Gods and Mortals

Another post in the same week? Bloody Hell, I must have too much spare time on my hands…

Anyway, in this post I’d thought I’d share some images I’ve managed to successfully create used StarryAI for the Rushlight rules. I seem to be getting the hang of using this software, although sometimes the prompts you put in don’t always bring back what you intend, but DO generate an image that can be used.

The FAQ’s for the App states, “You are the copyright owner of your creations as long as you have the right to use any initial images used in generating the creation.” As all the images I’ve generated have been via the App without using a base image, I am assuming that this means the below belong to me – which is quite cool.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to a couple of important NPC’s for the World of Rushlight, as well as the gods that were mentioned in my last post.

This is Sir Gideon, current Master of the Knights of Helios in Mourne. A straightfoward and somewhat humourless man, Sir Gideon is a master combatant, although those who face him sometimes underestimate him, due to his age.

This is Lord Eldyn, the current ruler of the city-state of Port Eidyn, which whilst physically located on the east cost of Norland, is not actually part of Norland. In Port Eidyn, anything can be bought or sold… as long as you have the coin. Lord Eldyn oversees the running of this port city, ensuring that it remains neutral in any conflicts. It is alleged that he has formed a pact with a Storm Hag to protect the port from those who would plunder its wealth. Whilst no proof of this exists, the number of hostile vessels that have been wrecked off its shores does lend some credence to this rumour…

As you might have guessed, tis is Helios, Lord of Light, the primary deity worshipped in the civilised lands.

And this is his sister, Selen, the Silver Princess, goddess of the moon and patron of those who hunt the evils that stalk the night.

Next up, the four rebellious deities that were banished by Helios and became known as the Whispering Gods.

This is Cyrene, Muse of Ruinous Obsession, Goddess of Forbidden Knowledge.

Kaustos, Lord of Fiery Destruction, God of Slaughter.

Mavia, Lady of Discord and Insanity, Goddess of Madness.

And finally, Morbus, the Plague Lord, God of Pestilence.

The two mortals were one of the four images initially generated by the program, but the initial images generated for the six gods were almost but not quite right. What I did with these was to choose the best of the four initial images, then use the ‘Evolve’ function, which generates a further four images based on the image chosen – so kind of like variations on a theme. The images above were the ones that I felt best represented the deities concerned.

6 thoughts on “Gods and Mortals

  1. Great looking images Jez, the second one looks a lot like Alan Rickman, especially like the god of destruction, and the goddess of madness with her strange protrusions, very unusual

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    • Thanks Dave. I did use ‘Alan Rickman’ as a prompt for the second image, as I was trying to get am image similar to how he appeared in Prince of Thieves, but failed to specify that, so got back a more recent image. However, still came out rather well and does match the character I’ve assigned the image to.

      As for Kaustos and Mavia, some of the images were a LOT weirder than these…

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    • Thanks Roger. As I intend on making the rules available for free, I thought I’d better give some background for the world, so people know what has gone before. Of course, as with all RPGs, people are free to disregard anything that doesn’t suit the kind of games they want to run. Nothing like a bit of world-building to flex the creative muscles.


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