The Order of the White Rose

Since the horrifying events of that fateful night the previous October, Dr. Wilton Hume had devoted his considerable intellect and resources to tracking down those responsible for the death of his grand-daughter, Susan. And, being one of the foremost eminences in the study of the Un-Natural, his network of contacts and associates extended far beyond the shores of Britain, to the darkest recesses of the Continent.


Based on the telegram he held in his trembling grasp, his dedication to this cause had borne fruit, at it appeared the Count had finally shown his hand… in Wisborg, of all places.

However, whilst his first instinct was to immediately depart for Germany, he knew from bitter experience that to venture unprepared into the maw of the beast was to court disaster. His grand-daughter’s neck snapping like so much kindling was not a sound he would soon forget and, in order to send the fiend responsible screaming back to whatever Hell had spawned it, he would require assistance.

Fortunately, there were people he could call upon…


Mr Lancelot Grimm, occasional consultant to that branch of the Metropolitan Police Service known colloquially as “The Black Museum.” His knowledge of the Un-Natural was extensive, both from painstaking research and practical experience, as was his ability to be prepared for almost every eventuality.