But how to replicate the Spot’s ability to throw a punch through another dimension?

My original idea was to take the plastic from a blister pack and using a hole punch, make two identical circles, then glue these to the stump on the Silver Surfer figure and the fist from the Hydra figure.

Whilst I did do this, creating a stand for the ‘floating’ fist proved somewhat challenging, so I had a bit of a rethink.

So, I had some transparent shafts from flight stands, but in order for it to be the right length so the fist was at the right height, this needed to be cut down. I then glued this to a 1 pence piece, then filed a groove in the top of the shaft.

The  reason for this was that I’d decided to replace my initial plastic discs with two small black buttons from the sewing box. I glued the spare fist to one of these, then glued it into the groove.

It was then just a case of adding Milliput to the base, texturing this and then filling in the holes in the button.

So we ended up with this;

The Silver Surfer was cut from his flying stand, then cut from his board. I then reduced the part he was standing on to two platforms under his feet. After filing these down, the figure was glued to a 2 pence piece and the base built up using Milliput.

After texturing the bases, the second button was glued to his forearm and the holes in the button filled.

And this is how this part turned out;

So, the idea is that the Spot punches through one of his ‘spots’ and his fist comes out of another one, which as this  on a separate base, means I can position this wherever I like – like so;

Obviously, I didn’t realise the button attached to the main body was at an angle until I’d put them together. However, it doesn’t bother me too much.

Once these are painted up in the matching colours, it should be more obvious that they are part of the same figure.

I think it works, but until it’s done, we won’t know for sure.

So, that’s my current progress. Be sure to check out the other participants;

Roger at Rantings from Under the Wargames Table is doing Captain Kremmen and crew, Simon at Fantorical is doing character’s from his own Time’s Rambler graphic novels, Keith at Dead Dick’s Tavern has completed Rainbow Boy and is intending on doing a further character, whilst Dave is working on the cast of that 80’s classic “Battle Beyond the Stars” and Matt has yet to post anything, but is beavering away behind the scenes on his entry.

That’s all for this time, but join me next time when hopefully you’ll have spits before your eyes…

12 thoughts on “X Marks… the Spot

  1. Nice progress mate and a clever way to show “Spots” special ability, look forward to seeing him finished.

    Oh and though Dave is too much of a gentleman to mention it, he’s doing the cast of “Battle Beyond the Stars”, and he’s posted a “WIP” post of the first few😉.

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Matt. At one point I was raiding board games for tiddlywinks, until I remembered I have a tin full of buttons. It also saves on having to paint the bases of the disc before sticking it to the support, as it’s already black.


  2. Looks great, buddy! I can already see how cool this is going to be when it’s done. Now that he’s off the board, you can really see what a versatile miniature that Surfer can be. Looking forward to seeing it complete.
    As far as mine…would you believe I am also plumbing Spidey’s Rogues Gallery this year? Because I am…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Keith. That figure had been languishing untouched for ages, but once he’s de-boarded, he does offer a lot of opportunities for conversion.

      And I can’t wait to see which Spidey villain you’ve chosen. I still need to do Big Wheel at some point, but I’ve added the White Rabbit to my list, because she’s suitably cheesy. Of course, if I do the White Rabbit, I’ll need to do the Fabulous Frog-Man too…


  3. Back in the 80’s we played a lot of Marvel Super Heroes. Punisher was popular back then, having just got his own limited series; so naturally I wanted to play him. My GM threw the White Rabbit at our group, and I promptly shot her dead.
    Luckily, the era of Reagan and Rambo was just a passing phase. America isn’t like that anymore.


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