Forgotten Heroes 2020

June has rolled around once more, which means it is once again time for…

Forgotten Heroes!

Yes, once again the Buffet descends into the creative madness that is the Forgotten Heroes challenge – although I prefer to think of it as a community art project, rather than an actual challenge…

So, to reiterate the “rules”, such as they are, are these; during the month of June, you must produce a single figure of a fictional character of which a figure has not yet been made or has been made, but was not how you felt the character should have been represented. The character you choose can be from any medium – film, TV, book, comics, etc. – and in any scale. The base figure you use should NOT be either an official or unofficial representation of the character you are producing. And your first post should explain who the character is – ideally with a picture so we can compare this with your finished figure. Your figure can be as simple as repainting a Heroclix Blue Beetle as the obscure Marvel villain Goldbug, converting the same figure into Zodac from Master of the Universe or sculpting the entire figure from scratch – it’s entirely up to you.

So, give your imagination free rein and finally create the figure YOU’VE always wanted.

Anyone who would like to take part who hasn’t already let me know, all you need to do is post a comment on this blog letting me know and I’ll add you to the blogroll of participants.

So, as I am currently in the midst of my ongoing Doctor Who project, surprisingly enough I am going to stay within this universe. As part of my ongoing love for the show (up until Chris Chibnall decided to crap all over my childhood), I intend to collect a model of every iteration of the Doctor, from First to Thirteenth.

Now, I have models from Black Tree Design representing the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctor, figures for the Third, Twelfth and MY version of the Thirteenth from Crooked Dice (although only the latter is still available, as it’s not specifically a representation of the Doctor… well, at least until the BBC realise MY version is far superior) and the Steve Buddle-sculpted version of the Eleventh Doctor, which WAS available from Heresy Miniatures, but sadly no more.

Which leaves me missing the Eighth, War, Ninth and Tenth Doctors to complete my collection. The latter three were available from Crooked Dice and Heresy up until the Cease and Desist notices went out and the Eighth Doctor IS available from Black Tree… but I don’t like this version of the figure.

So, my intention, for my Forgotten Heroes entry for this year, is to create my own version of the Eighth Doctor.

Now, this version of the Doctor has had three ‘looks’, two of which are canon and one of which appears on the covers of Big Finish adventures. The first look is from the Doctor Who TV movie, in which Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh regenerated into Paul McGann’s Eighth and looked like this:

Eighth Doctor Adventures – The Doctor Who Companion

In between his first appearance in the TV movie and his final appearance in The Night of the Doctor special, he gallivanted around in the Big Finish extended universe dressed like this;

8th Doctor Alternate Costume by rook971 on DeviantArt

Which is reminiscent of the Ninth Doctor’s outfit. And his final look was in The Night of the Doctor, when McGann regenerated into John Hurt – and this outfit was an echo of his first outfit, but less… flouncy.

The Night of the Doctor promo pics - The 8th Doctor looks ...

Now, as the first and third looks are canon, I’ve decided to disregard the Big Finish outfit and create MY version of the Eighth Doctor as the transitional stage between the two outfits. And the figure I will be using for this is PLP013 – Captain Withnail;

Captain Withnail

So, this will require turning his current footwear into a closer representation of his lace-up boots and turning the revolver into his sonic screwdriver, then a suitable paint job to tie everything together. I’m fairly certain that this will work…

Now, as I’ve failed to complete last month’s Monster May(hem) challenge, I have been given a stay of execution by Keith and my Cyclopian Aliens will be completed this month, alongside the Eighth Doctor.

So, that’s what I’ll be up to. Be sure to check out the other participants blogs to see what they’ll be creating;

Dave at Wargamesculptors Blog, who is intending to complete his compliment of A.B.C. Warriors from 2000AD.

The co-creator of Forgotten Heroes, Roger at Rantings from Under the Wargames Table, which he has assured me involves some kind of cat-themed characters… and no doubt some awful puns.

Keith aka The Angry Piper at Dead Dick’s Tavern & Temporary Lodging, who will no doubt be bringing to light another obscure superhero or villain.

And Roy from This Blog of Mine will be completing the Calista Secor version of Retro Girl from the TV show Powers.

Anyone else who wants to take part, just let me know in the comments and join us in our madness!!!

26 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes 2020

  1. I’m in if I can find a suitable host to convert into Corky, Jake Cutter’s buddy from Tales from the Gold Monkey. Since I planned poorly, all the usual sources are too far away to get a fig here in time. The Pond seems extra wide in these covid days. We’ll see what I can find.


  2. Look forward to seeing your rendition of the eighth Doctor Jez, it’s a firm favourite of mine as I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr McGann on multiple occasions and he was a great person to meet.


    • Cheers Dave. I think mr McGann was quite short-changed in respect of portraying the Doctor and I believe fans are calling for an Eighth Doctor series. Unless Chibs is put in charge of it, because it would be pants…


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  4. Very best of luck with your Doctor Jez,I hadn’t realised he’d have so many different looks! Looks like you have a good solid base figure to work from though.

    I have now posted my intentions for this year, and I can assure you once the knives come out the poor base figures will be as tortured as the puns!! 😈

    Cheers Roger.


    • When time travel is involved, Keith, anything can happen…

      As this was completed in March, it doesn’t really count. However, if you were to take Crooked Dice’s Man from 2000 and transplant the head from the Time Lift Security pistol C model, this *could* make your craved for George Sewell/Alec Freeman figure… which would count. Possibility?


    • Welcome back, Alan. The more the merrier! By my reckoning, you’ve reached ‘F’. Fiery Mask? The Chris Weston version from “The Twelve” was pretty cool. I’ll add you to the list.


      • Great suggestion, and the Fiery Mask is finished and posted. Hopefully I can complete figures for “g” and “h” before the challenge is over. Love the Doctor Who conversions, especially your true 13th Doctor.


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