“A Kind of Desolate and Terrible Odour…”

Whilst players of the tabletop RPG Call of Cthulhu may be aware of the Great Old One named Ithaqua the Wind-Walker, it is less likely that they may have read the original tale by Algernon Blackwood that this entity is based upon, The Wendigo, from which the above quote comes.

And as my entry for The Angry Piper’s Monster May(hem) challenge is ParagonStar’s version of this creature, I thought it appropriate.

However, whilst we are two weeks into this challenge, I have been somewhat lax in getting anything done…

So, first order of the day was to water down some PVA glue, then paint this all over the base. This was then sprinkled with sand, then left to dry.

Once dry, the entire model was given a coat of GW Corax White, which is a pale grey.

I then tried painting the antlers and exposed bones with Docrafts Linen, but discovered that it had partially dried up, so the first coat was too thin, so repainted them with Docrafts Blanc (i.e. white).

The base was then painted Docrafts Chocolate Brown.

Deciding that the antlers and exposed bones looked too white, I added some water to my Docrafts Linen to rejuvenate it – successfully – and repainted them, then painted the rest of the body in Docrafts Light Grey, which is actually darker than the Corax White.

So, due to the issues with repainting, whilst I spent a long time on this model, it doesn’t look like I’ve actually done very much.

However, unlike last year, I will finish the challenge this time – and then it’s on to Forgotten Heroes 2021 in June! For further details on that, take a look at my previous post.

15 thoughts on ““A Kind of Desolate and Terrible Odour…”

    • Blackwood’s tale was written in 1910, so pre-dated Lovecraft. August Derleth co-opted the entity for his expanded Cthulhu Mythos, but the original tale by Blackwood is superior in my opinion.

      And available to read on Project Gutenberg for free, which is a bonus.

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  1. Progress is progress (strangely enough 🙄), at least you have some paint on him, I’m still struggling to get the sculpting finished on my second (proper) entry!! I hope this isn’t a precursor of my performance on FH this year! 😀

    Anyway the Wendigo is looking good so far, I’m sure you’ll get him finished in time for the end of the month mate!

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. The challenge for this one will be to give it some texture on what is essentially a fairly smooth model. I think I can get some mottling on the torso from some careful sponging, but we shall see.


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  3. I love it, Jez. I certainly agree that the Derleth version is inferior, but now you’re making me want to read it all again, anyway. I’m most interested to see how you find painting a 3D printed miniature; something I haven’t done yet.


    • It’s certainly an unusual version of this entity and could easily be used in Frostgrave.

      Regarding painting, as this is resin-printed, you haven’t got the striations on the figure you have from standard 3D printing, so it’s similar to painting any other resin figure, but without the distinctive smell from poured resin.

      And whilst Derleth is to be applauded for getting Lovecraft’s work more widely recognised, some of his Cthulhu Mythos writing was… not the best. However, “The Drifting Snow” does remain one of the most unsettling ghost/vampire tales I’ve read.


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