Buffet of the Daleks

Hobby time this week has been limited and taken up with the super-special secret project I mentioned last week, so I’ve not actually got anything new or any progress to show you.

However, when has they ever stopped me from posting before?

So, as you may have gathered from the title, this week we will be looking at Daleks, as whilst you could play a Doctor Who game without them, at some point you going to want/need some.

Now, since their introduction in the aptly named First Doctor serial The Daleks in 1963, the actual design of the Daleks has not varied all that much. Yes, they may have had rings or slats on their mid-section or a slightly bigger skirt, but the basic design remained pretty much unchanged right up until the end of the classic run in 1989.

The only variation we got during the classic run was the Special Weapons Dalek, which appeared in the 1987 Seventh Doctor serial Remembrance of the Daleks, which had a single high-powered energy weapon and no eyestalk.

Obviously, when the series was re-launched in 2005, it was felt that the Daleks required a bit of a re-design and our first look at what has become known as the ‘Time War’ Dalek was in the  Ninth Doctor episode Dalek in 2005.

Then, in the 2010 Eleventh Doctor episode Victory of the Daleks, we were introduced to the controversial design that has become known as the ‘iDalek’.

Lots of fans kicked off about this design, so much so that it’s quietly been ‘retired’, last appearing in the 2012 episode Asylum of the Daleks.

For a full guide to Dalek designs, hierarchy and, more importantly from a miniature gamer’s point of view, colour schemes, your best resource is the very comprehensive “Dalek Colour Schemes and Hierarchy” guide on The Doctor Who Site, which can be found here.

However, this is a miniature gaming site, so let’s talk about miniature Daleks.

If you want the ‘iDaleks’, your only option are those that came as free gift attached to the front of the Doctor Who Magazine here in the UK. They were pretty well-detailed, the right size to scale in with 28mm figures and pretty inexpensive. You may be able to find these on eBay, if you weren’t lucky enough to pick some up at the time – like me. So, if anyone’s got half a dozen of these knocking about spare and would be willing to sell them on, I would be quite prepared to give them a new home.

For ‘Time War’ Daleks, you will be able to buy multi-part plastic ‘Time War’ Daleks from Warlord Games when they finally decide to release them. Obviously, they still have to release a couple of boxes of obscure monsters that only appeared in one episode first, because these are so much more useful…

So, until these are released, you will have to track down the Doctor Who Micro Universe figures if you’re desperate for some new-style Daleks.

Which leaves us with the classic style Dalek. Luckily these are readily available from our old friends Black Tree Design.  And as I took advantage of their 30% off sale, I can do a review of them!

So, first up the classic style Dalek;

As you can see, they come in three parts; the ‘skirt’, mid-section and head, which means that you can rotate the head to provide variation in ‘pose’. As they are metal, you can also ‘adjust’ the gun and plunger arms for further variation. The detail is very crisp, although they did come with quite a bit of flash, but this was mainly on the underside of the skirt, so didn’t obscure any of the detail. The other thing I noted was that as the ‘skirt’ is a solid piece of lead, these figures do have a bit of heft to them.

As I got the Dalek Patrol set, this also came with a Special Weapons Dalek;

The SWD comes in two parts; the skirt and mid-section/head. As you can see, the skirt comes with a square platform on the top, so it’s fairly obvious which of the skirts belongs to the SWD. Detail is also very nice, with minimal flash and the same heft that the normal Daleks have.

Now, showing you the components is all well and good, but what do they look like assembled and how do they scale with say, a Crooked Dice Third Doctor 28mm figure?

Like this…

So, accurate, ‘official’ classic style Daleks which are nicely detailed and scale well with modern 28mm figures. I really like them and as the Dalek Patrol set offers six normal Daleks and a Special Weapons Dalek for just over 21 quid, they’re pretty good value too.

That’s all for this week – join me next time for more Doctor Who…in miniature.


22 thoughts on “Buffet of the Daleks

  1. Great post Jez and timely give that I have just finished watching Genesis of the Daleks. I had picked up a single Dalek in the last BTD sale, but will certainly be looking to swell the ranks when it comes round again.


