Monsters Unleashed!

October is once again upon us, which means that the cry of “Braiinnnsss!!!” will be echoing around the internet, as blogs become ‘all things zombie’ for the month they dub Zomtober

Once again, I will not be taking part. Whilst I do love October because it is the ‘Season of the Witch’ (and also the month of my birth), which means that the shops are decked out in black and orange and filled with Halloween goodies, I have to admit that I haven’t really ever been into to zombie gaming. So no ‘cold meats’ at the Buffet this month…

However, as with last year where we went all ‘Scooby-Doo’, I shall be  celebrating in my own unique style.

The Midnight Sons, the Legion of Monsters, the Howling Commandoes, the B.P.R.D., the Trenchcoat Brigade – nearly every comic book universe has a group of supernaturally powered individuals who have banded together to protect the world from arcane and mystical threats. Whilst some of these are practitioners of magic, for the most part, those who hunt the night are considered monsters themselves, such as Man-Thing, Werewolf-by-Night, the Living Mummy, Morbius the Living Vampire and Ghost Rider.

Inspired in part by the Amalgam comic Dr. Strangefate, in which the good doctor employed supernatural agents to do his bidding and the Tangent Comics title Nightwing, I decided that my own comic book universe required a team of ‘Accursed’ heroes, essentially monsters who have banded together to fight the real monsters of this world. Thus was born…The Night Brigade.

The Night Brigade has seven members, but only three of the seven have previously been finished, so during Noctober, I shall be completing the remaining four, and probably their main adversary, the techno-witch known as Spectra. As the majority of them are almost done, there may be time near the end of the month to paint up the figures I’ve found to represent Dr. Fettle and DC Slobotham from the classic 1966 movie Carry on Screaming!

So, without further ado, let’s introduce the first three members of the Night Brigade…

First up we have the founder and leader of the Night Brigade, known as Doc Kraken. This particular hero has been fighting against the rising tide of darkness, since his unfortunate encounter with cultists lurking in Egyptian catacombs in 1925, which resulted in his deformity and his virtual immortality.

This particular figure was from the Chaos in Cairo range and came as part of a double-pack with a character called Husk. This figure was called Shaitan, and within the background of the game I believe he(?) may have been some kind of mutated cultist. However, the figure just screamed weird pulp hero to me – who doesn’t want a tentacle-faced hero armed with a machine gun?

Realising that he would need allies to continue the fight against creatures that would prey on humankind and those that sought to break through the barriers between our reality and their own, Doc Kraken chanced across a clay jar securely fastened with the Seal of Solomon. After some research, he broke the seal and gained the services of the entity which came to be known as Djinn.

This is a Reaper Clay Golem from their Dark Heavens Legends range, which is also available from their Bones line. I’ve had the miniature for quite a while, as when I first started superhero gaming, their wasn’t a great deal of choice, so you had to make do with figures from other ranges. This was my ‘Hulk’ proxy at one point, although he was a radioactive purple previously and known as The Behemoth. However, needing some muscle for the Night Brigade and inspired by the sand golems from the 2011 Conan the Barbarian movie, he was repainted as though made from sand.

It is alleged that the vigilante known as the Wraith was once a crusading lawyer, who angered a gangland lord and was gunned down in cold blood. Now, when the moon is dark, his spirit rises up and continues his crusade for justice from beyond the grave – or so it is said.

This figure, converted from a Heroclix Black Panther from the Infinity Challenge set, has appeared on this blog before, but as he’s now part of the gang, I felt justified in showing him again. A relatively simple conversion, which was just a case of removing his ‘ears’, then a suitable repaint.

And here are the first three members of the Night Brigade together, in a suitably ‘Charlie’s Angels’ kind of pose.

That’s all for this week. Next week more super-powered supernatural protectors, as I hope to introduce you to the final four members of the Night Brigade – Catspaw, Jack O’Lantern, Nocturne and Undine.

24 thoughts on “Monsters Unleashed!

