Super Dinosaur Banana Forgotten Heroes!

Since my mid-week announcement that I was adding another character to my ‘Forgotten Heroes’ roster, I have managed to progress quite well with all three characters. When we last saw Super-Soldier, he looked like this:



I would just like to say that the quality of this ‘photo is down to the frankly crappy photo-editor App on my phone. The actual photo was in focus, but wasn’t particular close, so I fiddled with it using the App and it ended up looking like this. In future, I will take better pictures.

Anyway, Super-Soldier now looks like this:


And from the rear:


So, he just requires some washes and a bit of detailing, including the ‘S’ on his shield, which I’m not looking forward too.

Next, when we last saw Bananaman, he looked like this:


I was a bit concerned that he didn’t really look like he was supposed to, but colours do make a difference, so a little bit of paint and he now looks like this:


Certainly looking like he’s supposed to now. And a rear view, showing his split cape;


I’m pretty pleased with how he’s come out. As with Super-Solidier, he just needs a few washes and some detailing, including a tiny red ‘B’ on his belt buckle.

Now, my last post introduced you to my ‘Extra Credit’ Forgotten Hero’, Stegron the Dinosaur Man, for which I had decided to use this Godzilla collectible figure as a base:


As I knew not only how I was going to paint this one, but also how I was going to add the extra details to make it truly Stegron, work has progressed well, as you can see below:


So, as Stegron is a stegosaurus-man, one of the defining attributes of this particular dinosaur is the spinal plates, which the base figure already had. However, The other defining attribute is the tail spikes, which the model didn’t have. So, out came a push pin (a very useful tool for making holes through plastic figures) and two holes were made through big G’s tail. I then inserted two pre-cut and pre-bent lengths of wire paperclip, the ends which I’d filed to points. And we now had the necessary tail spikes.

Now, Stegron also sports a couple of gold bracelets – no idea why. For these, I used the same method I used when creating He-Man’s wristlets way back in July 2015. Taking a cotton-bud stem, which is essentially a thin plastic tube, I cut two sections the length of the bracelets I wanted to create. Once these teeny tiny bits of plastic tube were cut, I then cut the tube length-ways and pried them open. I then clipped these two ‘bracers’ to Stegron’s wrists, adjusted them so they were in the right place, and then glued them. Then I painted him, as can be seen from the pictures above and below;


I think he’s come out rather well. He just needs his base tidying up a bit and he’s done.

That’s all for Forgotten Heroes, but as I’ve also been working on Andy’s burger cart and grill for his Bushido games, I thought I really ought to show my progress so far with it.

Whilst it has mainly been painting, I did ask whether Andy wanted the ‘flag’ to be in English or Japanese Kanji – he obviously went for Kanji, so I had to do a bit of Internet research to find the appropriate ones. The model below is assembled for photographic purposes only, as the flag is a separate piece which plugs into a socket on the base and the cart is actually a separate piece too, as this made it easier to paint;


So, the top two kanji are for ‘beef’, the third one is for ‘bread’ and the heart is the corporate symbol of Cupid Burgers, as are the beautiful shades of pink!

The cart requires some decoration, as it’s a little bare at present, the grill needs another coat of Linen, then the necessary symbols added. The actual grill itself, which will sit on top of the cylindrical base, still needs painting and adding, but I need to finish off the charcoal coals first. Then just comes a few bits and bobs to finish it off, such as burgers, buns and maybe some cooking utensils.

So, everything appears to be progressing well and looks like it will all be finished by the end of June – unless I have another ‘brilliant idea’ and decide to do another character…


13 thoughts on “Super Dinosaur Banana Forgotten Heroes!

  1. Terrific posting Jez, absolutely terrific. They’re all great but I especially like Stegron. Indeed I’ve ordered a Godzilla mini myself from “Blue Rat Games” to have a go myself; though I went for the other pose to the one you’ve used. Great choice of colours for him. What did you use please?


    • Thanks Simon. I thought you’d approve. As for colours, they’re ancient GW paints, so they may not still exist as named.
      Undercoat was Docrafts Linen, which is equivalent to GW Tanned Flesh, but any light colour will work -primarily to cover the grey pre-paint. Then the whole figure was painted with Orc Brown (which is actually a dark yellow -go figure). The orange I mixed from equal parts Sunburst Yellow and Red Gore, as I didn’t have an orange. For some reason it dries quite shiny, which I quite like and is thin enough that you don’t need to dry brush, as it’s almost like an ink. All yellow parts were washed in Swamp Brown (a dirty yellow/brown) and the interior of the mouth is Tentacle Pink and the eyes Bogey Green. As I think you use Vallejo Game Colour, you might have a spot of bother matching these colours. I might have a look and see if I can identify the equivalents, if that would help?


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  3. All three figures are looking good, Jez. It’s amazing how a lick of paint can transform a figure. I like them all but I’m going to pick Bananaman as my favourite.


    • Thanks Bryan. Because of how my mind works, I tend to ignore the pre=paint job and can see what the figure could be. A lick of paint and we now have three completely different characters. I think they’ve all come out pretty well. Bananaman took the most work, but it was worth it.


    • Thanks Michael. And no need to feel bad = as this was my idea, I have been planning my figures for a while (since April, in fact), so I was bound to steal a march on some of the other participants. Stegron was just one of those serendipitous occurrences, where the idea happened to match a figure I already had. And he’s come out pretty much as I envisioned. And I like your ping=pong ball idea = I have a couple of these knocking about and was wondering what I could use them for.


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