  2. Another annoying posting which once again makes me think about stopping what I currently painting, and following your lead, Jez 😉 Personally I’m a huge fan of “Remembrance Of The Daleks”, and obviously the Heavy Weapons Dalek. Looking forward to seeing these painted up on your blog – hopefully “Warlord Games” will finally bring their updated Kaled Travel Machines out soon…


    • As you’re currently taking part in The AHPC at the moment and Daleks are a little bit fiddly to paint (although I have discovered a quick and easy way to paint the skirt domes), I would suggest you concentrate on that for the time being. My Daleks aren’t even assembled yet – the ones in the post are just stacked. I need to concentrate on finishing off my Ogri and Gel Guards before starting on ‘new’ figures – although the Daleks are tempting.


  3. Great post Jez, I too am a huge fan of “Remembrance of the daleks”, in fact it’s probably my all time number one DW story, and if (when) I win the lottery I will not only have a Dalek (dark grey) in my reception hall but a Special Weapons variant too. talking of which the SW Dalek made my top ten favourite Sci/Fi figures way back in 2014…


    I actually made a 6mm version that Irregular sell I (though it’s not on their site)to go with their 6mm “attack robots”, Ian can cast them up if you ask him.

    My only criticism of the Black tree one is that as you say the plates at the top of the skirt are square and not an “off” hexagon as on the original (you can see this on the picture of the larger model one on your post), a small niggle but that’s me. I have a load of the idalek minis from DW magazine how many would you be after?

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thank you Roger. I too like Daleks – in all their forms – even the ‘iDaleks’. I actually have a 6″ version of one of the red iDaleks that trundles about, with sensors to stop it bumping into things or falling off the edge of a table, which screams “Exterminate!” every time it encounters an object in its path. It’s very angry, but a great deal of fun.
      Hmm, 6mm Daleks you say? Tempting…Dalek familiars, possibly…
      Oooh, you have some of the DWA plastics! If you happy to spare them, I’d like half a dozen – so I can have one of each colour. Happy to pay for them and their postage costs, so let me know what you feel they’re worth.


  4. {{{{I think you need to buy several sets, then re=fight Rourke’s Drift, but replace the Zulus with Daleks. This way you post about Doctor Who under the “28mm Victorian Warfare” banner.}}}}

    oh just watch Stevie’s face at that hehe. I love it *grins*

    (third time lucky, your site isn’t letting me post anything, weird)


  5. {{I think you need to buy several sets, then re=fight Rourke’s Drift, but replace the Zulus with Daleks. This way you post about Doctor Who under the “28mm Victorian Warfare” banner.}}

    hehe, love it. Stevie will enjoy that bit.

    mmmm I like those Daleks 🙂


  6. Better late than never, have I mentioned how much I hate WordPress before?

    Did someone mention cake? Hmmmm sorry totally distracted…..

    Right, Daleks – love ’em, used to scare the bejeezus out if me! Need some, need them now. Because of you and that naughty mr Moore I’ve gone and splashed out on a lot of DW stuff but they’re all Drs and companions because of Black Tree sales and now I’m a little low on gaming tokens until Salute. Does anyone know when the Warlord plastics are due out?


    • I find WordPress a lot easier to use than Blogger, but each to their own. And more requests for cake? What have I started?
      Everyone loves Daleks and it would appear that Simon and I’s dalliance in the Whoniverse has caused a few of you to splash out on Doctor Who figures.
      According to Warlord’s Facebook page, we can expect Tetraps, Clockwork Droids and the evolution of the Cybermen figures first. Reading between the lines, I have a feeling that there will be a big launch of the game at Salute, which it appears will contain the plastic Daleks and Cybermen. Whether these will be available separately at the same time, I’m not sure. Judging on how they’ve released stuff in the past, I think the individual sets won’t be released until afterwards, to encourage people to buy the game.


      • Tbh that suits my timeframe quite well as my DW stuff won’t be ready to paint until after Salute due to uni pressures and work etc but I do hope you can get them separately sooner rather than later as I’ve no real interest in buying a new ruleset (unless of course it sets the world on fire) as I was planning to use it with 7TV2 anyway.

        Now where’s the cake?


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