  1. Masterful stuff Jez, and an absolutely corking post – one of your very best imho. This one totally took me by surprise, and I love your re-imaginings of these models, especially the Wraith, whom I think is a work of pure genius and a cracking conversion to boot!! Its certainly got me looking forward to more super-powered supernatural protectors next week!!!


  2. Very good work Jez, typical of your twist on this type of stuff, three great reimagining’s of type. I too am looking forward to what you come up with next week.

    Though I am rather disappointed that you didn’t mention “The Drac pack” in your list of monster heroes, one of Hanna Barbera’s finest imho!

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Michael. I think we’re all lead astray by posts on other people’s blogs – my Final Frontier posts were inspired by Simon’s Star Trek posts.
      However, as the majority of the figures I own and paint tend to be ‘cost-effective’, hopefully any leading astray I inspire won’t damage your wallet too much.


  3. I love the title….. you always title your articles so enticingly.

    I`m never really one to comment much on blogs about figures and painting… people can really only say one thing… i.e. “that’s nice” and I sometimes wonder (judging by the sheer HUNDREDS of favourable onnly comments on each blog) does this mean everyone paints brilliantly…. or are people just too afraid to say “That’s awful, man” lol. Again, judging by what I see of comments, people just always say nice things, so it becomes a bit of a “I`ll pat your back and you pat mine” *grins* so yeah I don’t tend to reply/respond to painting articles for that reason (and BOY you can cause offense if you tell someone their work could be better, then go on to explain why lol). However, I`ll break my usual law* this time to say, really nice stuff Jez. I absolutely love the tentacle guy best.

    *why? because you`ve not really written in a long time and if I didn’t comment it would show I`m not paying attention lol. So better to tell you WHY I don’t usually comment on painting and have you understand than not respond at all.


    • Cheers Steve. I try to pick appropriate titles for my posts, this one being the title from a Marvel Comic. And I understand about not commenting just for the sake of it. As I’m not the most accomplished painter compared to others, I don’t expect gushing praise for my paint jobs – they’re “table-ready”, which is good enough for me. However, I do enjoy the creative side, be it conversions, re-purposing or building from scratch, and that’s what I post about. If it inspires others to look at their hobby in a slightly different way and not just buy the next ‘big thing’, just because it’s popular, then that’s a win for me. And if they are kind enough to tell me I’ve done a good job, then that’s good too.


  4. Love them as always, CC. I should tell you that your Wraith looks almost exactly like my friend’s old Palladium Heroes unlimited RPG character, also called “The Wraith”! Better phone your solicitor…

    Kidding. 🙂


  5. {{I don’t expect gushing praise for my paint jobs – they’re “table-ready”, which is good enough for me.}}

    good enough for you is all that counts. But let me tell you, what you do, and the way you do it (without buying all those top expensive models and stuff) is VERY good, and attractive and…. unique, which is what attracts me to them the most.

    {{If it inspires others to look at their hobby in a slightly different way and not just buy the next ‘big thing’, just because it’s popular, then that’s a win for me.}}

    VERY well said, I agree with that utterly. Interestingly, except for a final few wish list bits and bobs still to purchase or come across, my life time collection is utterly complete. Which is to say, I have no more to collect. I literally have all I need now and have stopped buying (after forty years of collecting). I may do a thread on this over at the cupboard, hmmm not sure lol.

    … then of course just Hils needs that ONE tiny last miniature (as discussed on the latest article under WANTED lol). But yeah, collection is complete….. more accurately, if we want to expand any more, we will look to our `already got it` big BIG bucket of junk bits, to make it for ourselves rather than buy anything new.

    But yeah Jez, keep doing what you do. It WORKS :)))


    • Thanks again, Steve. Your comments and support are appreciated. Regarding Hil’s ‘want’, whilst it’s certainly a unique figure, I believe you could create your own relatively easily. Combine this with a spare ‘clix base and the relevant dial (which I understand you can download online) and you could have a proxy redneck mutant without any additional expense. Plus you could make her even more…grisly.


  6. totally agreed, that’s a marvellous idea all round. and do-able too.

    Nice post. In fact they all have been very cool lately.


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