Patriot Games

As it has been somewhat quiet of late here on the Buffet, as 2019 has thrown various curve balls my way, you may be thinking that as June creeps ever closer and that my stalwart supporter and faithful sidekick (that’s you, Roger) has hung up his tights, that the annual craziness known as Forgotten Heroes would not be happening this year…

Well, it is.

Now, as alluded to in a previous post, things will be a little different this year.

Firstly, Forgotten Heroes 2019 will be run exclusively from this site and to take part, you have to either post a comment here or send me an direct email. I will then post a list of all those taking part just prior to the start of the event, with links to the participants blogs or websites, so everyone can follow along and see the fruits of your labours. This ‘blogroll’ will feature in all my posts during the month of June, which is Forgotten Heroes month, for those of you unfamiliar with this event.

Secondly, the rules have changed a little bit, as this year we have a theme, hence the title of this post…

Captain America Shield

So, during the month of June, you must create a single wargaming figure, in a scale of your choice, representing a costumed patriotic hero. He, she or it, may be an existing patriotic costumed hero, such as Captain America, Red Guardian or Union Jack, or a new creation of your own devising, but if the latter, must have a costume that will enable anyone viewing the character to be able to recognise what country (or state) they represent. Furthermore, the base figure from which you are creating this figure must not be a representation of the character you are creating. Other than that, go wild.

So, relatively straight-forward and simple rules, and an opportunity to let those creative juices flow. Will you choose a patriotic hero that has yet to have a figure made of them, such as Jack Staff, the Fighting American or Yankee Poodle?

Image result for jack staff   Image result for fighting american      Image result for yankee poodle

Or will you venture into the uncharted reaches of the Multiverse and bring forth such creations as Captain Cornwall, Liberté or U.S.Ape?

Image result for captain cornwall

Hmm, turns out there already IS a Captain Cornwall…who have thought, eh? Although, strictly speaking, it should be Kapten Kernow…

Anyway, enough digressing. The announcement has been made and you have been given just over three weeks in which to plan and prepare your patriotic pièce de résistance!

Forgotten Heroes 2019!

Only Available on Carrion Crow’s Buffet!

Accept No Substitutes!

Come join the fun…

33 thoughts on “Patriot Games

  1. Hope this years Forgotten Heroes goes well mate, I won’t be participating as I have no plans for this subject matter, and don’t want to distract from the projects I already have going.
    Look forward to seeing all the entries


  2. The very best of luck with this mate, and though as you probably already guessed I wont be taking part, I’m sure you will get plenty of takers.

    Loving the theme Idea (guess this means you wont be doing the “War Wheel” as mentioned last year then?).

    Will be keeping a close eye on all the entries, and commenting of course. As for “Hanging up my tights” I wasn’t aware that Alfred wore tights, perhaps on his days off (you never know what these “domestics” get up to below stairs) 😉

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. Wasn’t expecting you to…unless you fancy making a patriotic costume for Action Man? Not scale specfic, after all.

      And as Keith has already corrected you, I won’t bother.

      And we shall see how many we get.


  3. I would be happy to take part, Jeremy, but probably won’t be as prolific this year. Still, I have just the fellow in mind…although he doesn’t have “costume” per se, almost anyone who sees him would instantly recognize him, and know where he is from…
    It’s kind of like looking at Sherlock Holmes. You KNOW he’s British because he’s Sherlock Holmes (duh), not because he wears a Union Jack on his shirt.
    And it’s “Big Wheel”, Roger. Not “War Wheel.” (eyeroll). Get with it, man!


    • You are always welcome, Keith, and I thought this might be right up your (Crime) Alley. Sp far, it’s just the pair of us, but as “He-Month” started of with just Roger and I, from little acorns…etc etc.

      I shall be interested to see what you come up with, so welcome aboard!


  4. Wishing everyone the best of luck this year, but sadly I will have to give it a miss again – just to thinly spread at the moment. That said looking forward to dropping in and seeing how it is all going from time to time.


    • Not a problem, Michael. Forgotten Heroes has always been about taking part if it appealed and you had time, but mainly about having a bit of fun. When things become a chore or work, they are no longer fun and yiu end up either resentingvthe time you spend on it, or doing a half-hearted job. There’s always next year…


    • Cool. Tar has explained that this year’s themed event is not really your (or her) cup of tea, so I understand that you will not be taking part…and after I trimmed all the fat…

      Can’t tempt you with Victorian-era costumed patriot then? No Major Albion, hero of the Anglo-Zulu war?


    • That was me trying to convince you to take part, rather than letting you know what I was doing. As I said above, it’s not scale-specfic, so if YOU wanted to do a 54mm Victorian-era costumed hero/figurehead for your Anglo-Zulu war, you’re more than welcome to.


    • Yup. As long as it’s in a costume reflecting the country/state/planet they represent, it can be any scale and any time perood. Can be Chibi or anthopomorphic animal. Let your imagination take flight…


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